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Tips on When to Trim Spirea and How

Are you thinking about when to trim spirea and how you can do it?

Did you know that trimming it is important for it to remain healthy?

If you have spirea shrubs then knowing when to trim and how you can do this is essential.

Spirea comes in different varieties, and they usually can live in the majority of the climates. A lot of people are adding spirea because of the beauty that it has.

A spirea has a combination of colorful flowers and foliage that is attractive. They typically produce flowers on woods that are new, and they can start blooming again after trimming them for the second time.

Trimming your spirea is essential, as this will help the growth to be rejuvenated.

So When to Trim Spirea

When to trim spirea

The best way that you can trim the spirea is during the last season of growing. You can start choosing the oldest one to help open the shrub up.

If you want to have a lot of new growth and a lot of flowers, then it would be best to trim the spirea during the early days of spring. You can start removing a lot of the old growth.

It would also be best to trim them when the spirea starts to grow and become woody during the spring season overly. The next summer, you can cut half of the newest canes, and the remaining ones should be shortened.

Typically some Spirea varieties can handle severe trimming rejuvenation during the early spring as this is the time when the buds are already swelling.

How to Trim Spirea Easily

Sharp and Clean Shears

Sharpen shear

When trimming, the shears that will be used for cutting should be cleaned, and it needs to be well sharp. The reason behind this is because diseases might spread along the plant, which you don’t want to happen.

The shears should be cleaned using a solution of bleach and water, as these things will help them be disinfected.

Trimming the Tips

The first thing that you need to do is to cut the tip of the spirea after you see the flowers. It would be best to trim the tips of the stem, which is usually at the topmost part of the bud on each of the stems.

As you are trimming, it would be best to maintain the shrub’s shape. You also need to make sure to trim the ones that are already dead, as this will help encourage the growth of a new bud.

Trimming Shoots that are Overgrown

The next thing that you need to do is to start trimming the shoots that are overgrown during the summer season to ensure that the shape of the shrub will be maintained. If possible, it would be best to trim within one-fourth inch of the bud or the leaf.

Trimming Spirea that is Overgrown

Trimming the spirea overgrown

Another this that you need to do is to start trimming the spireas that have overgrown. You also need to trim the ones that have stems that are lower or are starting to fall.

Each stem should be cut back by 8 to 12 inches off of the ground. During the spring season, the trimmed spirea can grow a new stem, which will be capable of the flowering back.

Trim Dead or Damaged Wood

Trim dead spirea

Lastly, it would be best to check your spirea during the winter season if there are damaged or dead stems. Once you see one, it would be best to trim them immediately.

These are the tips on when to trim and how you can trim your spirea bushes. Of course, it would be best to know how you can take care of them as well. Below are a few tips on how you can do this.

​Tips on How to take care of Spirea

​Tips on How to take care of Spirea

Adding Mulch Around Spirea

Once you have planted your spirea, you need to add some mulch around it as this will help the moisture to be retained. You can use different types of mulch and the more natural the mulch, the better.

Watering Your Spirea

Of course, it would be best to water your spirea regularly, especially during the summer season. This will help your spirea to promote growth and blooms that are healthy.

Watch Out for Aphids

There will always be insects lurking around and knowing how you can get rid of aphids would be essential. There are different treatments to choose from and doing one for your spirea is an important thing to do.

These are all the information that you need to do when it comes to when to trim spirea and how you can do it.

The tips on how you can take good care of them are also included for you to ensure that your spirea will provide your garden the beauty that it deserves.

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