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8 Awesome Reasons Why Is Gardening Good For You

Do you have a back garden? Or some space where you can do some gardening? Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you should know why is gardening good for you.

We have not 1, but 8 reasons why you should be gardening.

Getting to plant and watching something grow is really exciting and something all of us should try. Be it a hobby or for business, gardening is good for everyone. 

why is gardening good for you

Gardening can be used as a hobby, business or fun. One can engage in gardening for any reason that suits them. With the right motivation, skill set and guidance, almost anybody interested in gardening will engage in it.

Planting something, tendering to it, watching it grow then harvesting it can be thrilling. 

8 Awesome Reasons Why Is Gardening Good For You

Gardening Is Therapeutic

Is there a connection between gardening and your health? Yes! Gardening is nature. It is an intimate contact with nature and it is therapeutic.

It helps you keep fit by burning extra calories, avoiding instances of diseases associated with extra weight such as stroke or heart attack. 

It also allows for stress relief. Site and landscape seeing expose you to nature. It is associated with the feeling that there is more to life than just the issues stressing you and can be a nice escape from reality for a while.

This is perfect for stress relief, and means better health. Gardening has been associated with health, mental and psychological benefits that make people who engage in gardening more healthier and less stressed than those who don't. 

Gardening Is A Business Opportunity

Gardening Is A Business Opportunity

For those interested in making some money, gardening can be more than a hobby or a pastime. One can decide to up their gardening service a notch up and begin a business. Businesses make money, and this is no exception.

There are handsome rewards from gardening, and with the right crops, and the right market timing, gardening can be profitable.

Over 60% of manufacturing industries in the world depend on the agricultural industry, and over 80% of what we consume comes from farms.

Although on a small scale version, gardening can be used as a business opportunity to make some extra money from your hobby. 

It is a Fitness Activity

Do you want to stay fit? Simple activities conducted during gardening burn up calories all right. Gardening will help you keep in shape without really working out.

Gardening is fit for everybody and is an activity that will keep you on your toes ensuring your stay in shape. Gardening keeps you active.

You are approaching the golden age, and you really don't want to grow all quickly. You have all the time in the world now that you have retired and your kids are all grown up. 

Gardening will help you keep fit and preserve that youthful vigor. Shoveling, digging, transplanting will all keep you worked out, and you will wave that old age goodbye.

Produces Healthy Home Grown Food

Tired of eating junk? Processed and manufactured food that you really don't have control over? Gardening gives you control over your diet.

Homegrown foods from your own garden will be all up to your own choice. Your garden will produce healthier foods with less chemicals. Real organic. You could try growing your own food!

Gardening Gives Back To Nature

Gardening helps improve the environment by increasing the green plants in nature

If you happen to care about the environment, you should give gardening a shot. It is an effective activity that improves the environment greatly.

Gardening helps improve the environment by increasing the green plants in nature. It creates more food for everyone in the environment, from human beings to animals.

It also creates a greener environment that influences the climate positively, and makes the environment more friendly and better to live in.

Better climate is witnessed when more and more people 'go green'. Planting of crops and trees attracts rainfall and reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

This has a positive effect in that it reduces global warming and saves lives.

It Will Expand Your Network

With increasing urban life and busy schedules, not many people engage in gardening these days. Gardening can be an opportunity to expand your social network in that gardening can be used to train people on the importance of gardening.

More and more people will flock to your gardening to sell and learn more about gardening and this will improve your social network. Moreover, gardeners have groups that often meet to exchange tips and ideas on better gardening.

More often than not, you will make new friends and expand your social network. This can be effective mainly for stay at home Moms, who can use this as an opportunity to network and meet new friends.

Gardening Gets You Vitamin D

Gardening exposes you to sunlight stimulating the natural production of vitamin D

Often, you will have an early morning gardening routine. You will want to water your crops early in the morning or watch your garden at those hours.

This will expose you to sunlight stimulating the natural production of vitamin D that will strengthen your bones and boost your immunity. However, it is crucial to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Avoid extra exposure. It can cause skin cancer. Consider erecting a greenhouse. It will help you avoid overexposure.

Perfect for Instagram

gardening can be perfect for Instagram

Who said gardening can't be fun? It's uncommon, but gardening can be perfect for Instagram. Your Instagram could be used to promote and sensitize gardening.

Getting perfect shots of your garden and posting them on your gram can be a thing. You might consider editing or outsourcing editing of your garden pics to get more response on Instagram.

Wrapping Why You Should be Gardening

You will be amazed by how many people love gardening and always look for a perfect reason to engage in it!

Want to keep fit, expand your social network, stay stress-free, give back to nature or eat healthy organic homegrown foods, gardening can be for you.

These are just some of the reasons why is gardening good for you. Keep it simple, and grow your skill set, and before long, you will be perfect at it. Consider asking for help if needed and research widely before you engage in it. 

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