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About Sumo Gardener

Ann Katelyn Sumo Gardener Founder

So..here I am introducing myself. I, Ms. Ann, have dedicated most of my life to gardening. This is a subject I enjoy the most. Since then, I committed to developing my website to be the best guidance when it comes to taking care of flowers and plants. I am trying my best to be well-versed with plants found in desert areas, tropics or Mediterranean. I still need to be knowledgeable about so many kinds of botanical life.

Basically, I would like to use my page to provide information about gardening. I can also give advice with regard to the best tools, materials, seasons and even weather conditions. My website starts by giving basic information. It expands to being the expert over time.

At that start of this site, I have devised the access to tools and directories. This will help noob and professional gardeners. I also connect this with an online shopping section. This is an area that offers gifts, catalogs, gardening supplies, among others. Through this, photograph displays may also be seen. The same is also true with complete glossary, forums and q&as that may be of nice assistance to everyone.

I try my best to feature the best online shopping for gardening supplies. This is related to renowned websites which are only about selling. Gardening enthusiasts will find delight in this. This is a great news for tons of garden lovers out there!

I have been a fan of flowers and plants ever since I was a kid. It was from there when I have realized the idea of having a blog of my own for people whom I share the same interest with. I have studied the varieties. It ranges from the popular world-class roses down to the rarest and most exotic orchids.

Through this, I encourage every enthusiast to be a member by signing up. Interaction is encouraged in my blog too. Everything about gardening may be learned.

Blogging plays a special role in my life. This is where I meet interested participants who are more than willing to share information about gardening. This may start from the type of seed they own, down to the time of sowing, fertilizer brand, and a whole lot more. There are pictures of plants displayed here. Some of them have been grown and taken care of successfully. This will benefit beginners and veterans who really want to ponder on the hobby. This can be a good past time and out let of one’s passion for gardening.

This indeed represents the online journal of mine in blogging. This has enhanced my learning and through this blog, my love for gardening has blossomed even more. This is why I can be considered an expert when it comes to the task. I believe that through this, I will be able to encourage camaraderie which is a community feeling necessary in making gardening a successful one. Newcomers are encouraged to be a part of my blog!

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