Lawn Care Basics

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4 Fabulous Reasons To Go Organic (with Lawn Care)

Have you ever considered an organic only approach to caring for your lawn?That’s good because there are many benefits to this approach over a chemical-based one.In this post, we will discuss the top 4 reasons to start using an organic practice to care for your lawn and give you some top tips to make it […]

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Mowing in the rain

Mowing In The Rain Guide

In normal circumstances, you should be mowing your lawn when the ground isn’t soggy. However, what if the rainfall hasn’t stopped and your grass is in dire need of cutting? Mowing in the rain isn’t the best option, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to mow under the rain safely and effectively. With our guide, […]

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Watering Grass At Night

Watering Grass at Night: Is it possible?

We all know that watering at noon when the sun is fully up is wasteful. The heat will lead to the quick evaporation of a substantial amount of water. So, when is the best time to water the lawn grass? Some homeowners believe that morning is the ideal time while others insist that watering grass […]

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How to level a bumpy lawn

How to Level a Bumpy Lawn

Homeowners wish to have an aesthetically pleasing lawn. Typically, this means having a flat and rectangular area filled with lush, green grass. Sadly, slopes and low spots can emerge and make your lawn look unsightly. Thus, you should know how to level a bumpy lawn.Determine the Cause of a Bumpy LawnThere are several reasons why […]

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When to fertilize new Grass

When to Fertilize New Grass?

If you have a new lawn or you want to repair damaged parts, you should grow new grass. Ideally, the seeds will become seedlings and grow large enough to be lush and healthy. However, there are cases when they don’t survive for long – and fertilizer application might be the problem. Thus, it’s essential that […]

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Spring Garden Checklist: What to do in the garden in spring?

What To Do In The Garden In Spring?

As spring arrives, you need to pay extra attention to your garden. While this season can promise great plant growth, there are also several issues to deal with. Thus, let’s take a look at the many activities you can do when are gardening in spring. Quick Navigation 1. Pest ControlSlug and Wireworm Control2. PruningTrees and […]

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