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Essential Tools for Cutting Trees

8 Essential Tools for Cutting Trees

Cutting down a tree should be approached with extreme caution. Because of this, it is typically recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified expert or tree service to complete the task.However, you will need to invest in the appropriate tools for cutting trees and supplies for the task at hand if you plan on […]

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Types of Bees Your Guide to Understanding Bees

Types of Bees | Your Guide to Understanding Bees

It’s hard to imagine a world without bees and there are many different types of bees. In fact, our world and lifestyle as a species would be drastically altered if the humble bee was no longer around.  They form an invaluable part of our ecosystems and contribute heavily to many different lifeforms. Most of us probably […]

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New Sod Care Guide – When to Mow, Water and Fertilize

New Sod Care Guide – When to Mow, Water and Fertilize

There are few things that transform a garden faster than laying new sod, thanks to the instant green carpet that goes down in minutes. In this article, we’re going to look at new sod care from a few different standpoints. Not just how to care for new sod, but when to do it too.New sod […]

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A man installing artificial grass

Why Use Artificial Grass and Turf In Your Yard

Are you looking into using artificial grass or turf? It’s no question that yards and gardens add so much value to a home. Lawns add to a property’s cosmetic appeal – in real estate, this is called curb appeal, referring to how attractive a home is when seen from the street. According to surveys, a nice […]

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Best Water Plants and Pond Plants to Grow in Your Garden

25 Best Water Plants and Pond Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Ponds need water plants as much as they need water. Pond plants help to aerate, oxygenate and shade pond water, and the best pond plants do it with bright displays of floral brilliance too.I am by no means unbiased here as I grew up around ponds and conservations and have never built a garden without […]

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Best Rooting Hormone

5 Best Rooting Hormone to Use for Propagating Cuttings in 2022

If you are a gardener who loves to propagate new plants at home or in your backyard, then you need the best rooting hormone to help you grow strong, healthy new plants. Here are our reviews of different root hormone products currently on the market, our recommendation for the best rooting hormone, tips on how to […]

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