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When To Apply Weed And Feed: The Best Time And How To Apply

Are you wondering about how you can get rid and control weed in your garden? Did you know that you can achieve this by using a weed and feed? Get to know when to apply weed and feed by reading the given information below.

Tips on When to Apply Weed and Feed



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One of the most annoying plants that can invade your lawn are weeds, including dandelions and crabgrass. Typically, lawn owners will just use weed killers to help control these annoying plants in your lawn. 

However, if your lawn is being extensively invaded by weed, then applying weed and feed is your best option. Now, if this is your first time, then you should know when to apply weed and feed. 

Here are some of the information as to when you can implement it to your beautiful lawn.

When to Apply Weed and Feed

When to Apply Weed and Feed

Weed and feed should only be used if the weeds are growing actively. This means that you can start with the application during the month of April and do it again in the month of September and October.

It is not advisable to apply weed and feed to your lawn during the early spring since there are still other weeds that have not surfaced yet.

You can start applying during the month of May, and you may repeat the process before the cold seasons comes in. But before repeating everything, you need to make sure that the label allows repeated treatments.

There are lawn owners who prefer applying their weed and feed during the late August or September. This is, of course, fine, but this is only advisable if, there are different weed types around your lawn.

If there are also spring seeds that have already germinated it would be best to apply the weed and feed during these months. By doing this will ensure that your lawn will be free of weed until the following spring season.

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How Often Should You Apply Weed and Feed

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Typically, it will all depend on the type of weed and feed that you have. The reason behind this is because each manufacturer have different labels and they have different suggestions for lawn owners today.

There are manufacturers who are recommending a treatment of the lawn once every year. But if you are planning to use the weed and feeder to treat your entire lawn, then it would be best to use it twice, and you need to explicitly clarify it on the label of the weed and feed that you have purchased.

The best thing that you can do is to treat your lawn with weed and feed twice a year using two different brands. These two brands need to have different ingredients that are active.

Typically, you will only have to do this during the first and the second year to ensure that you have already got rid of the weeds that are established.

Once you are done treating your lawn, the next years will be easier since you will only have to treat your lawn once every year. Typically the best time that you can do this is during the month of September since this will surely help control the weed from sprouting during the summer and spring seasons.

What to do After Applying Weed and Feed

What to do After Applying Weed and Feed

After applying weed and feed, avoid watering your lawn for at least one day. Now after a few days and there is still no rain, it would be best to start watering your lawn thoroughly as this will help the weed and feed to work.

It would also be best to avoid walking on that area for you to avoid accidentally taking the granules out of your lawn. Your children and pets should also avoid the areas that have been treated.

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Lastly, mow the lawn after three days of applying the weed and feed.

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Why Should You Apply Weed and Feed

Applying weed and feed on your lawn will make it greener and richer in color after a week. If there are any moss, it will start to turn black and will eventually die, which you can then be raked out after a maximum of 10 days.

Weeds, on the other hand, will vigorously grow but then will become distorted and eventually die as well. The maximum control of weed can be achieved in a couple of weeks or so. Now, if your lawn is infested badly by weeds, then applying weed and feed every 6 weeks will help.

Now You Know When to Apply Weed and Feed in Your Garden

Do not over apply to avoid problems as well, since overly using it can cause the grass to be affected as well and not just the weeds. These are the tips on when to apply weed and feed to ensure that you will effectively eliminate the weeds on your lawn. 

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