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Best Cordless Jigsaw Buying Guide

Best Cordless Jigsaw Review & Buying Guide (2020)

There are so many portable jigsaws in the market, but you need to find the best cordless jigsaw to get maximum output. Let Sumogardener’s review guide tell you more about jigsaws and how to choose the right one for your need.Jigsaw is a very ideal tool for complex cuts. It is lightweight, easy to handle and […]

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How to Prevent Maggots in Compost

Maggots in Compost? Good or Bad? What you need to know

Learning how to make compost is the first step in the journey of being an eco-friendly gardener! The downside is that one day you may find that hundreds of tiny maggots in compost have invaded your compost pile or bin.These unpleasant, wiggly guests are fly larvae, and can be an unwelcome guest especially in indoor […]

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Patio Design Styling Ideas

Patio Design Styling Ideas

During any sort of decoration project involving your home, it can be easy to forget about the outdoor part of your residence. However, when pulled off correctly, you can extend the interior of your home to the outside and make it quite cozy and charming. So read on our patio design styling ideas for tips on […]

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How to Grow Black Cherry Trees

Black Cherry Tree (Prunus Serotina) Growing Guide

The Black Cherry Tree, (Prunus Serotina), also commonly known as the wild, rum cherry or mountain black cherry, is easily recognized by its pretty, white flowers and tasty, dark plum-colored fruit. Its fruits are not only mouth-wateringly delicious, but they’re an indulgence you can actually grow in your own back yard. Throughout this guide, we will look […]

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Literati Bonsai – Easy Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide

Herons Bonsai is Britain’s No1. Bonsai centre and Nursery Founded by world-renowned Bonsai expert Peter Chan and his wife Dawn Chan. Below Peter Shows us how to transform a thick trunk bonsai into a Literati bonsai style tree at his nursery in Surrey.

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most beautiful Calathea types

Stunning Calathea Types For Your Home

The Calathea plant, also called “prayer plant” (Calathea’s relative), is a very popular indoor house plant due to its attractive, attention-grabbing leaves. It belongs to the family Marantaceae and it is native to South America. It has over a dozen varieties, each with a different color and pattern. Some of the species are flowers, yet rarely indoors. Sumo […]

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