Growing Plants When You Live in a Dark House

Whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner gardener, it can be frustrating when you don’t have enough space in your backyard to start a garden. It can be equally frustrating when you try to start a garden indoors and your plants keep dying. If you’re living in a basement with few windows or […]

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Ways to spice up your backyard

10 Ways to Spice up your Backyard

Summer is round the corner and that means getting outdoors so it’s time to start thinking about your backyard and getting back into usable condition. While we all know how much work a backyard can be, we don’t all appreciate what it is we have or know how to make the most of it. There […]

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Best Wood Types for Wood Carving

To some people, wood carving is a profession and to some people, it is a hobby. It is really a matter of pleasure when you see your finished piece in beautiful shape.  Anyone can carve wood if he has 3 things – skill, good quality wood, and proper woodworking tool Skill develops through practice and […]

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4 Benefits of Pond Plants

Water lilies and irises are just some of the ornamental pond plants that you can check out. If you have a pond and you plan to beautify it, adding some of these pond plants is a wonderful idea. Beyond simply bringing in beauty for your pond, though, did you know that these plants can do more for […]

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When is a 600 Watt LED Grow Light Best For You?

Investing in a 600 watt grow light could mean the difference between a bumper and poor harvest whether you’re a seasoned grower or hobbyist. Even then, you need to figure out when is the ideal time to mount one in your tent.  What follows are tidbits to help you decide. When you Have a Bigger Tent Many […]

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How to Create Flavored Marijuana

For the experienced and inexperienced weed grower, a common question that always comes up is how to affect the flavor of the weed.  Although the purists will want to keep the original flavor of the different strands, it is always interesting and a fun way to experiment and tweak the flavoring of weed.  Currently, there […]

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