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The Various Benefits Of A Landscaped Garden

The climate in Perth is quite similar to the Mediterranean. It’s sunny most of the time, with hot and dry summers and mild snowless winters. As such, it’s a great place for cultivating a variety of plants and trees.

If you have some space at your home or workplace that’s sitting unused, a full-service landscaper Perth company can help you transform it into a charming oasis. Indeed, there are many benefits from having a landscaped garden. Here are just a few to convince you to have your very own patch of green.

Cooler Temperatures

It’s easy to fall in love with sunny weather. However, what clear blue skies can’t offer is shade. Even the most passionate outdoorsy types can quickly wilt under the baking hot sun. By having a landscaped garden, you can bring down the temperature in your property. In fact, even just having a grass lawn can make your yard feel a lot cooler; what more if you have strategically placed trees that block the sun?

A landscaped garden can even make the interior of your home or office feel cooler. With less glare coming in through the windows and a lower ambient outside temperature, the inside air will be comfortably cool. In addition, your air-conditioning won’t have to work as hard. You’ll get a nice view, too!


Waterwise Irrigation

It might be tempting to launch into a DIY landscaping project, but it’s actually wiser to hire the experts. This is especially true if you’re working with a large space. When you hire a landscaping company, you can rest assured that every square metre of your garden is maximised. They will also choose the most suitable plants and trees based on your location. More importantly, they will also make sure that these plants and trees get sufficient water in the most efficient manner. This way, you get a beautiful garden that doesn’t waste precious resources.

Multiple Health Benefits

There’s much to be said about the health benefits of a garden. First and foremost, you’ll be breathing cleaner air. Grass, plants, and trees work hard 24/7 to remove carbon dioxide and harmful particles and replace it with oxygen. (If someone has allergies, then it’s just a matter of asking your landscaper to choose hypoallergenic plants and trees.) Studies have also shown that being closer to nature can actually help enhance concentration and improve memory and mental acuity.

Getting treated to a beautiful view can also boost your mood and reduce stress. Ask your landscaper to allocate a space for a hammock or a sitting area so you can just lay back and relax in your garden whenever you need a mental break. Finally, a pleasing scenery can also tempt people to go outside to exercise and soak up the sun in the early mornings. The latter is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Good For The Environment

A well-tended garden is helpful to the environment. As earlier mentioned, a properly landscaped garden means it’s also properly irrigated so that you don’t waste water. A garden also helps eliminate harmful gases and contaminants in the air. In cases of storms, a lush landscape can prevent soil and mud from getting into waterways and thus prevents pollutants from contaminating water sources.


Another benefit of landscaping is that it can foster a healthy ecosystem. Birds, lizards, and butterflies are just a few of the creatures and critters that can come to your garden. In turn, they can help get rid of pests and make your garden thrive. If you have a fish pond, your garden can attract even more helpful creatures like frogs and dragonflies. An added perk is the soft ambient sounds that these creatures make, which can aid in relaxation.

Economic Benefits

If you own a business, a landscaped garden can help attract more customers and perhaps make them stay longer. Meanwhile, as a homeowner, landscaping can help increase your property’s market value. When it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to haggle for a higher price. Potential buyers may be convinced more easily to make the purchase if your house has a professionally landscaped garden.

As the world becomes busier and more modernized, the need for green spaces becomes more and more apparent. With all of these benefits that affect both humans and the environment, you have every reason to start your own garden. It doesn’t matter how big or small. What matters is that you have a space that can offer all of these advantages.

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