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What is Gorilla Hair Mulch, Its Benefits and How to Use

Are you looking for mulch for your garden? Do you know the benefits that gorilla hair mulch can give your garden? Keep reading to discover what a gorilla hair mulch is and the benefits that it will bring to your garden and soil.


What is Gorilla Hair Mulch and Its Benefits

What is Gorilla Hair Mulch?

Gorilla hair mulch can help the ground in your garden to be cool

Gorilla hair mulch is derived from the bark of the redwood and red cedar trees that is finely shredded. Once the bark is transformed into mulch, it will then become stringy which will resemble the hair of that of a gorilla.

Making Gorilla hair mulch is easy if you have a reliable wood chipper/mulcher.

It is known to work perfectly in garden because it decomposes slowly. It forms a dense mat that helps to prevents weeds from growing and the soil drying out. 

Just make sure to avoid using gorilla hair mulch to areas where flames or even cigarettes can come in contact with it.

What are the Benefits of Using Gorilla Hair Mulch?

Gorilla Hair Mulch Helps in Blocking Weeds

Gorilla Hair Mulch Keeps Your Gardens Soil Healthy

Gorilla hair mulch can help the ground in your garden to be cool while slowing the evaporation of moisture. This in return will help the plants to become healthy.

Due to the mulch’s ability to create a locking mat that is tight, it will stay in place and give some control erosion on slopes.

It would be best to put a layer or two of gorilla mulch with about 2 to 4 inches in depth to help deter weeds and keep the soil in your garden healthy.

For more on deterring weeds in your garden, check out our definitive guide to weed control.

Gorilla Mulch Helps in Blocking Weeds

Using Gorilla much around your plants and trees will help prevent weeds from growing since the sunlight won’t be able to reach the weed’s seeds.

If you use a denser mulch, the less it is for the sun to penetrate the soil and help the weed seeds to germinate.

Since the gorilla hair mulch is is stringy and fibrous, the string will then start locking together to create a mat that is dense. Which ensures that the sunlight won’t reach the weeds.

Gorilla Hair Mulch is Long Lasting

what is gorilla hair mulch


It can be time-consuming to lay down mulch in your garden, which is why using something that is sustainable is essential. Cedar and redwood have been used to create furniture for outdoor use since they have the ability to avoid rotting. 

This means that if you use them as mulch, there wouldn’t be any difference at all. Using gorilla hair mulch will last for years since it decomposes slowly. It won't release too much nitrogen to the soil to start feeding plants. 

This occurs with other mulches and they break down quicker. This also means that you cannot rely on it to become a supplemental fertilizer.

Gorilla Hair Mulch Helps Control Pests

when to use gorilla hair mulch


Gorilla hair mulch can help deter pests because of the natural oil that cedar bark has, which then acts as an insect repellant. For you to be able to ensure that you are going to reap all the benefits, you need to get a mulch that has a strong smell. This will surely make the pests to stay away from your plants.

Helps Maintain the Nutrients in the Soil

Another good thing is that this mulch contributes to maintaining the nutrients in the soil. It will also keep the rain from washing them away, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

The mulch can also help release the nutrients that your soil needs, especially if you are using a material that is organic. This will usually happen while the organic material is slowly decomposing on the soil.

Gorilla Hair Mulch Helps in Prevent Soil Erosion

Gorilla hair mulch will help prevent soil erosion since it will keep the existing water be trapped in the soil. It will also contribute to protecting your soil when it rains since the mulch will help break the water’s fall to lessen the impact of water to the ground.

These are the benefits that your soil can experience if you start using gorilla hair mulch on it. Always remember that one of the best things that a gardener can do to its garden is providing it with a good mulch. 

Also, its important that you know how much mulch you need for your soil. The reason behind this is because the mulch will act as a protective barrier against the things that can harm your plants and as well as your soil.

Learn how to calculate how much mulch you need for your garden

How to Use Gorilla Hair Mulch?

Gorilla Hair Mulch Helps in Maintaining the Nutrients in the Soil


Start by removing and cleaning out the debris and weeds in your beds. As mulch counteracts weed growth, this will give you a solid foundation to start.

Next, water your beds if you have not received a decent amount of rainfall lately. You are now ready to begin applying mulch to your beds. 

Shovel a few piles of the mulch into your beds and gently start pulling the fibres apart with your fingers. Evenly spread the mulch across the floor of your beds, about 12 to 25 inches  thick. 

Finish off by giving the beds a small final watering to help the mulch set.

When to Use Gorilla Hair Mulch?

Suppose you have a particular portion of your garden that needs protection from things like pests, insects, wind or weeds.

In that case, Gorilla Hair Mulch can help solve these issues and offer reliable, organic protection for your beds. It also works great for vegetable gardens.

It promotes plant growth within the beds as they would be richer in nutrients, and overall, the soil would be healthier and more hospitable for your foliage and flora.

Do your mulching mid to late Spring when your soil is warmer. Top up your layer annually.

When not to Use Gorilla Hair Mulch?

Mulch is known to be flammable, therefore do not use mulch near areas that smokers would frequent, areas near the barbie or fire pits, or areas where there are risks of bushfires. 

Another downside of Gorilla Hair Mulch is that it can create a dense mat, and trap water. Making it quite difficult or misleading to know when your soil is too dry. That’s why we recommend keeping soil moisture meters handy.

Gorilla Hair Mulch Frequently Asked Questions 

mulch act as a protective barrier

Is Gorilla Hair Mulch Good?

In dry climates, yes, mulch is excellent for protecting your plants’ roots from the sun, as well as helping keep your soil as fertile and healthy as possible all year round.

Should You Remove Old Mulch Before Adding New Mulch?

Annual mulching should only be done to retain the thickness of your mulch layer. Before adding your new layer of mulch, fluff the old mulch and spread it again.

Please do not remove it as it serves as an excellent decomposer and will still mix with your soil. You can then apply your new layer of Gorilla Hair Mulch by following the ‘How to Use’ section of this article. 

How Long Does Gorilla Hair Mulch Last?

The mulch will last for about 3 to 4 years, depending on your climate. It might lose its colour over time, but it will still provide your beds with the same benefits as before.

Remember to top up your mulch layer annually to ensure a strong foundation all year round.

Is Gorilla Hair Mulch Safe for a Vegetable Garden? 

Gorilla Hair Mulch is a perfect option for vegetable, herb and annual gardens. It will offer all of your vegetables a good barrier against common pests and problems and hopefully support a larger, healthier yield. 

How Much is a Yard of Gorilla Hair Mulch?

According to certain sites, you’re looking at paying about $55 per cubic yard of Gorilla hair mulch.

Check out our mulching guides below for more options:

Wrapping Up Our Gorilla Hair Mulch Guide

Good quality mulches can be found at you local nursery. Be sure to have a smell of it if possible and see how tight it stays together.

Now that you know what gorilla hair mulch is and its amazing benefits, it would be best for you to start applying them to your soil for the to reap the benefits.

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