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Track Saw vs Table Saw – Which is the Best?

Which is better, track saw or table saw? You need to compare both of them, and find out how safe is the track saw to use when you cut large sheets of plywood. Well, unless you find out how safe it is, you cannot compare.

Table saw has the proper capacity to cut through a full sheet of plywood, whereas track saw is easy and safe for one person when he or she is cutting large sheets.

When to use a Table Saw?

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A track saw is light and easy to move whereas a table saw is little less maneuverable. So, to get a clear view point, let’s discuss track saw vs table saw in this article.

Which is better, a track saw or a table saw?

Before you start getting infuriated, we will like to highlight a few instances that will help you to decide between a track saw and table saw. A track saw is the clear winner for a number of reasons. However, you will see that in USA, it is not so popular, but in Europe and other countries, people just find track saw enough handy over table saw.

Let us go through some instances that show why a track saw is better than a table saw.

Large Sheet Materials

When you are thinking to rip down a large sheet of 4'X8' sheet and work alone, it is better to use a track saw over a table saw. It is because of the reason that a track saw is very easy to set up and comes with higher level of precision.

When Used on the Jobsite

When to use a Track Saw?

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Even in shops, we have seen the professional prefer a track saw when it comes to work on a larger piece of sheet or making precision cuts. Most of the track saw comes in a case larger than a standard circular saw.

You can also take a look at this video that ultimately proves that a track saw is far better than table saw. 

Common Pros and Cons of Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Well, let us take a quick look at pros and cons of both the products to decide better, if you still think to choose a table saw over track saw.

  • A track is low on cost, so if you have a small budget you can choose a track saw.
  • A track saw comes with much flexibility which a table saw can't offer you
  • The cut remains visible in the case of a track saw
  • It is simple to cut angles with a track saw if you want to enjoy customized cuts
  • Track saw is highly portable
  • You do not need to worry about the outfeed when you use a track saw
  • A track saw is not as powerful as full-sized table saw
  • The fence of a table saw will allow you with better dimensional controls and angle adjustments of the blade for finer cuts
  • Workpiece needs to be supported if you are using a track saw, as there is no table to rest unlike a table saw
  • Track saw is unable to work with much stiff plywood and rather works nicely on plastic and cardboards. Whereas, a table saw can work on both but the maneuverability is very less


Hope you have enjoyed the guide that compares track saw vs table saw. It can help you to decide better when you buy one. It is more important to decide whether you are going to use it at home or at jobsite.

A track saw is the best if you want something handy and with flexibility, but for larger and professional cuts, you can obviously choose a table saw.

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Track Saw vs Table Saw

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