Essential Pool Safety Tips for your Garden

As the warm weathers are once again coming into the season, it’s hard not to get extremely excited about your pool for the upcoming summer. Millions of Australians are already planning to relax, cool off, and even have a couple of parties or even intimate gatherings at their hot tubs or pools. However, one of […]

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6 Ways to Control Spiders in Your Garden

Spiders come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. However, their basic body structure remains the same in all the 40,000 or so species of spiders inhabiting the world. They have eight legs, a jaw, and 6-8 eyes. Contrary to common belief, spiders are animals and not insects. They are classified as arachnids,  a class in […]

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5 Reasons Why Sod Rather Than Seed is The Perfect Choice for You

A luscious lawn can really change the aesthetics of your home. But many homeowners find it difficult to choose between sod or seeding their lawn. Many opt to seed rather than sod, mostly because they haven’t done proper research. Choosing sod over seeds has numerous advantages. We discuss 5 advantages of sod that should have […]

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How To Dry Your Garden Herbs for Cooking

Dried herbs have a longer shelf life as compared to fresh ones. There is however more to drying herbs than simply drying them in the sun. For instance, herbs meant for drying should be harvested when the weather is sunny, warm, and dry. Under no circumstances should you harvest the herbs when it is raining […]

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5 Ideas For Creating The Perfect Cozy Garden Room

Loafing in your garden on those lazy summer or autumn afternoons can be a fulfilling feeling. However, you need a place where you can have some good along time for you to relax. People that love having an outdoor space in their home will appreciate the need for a garden room, a shed, or any […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Baby Out to Enjoy the Garden

There is no greater joy than sharing your love of gardening with a new member of the family! If you’ve recently welcomed a new baby into the family, you might be wondering how early is too early to take them out to the garden. As long as the temperature is comfortable and the baby is […]

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