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Ways to Spice up your Backyard

Summer is round the corner and that means getting outdoors so it’s time to start thinking about ways to spice up your backyard and getting back into usable condition.

While we all know how much work a backyard can be, we don’t all appreciate what it is we have or know how to make the most of it.

There are a lot of ways to make more from your space, so if you’re lucky enough to have some backyard space then this is your guide to get started with some quick wins that will help you transform your backyard space.


Ways to Spice up your Backyard

Making the most of your backyard

Ways to Spice your Backyard

The issue for a lot us is that when we think about the backyard we can only imagine the hard work.

It might be mowing the lawn, it might be taking care of the turf or just tidying up after your kids but whatever the case that maintenance takes time and energy that we don’t always have and we can quickly associate the backyard with negatives.

Of course, your backyard is an extension of your home, and like your home you get out what you put in. If you want the dream home then it takes time, money and energy and the same can be said for your backyard.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some shortcuts and quick solutions to help you transform and improve the space without breaking the bank or your back in the process.

Here is a hub of all the latest information about backyard accessories, tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

It might also have give you some ideas of the kinds of thing you want to own which will help you make the most of your garden.

Using this, and our own experience, we’ve compiled a list of ways to spice up your backyard to give you a bit of inspiration and hopefully guide you on the way to transforming your garden as well as creating the backyard of your dreams.

1. Start at the bottom

Start by thinking about the surface

At least, start by thinking about the surface. Concrete, paving slabs, wooden decking, gravel, lawns – they can all work, but if you have a lot of rough work to do with rototillers, concrete mixers and excavators, maybe you should leave that elegant flooring till last.

2. Install fixed hardware

If you’re going to build a barbecue, a grotto or a shed, get them done. The heavy work needs to be done before you put anything in that could get damaged.

3. Organize your color scheme

Walls don’t have to be white, floors don’t have to be gray, sheds don’t have to be wood-colored. And wood in general doesn’t have to be that queasy creosote green.

Pale colors can be restful and terracotta walls can be very appropriate in a garden, so use your imagination. And if your place is going to be a riot of color with flowers, bear that in mind.

4. Splurge on plants and greenery

Benefit from therapeutic effects of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers

If you imagine your garden as a cozy sanctuary where you’ll be able to be calm and relaxed, you’ll surely benefit from therapeutic effects of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers.

To avoid a plain and common combination of trees and green grass, try creating a layered look by mixing different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, such as medium-sized shrubs and tall trees, ornamental grass, trimmed hedges and climbing vines on your fences.

5. Decorate your backyard with lattice

Lattice is a very simple thing that can do a surprising amount for your backyard

Source: Amazon

A lattice is a very simple thing that can do a surprising amount for your yard. A lattice is great for covering up a troubled spot on your house, as well as just add something nice around the bottom and sides of your home.

A lattice also provides a wonderful place for a horizontal garden and for vines to grow. A lattice can also be used to create a cute trellis.

6. Tree carvings

Tree Carvings can be used as a focal point

Source: Treescape

These great works of art are perfect decors for your garden. For instance, it can be used as a focal point which should do an excellent job of catching the eyes of your neighbors and visitors.

It only takes a few minutes to search and buy a ready-made piece from different sources. Always search locally first, as many craftspeople rely on local business.

But if you’re feeling a little creative, you can also create your own masterpiece.Proceed with caution though if you want to go the DIY route.

The most common tool used to create tree carvings especially the big ones is a chainsaw, and you will need the best professional chainsaw to do the job.

Be extremely careful because power tools such as chainsaws can be dangerous if not used properly.

If you insist on doing it yourself, wear the appropriate protective gear to keep yourself safe at all times, and make sure no one else is in the area to keep them from potential harm.

7. Install artificial grass

Artificial grass can do whatever natural grass can, minus its weaknesses

Source: Fresh Lawns

If you want your lawn to also function as the children’s play area, consider switching your grass to artificial grass instead. 

Pretty much, artificial grass can do whatever natural grass can, minus its weaknesses.It’s completely safe and is made of durable materials which will last you a long time.

Best of all, it requires very little to no maintenance at all and will look brand new under any circumstances.

8. Enhance backyard with gravel

Using gravel in your garden is a simple and affordable way to decorate your backyard

Source: Grabco

Using gravel in your garden is a simple and affordable way to decorate it. It can add visual appeal to dull areas and can also serve as a nice-looking divider for your flowerbeds.

Gravel is also an excellent material to use as a surface for paths and patios compared to paving.

Do note, that gravel comes in different colors, sizes, texture, and what they’re best used for.

For example, man-made crushed gravel is best suited for high-traffic areas like paths and driveways. If you’re not after functionality but are looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing, river-run gravel is a great choice.

Finally, cobbles are the way to go if you want to add borders and separate areas in the garden.

9. Add calming sounds

Your garden sanctuary is supposed to be your worry and stress-free zone that will provide a relaxing refuge from the noise of city life.

A great way to create this is to introduce calming and soothing sounds, such as wind chimes, waterfalls, and water fountains.

 Water features are original details that primarily have a tranquil effect, but also aid in muffling the noise. The trickle and splash of water will make a wonderful background sound and a great focal point in your garden.

Water Features: 

Hot Tubs

Hot tub is the perfect way to destress

Source: Amazon

If you want to take it a step further, consider installing a hot tub for late-night bubble baths under the stars.

Such a relaxing soak might be just what you need to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Surround it with unique details such as a vintage vanity with a mirror, a washbasin and a pitcher, an antique chandelier above and some Moroccan-inspired colors and decorations, and you’ll have a luxury spa in your own backyard.

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Fountains bring a touch of class to a backyard

Source: Amazon

A big fountain is certainly dramatic, but your water feature does not have to be so large and eye-catching.

Fountains bring a touch of class to a backyard and can really make it a place of zen for relaxation.

Small water fountains add a cute spot in the middle of your garden as well as provide a soothing noise to your outdoor space.

Small pond

A small pond gives you lovely fish to watch and take care of as well as a beautiful little oasis in your yard.

10. Outdoor infrared sauna

There is nothing like having an infrared sauna in your own home

Source: Amazon

Most people have only enjoyed saunas in the gym but there is nothing like having a sauna in your own home.

Infrared saunas are different from traditional saunas as they don’t have the same level of moisture or humidity.

This means they operate better as stand alone devices and you can have one in your very own backyard with minimal hassle.

Less expensive than you might think, this is definitely one to consider.

11. Swimming pool

Backyard swimming pool

Depending on how much space you’ve got, a swimming pool is also a good option.

Get a hole dug and have a proper one built, drop a fiberglass in or have an affordable above-ground pool.

On a hot day there’s nothing like slipping into some cool water without going to the beach or the local swimming pool.

12. Smart furniture choices

Smart furniture choices

Source: Amazon

If you love entertaining in the outdoors, but think that the tables or chairs take up a lot of space, foldable furniture is a great choice. An outdoor swing or hammock is a unique addition to the patio.

You can enjoy a day in the sun or relax with your friends and family there. It will make your yard a much more enjoyable place.

If the space is too tight, a bench or sturdy coffee table can act as extra seating. Further, outdoor cushions double up the floor pillows for the kids to play.

13. Fire bowl can enlighten a dull place

A fire bowl lets you control a flame and acts as a great centrepiece in your yard

Source: Amazon

Fire bowls take the benefits of fire pits to the next level. A fire bowl lets you control a flame and acts as a great centrepiece in your yard.

Perfect for chilling out or for gatherings, a fire bowl adds a real touch of class to your backyard.

If you’re considering it then look out for copper fire bowls as these offer the best value.

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14. Add shade and style to your backyard with a pergola

A pergola is an arched structure to help shelter from the rain or offer protection from the sun

Source: Amazon

A pergola is an arched structure that can be set up in your backyard to help shelter from the rain or offer protection from the sun.

These fairly simple structures transform the look of your garden and give a more refined look to your home.

You can get pergolas as stand alone units or attached to your home depending on your preference.

15. Decking for all seasons

Decking is a simple, attractive and long-lasting method of turning an unused outdoor area into the place for after hours socializing

Decking is a simple, attractive and long-lasting method of turning an unused outdoor area into the place for after hours socializing.

Raised decking makes a lovely, usable feature in both small and larger spaces. For example, perhaps you have a corner of the garden that is little used as it is furthest from the house.

That’s the perfect place for a corner deck, complete with a canopy or gazebo, solar lighting and furniture.

An outdoor room, if you like, that will be used by all the family.

16. Illuminate the space with outdoor lighting

Lighting is a very simple thing to add to your yard that can bring out a lot of the beauty in your outdoor space

Source: Amazon

Decorative outdoor lighting can be hung on your trees or fitted on your walls and give an air of magic to your backyard space.

Fairy lights make everything prettier. Lighting is a very simple thing to add to your yard that can bring out a lot of the beauty in your outdoor space.

Small lights lining your walkway, lanterns placed around your garden, and string lights hanging from your deck all make a beautiful addition to your home.

Lights add a reason to sit out in your yard at night. They also provide a nice ambiance to your barbeques and parties after it gets dark.

A cute path of lights or a glowing garden can add such a lovely look to your home at night.

17. Build a tree house

We all dreamed of having a tree house when we were younger so if you have kids then why not consider building a tree house.

This is probably the most work out of the ideas on our list and is of course only an option for those who have trees in their backyard but sometimes an old school classic is the way to go to spice up your backyard.

18. Modern rustic look

Modern Rustic Garden


A great idea for smaller areas – and in particular, those long, thin spaces that lie between a wall and a boundary fence and rarely get used – is to add a covering of stone on the floor, plus pavings, and use wooden adornments on the fence and around the space for a more rustic yet still modern look.

19. The sculpture garden

The Sculpture Garden

This is an idea that works particularly well in smaller gardens, and where the owner is not a gardener.

A paved area can be laid out, surrounded by lighting and a low wall, with modern-look sculptures at irregular spaces.

The look is one of a 21stcentury Italian sculpture garden. Add a couple of chairs and a table, and you have the perfect space in which to relax in peace after a hard day at work.

20. Maintenance

A well-maintained lawn can boost the overall aesthetics of your backyard area. Lawn care can be a bit tricky; however, you can tackle it with a few simple tips.

Consistent watering is the key to grow healthy grass in the lawn. And, it’s best to water the lawn and plants in the morning.

It prevents the grass from becoming damp while ensuring that the moisture isn’t evaporated immediately.

Further, it seems good to cut the grass short to prevent frequent cuts. But, over-mowing can stunt the health of the lawn. Cutting 1/3rd of the grass blade is a good rule of the thumb.

Wrapping Up Ways to Spice up your Backyard

There are a surprising amount of simple, cheap things you can do to make your backyard more beautiful. 

Decorating your yard to give it some extra flare doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated job. Simply choose the method that will most suit your space, and that fits with your vision for your garden.

Keep functionality in mind when deciding on your decorating tactic. For example, whether you plan for your garden to mainly be a hosting space, or whether you want it to be a safe haven for your kids to play.

So hopefully our list of ways to spice up your backyard provides you with some inspiration and will get you started creating the backyard of your dreams.

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