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Best Indoor Plants in Florida

10 Best Indoor Plants in Florida for Your Rental Home

Living in Florida is one of the best things in the world, no matter where you’re located, how old you are, and whether you rent your living space or you own it.This means that anyone can turn Florida into their forever home, and if you want to minimize your costs and find great places where […]

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How To Grow and Care for Sago Palm

Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta) Growing Guide

If you’re looking for an evocative, perennial shrub, look no further than the Sago palm. This ancient, lush and long-living plant is great if you’re considering something eye-catching in your home or garden.Although this plant doesn’t flower or fruit, it does produce long, green, feather-like foliage and small pups, which are great for propagation—considering growing […]

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Plumerias (Frangipani) Complete Growing Guide

Plumerias (Frangipani) Complete Growing Guide

Plumerias sport some of the showiest tropical flowers out there and the genus consists of many gorgeous species to choose from. Few ornamental plants can add such lovely beauty to gardens as the fragrant frangipani trees. Their delicate 5-petalled star-shaped flowers add unparalleled pops of color and sweet scents to landscapes and the trees are fairly […]

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Siberian Iris Complete Growing and Care Guide

Siberian Iris | Complete Growing and Care Guide

Siberian irises, or Iris sibirica, is a stunning, herbaceous perennial just perfect for spring gardens. This intricate and colourful flower is incredibly easy to care for, even easier to propagate and will offer you lush and lasting blooms throughout the spring and into the summer. Here is everything you need to know to plant, grow and […]

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Philodendron Pink Princess Ultimate Grow & Care Guide

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ | Ultimate Grow & Care Guide

Philodendron ‘Pink Princess’ is one of the most exciting cultivar of Philodendron erubescens. It’s known as the perfect indoor plant if you’re looking for something with a little extra flare. This blushing plant thrives in medium light and warms indoors, so it’s the perfect companion for your desk, shelf, bedroom or bathroom. From growing conditions, care and […]

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Peperomia Caperata – How to Grow Emerald Ripple Peperomia

Peperomia caperata – How to Grow Emerald Ripple Peperomia

If you’re a houseplant enthusiast looking for your next addition, one plant that should certainly be on your bucket list as a beginner or expert is the iconic Peperomia caperata. The plant is a mound-forming evergreen perennial that features lush green corrugated heart-shaped leaves and narrow spikes of whitish-green flowers in summer.This popular perky houseplant is […]

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