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6 Affordable Improvements & Upgrades for Your Back Yard in 2020

This year, why not give your yard some love? There is a host of small improvements and upgrades that will make your backyard look much more presentable and enjoyable to spend time there. To get you started, here are four affordable upgrades and improvements to consider for this year.

1. Replacing Old, Ineffective Fencing

The fencing around your backyard is not really something you think about often unless it is really seen better days or is falling apart and has become a bit of an embarrassment. Not only is it a security barrier warding off potential intruders, but it also marks an important property line of where your land begins and where someone else’s ends.

For quality fencing, NFS fence supply company has many years of experience in this specialist field. They offer vinyl fencing which is the ultimate in low-maintenance. It is available in several styles including one with a greater focus on security and two others that are more decorative.

There is also robust steel fencing in an ornamental style. This type of fencing is more often used at the front of a property facing the road but some owners like matching the same fencing in the front and back too.

2. Give Your Patio or Terrace a Refresh

You will be amazed by how much-accumulated dirt and debris gets ingrained in patio stones and the spaces between each laid stone. It is very difficult to clean it by hand and make much of a dent, plus all the crouching down on your hands and knees on a hard surface is not much fun either!

Consider either purchasing or hiring pressure washer equipment that is designed to work on outdoor stonework. A capable model like the Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer with an impressive 2,000 PSI will not let you down. However, other models designed to work on hard outdoor surfaces – not just indoor ones – might be just fine too. Have your patio or terrace look like new in no time!

3. Vertical Plant Life

When sitting on the patio, it is sometimes pleasant to have plant life that is closer to you. Instead of having to walk down the garden to see greenery, why not do some vertical planting too?

There is a growing interest in vertical gardens. These can be purely decorative plants that grow within containers attached to a wall or fencing, or it can be edible plants like strawberries. It depends on the outdoor climate what types of plants will grow well on or hung to a wall or a fence. For inspiration, check out Green Walls that specialize in large (and small) living walls.

4. Tend to the Lawn

Lawn care

Lawn care is important, if only because it typically takes up the most space in the yard. Lawns can pick up unwanted bacteria and fungi that create difficulties in maintaining a lush, healthy appearance.

There can be insects on the lawn feeding on it which can cause damage. Look out for the webworm or white grubs especially. The lawn can also look irregular due to several factors including fungi, dry spots or the grass noticeably thinning out. Aerating the grass and using a fertilizer helps.

Giving your yard some TLC is a great way to get ready for spring. If you get started now, you’ll be done by springtime.

5. Make a Fire Pit

Round fire pit

Round fire pit – Source

This has quickly become a must-have in your back garden and, why not, directly on your patio. There are many options available for you.

The features of an elegant fire pit will transform your garden and will create a very calm, warm atmosphere. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money – since one professionally designed will cost you $5,000 or more, you can make one yourself. Or you can choose a portable fire pit, which is also less expensive and there are many options out there for you, and you will pay about $200.

Don’t forget to also check out fire bowls that can stay on the top of a table, that will add some fire to your garden – and it will cost a lot less.

Portable fire pits are really cost-effective, and they are quite attractive, which means that it will make your home more welcoming and appealing.

6. Privacy screens for outdoor spaces

Privacy screens come as a low-cost option for making spaces in your back garden, especially when it comes to covering up those unattractive areas. The most worth and inexpensive item is a trellis, which will let you plant ivy or any other kind of vines that grow fast, or you can train them to simply grow up when you want to create an attractive screen.

After the screen is established, you will be able to get the privacy you want from your neighbors, and you will also be able to create an intimate entertaining space. Also, you can block the view of the trash cans or any other place that’s less attractive on your garden.

You can find tellises in home improvement stores and they will be good for your budget. Or you can simply build your own and save more money.

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