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What Size of Tractor Do I Need?

Are you planning to purchase a tractor for your lawn? Did you know that there are different tractor size available in the market today? If you are one of the many who is asking as to what size of tractor do I need, then the information below will surely help you.

For people who don’t know, tractors are grouped in four categories, wherein they vary in horsepower, weight, size, and as well as their purpose. As you all know tractors are one of the machines that are known to be versatile and are used primarily for agricultural uses. They also come in different attachments that can help you while you are working on your garden or your lawn.

Now if this is your first time to purchase a tractor then you probably have the question what size of tractor do I need. Fortunately, the information below will tackle the different types of tractors and the right size for your needs.

Find out all about them by reading the provided information below.

Tractors for Lawn and Garden

Tractors for the lawn and garden usually have 1 to 2 cylinder gas engine, can reach up to 25 horsepower and the approximate weight is 500 to 1200 pounds. These tractors are the easiest to handle especially when driving through barn pens, alleyways or whenever you are pulling a feed cart or a small manure.

A lawn tractor is specifically designed to mow lawns. The tires that it has to leave smaller footprints on your lawn. It is equipped with a fuel tank that you can fill with up to 3 gallons of oil.

There are also electric powered ones if you prefer them. The problem with lawn tractors is that they have little to no attachments at all.

A garden tractor, on the other hand, is equipped with tires that are perfect for your garden. It is fitted with a fuel tank that can be filled with up to 5 gallons of oil.

Some models are electric powered, while there are some that are engine powered. Some of the attachments that can be used are a rotary broom, cultivator, plow, disk, spike aerator, sweeper and sprayer.

Compact Tractor

What are Compact Tractors?


A small tractor usually has 2 to 4 cylinder diesel, a category 1 or 2 hitches, and has a horsepower of 25 to 45. This is known as a midsize tractor, wherein they can easily be operated and are convenient to use.

You can easily mount them as well since they are known to be not that tall. If you are going to teach your teenagers to mow your lawn, then a compact tractor would be ideal.

Farm Tractor

What are Farm Tractors?


A farm tractor usually has 4 to 6 cylinder diesel engine and has a category 2, 3,3N, 4 or 4N hitch. It also has an 85 horsepower and up to 450 horsepower.

This type of tractor is specifically designed to be used commercially since it is more powerful and bigger. The fuel tank of a farm tractor can be as big as 300 gallons, while the tires are also bigger.

Some of the larger farm tractors have a power seat with different adjustments, plush, sound system, air and heat conditioning, GPS system, and steering wheel.

Utility Tractor

A utility tractor usually has 3 to 5 cylinder diesel engine and a category 2 hitch, while its horsepower is about 45 to 85.

This type of tractor is taller and is known to be powerful and has the ability to work with equipment that is heavy duty, including a push deep snow, large loader, and a post hole digger.

It has a fuel tank capacity f 20 to 30 gallon, which means that if you have a bigger area, then this tractor will be perfect for you.

Factors Affecting the Tractor’s Size

Size of the Area

One of the things that you need to consider is the size of the area that you have. If you have a larger area, then opting for a larger tractor will do. This will also help you in making the task easier and more efficient.

Cost of Operation

Another factor that you need to consider would be the cost of service. You should put in mind that the bigger the tractor, the higher cost required for repairs, lubricants, and fuel.

These are all the answers to your question as to what size of tractor do I need. The tips above will help you to ensure that you are getting the right tractor size that you will need to be able to work efficiently on your lawn or garden when needed.

Of course considering the factors affecting the size of the tractor that you are going to choose is essential to make your tractor suitable for your preferences.​

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How to choose the right tractor?

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