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gardening hacks for beginners

7 Gardening Hacks That You Should Know

All of us learned big life lessons during the pandemic lockdown. From being extra hygienic and considering everything we eat to dreading if it is contaminated or not. With social media flooding with people showing off their in-house garden supplies, it seemed logical to have a mini garden of your own. Let’s dig into 7 gardening […]

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Home Exterior Design Ideas For Your Backyard

Home Exterior Design: Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Backyard

Are you planning to upgrade your home exterior design? When renovating and updating their living space, most people focus on the interior. After all, this is where they live and where they spend most of their time, and that’s why this decision makes a lot of sense in the long run. However, this isn’t the only […]

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Steps to Planning a Backyard BBQ

How to Host the Perfect Backyard BBQ

Summer has arrived, and unlike last summer, many of us are once again welcoming the idea of hosting friends and family. An excellent way to bring everyone together safely is by throwing a backyard . An American staple for generations, these outdoor gatherings are a perfect way to reconnect with your friends, get to know your […]

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Solar lanterns are great at helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Solar Lanterns | Why Install them in Your Garden

Over the last few years, outdoor solar lanterns have been growing in popularity, and many home owners have decided to install these devices in their gardens. Not only do these lights help reduce the cost of utility bills, they are far better for the environment in comparison to electric lanterns. Solar run appliances are great at […]

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Best Propane Fire Pits Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Best Propane Fire Pits of 2021 | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you love living outdoors but don’t want to deal with smoke, ashes and mess, a propane fire pit is an excellent buy! They burn cleanly without soot or smoke, they leave behind no ash and create warm, glowing flames and pleasant heat. In our buyer’s guide, we’re looking at the best options on the market, […]

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Best Fire Pit Reviews and Buying Guide

10 Best Fire Pit Reviews & Buying Guide

A wood burning fire pit is a great addition to any backyard or camping trip, creating that warm, cozy ambience of a night out in nature, under the stars, wherever you are.In our buyer’s guide, we’ll cover what to look for in a fire pit, factors to consider before you buy, and the best fire […]

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