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What to Look for When Choosing a Garden Room

What to Look for When Choosing a Garden Room

For many people living in the UK, a garden overlooking the garden is a must-have and considered a traditional choice for most UK homeowners. The room can be used as a conservatory, sunroom, or even a garden room among many others.

A garden room is one of the easiest and best ways to give your property a value boost. There however lies one danger with investing in a garden house, it might look like a structure bolted onto the house. Urban pods strike the perfect balance of integrating a garden house seamlessly to your home.

Reasons To Invest In A Garden Room

Almost everyone in the UK wants to stay outdoors and especially during summer. This doesn’t necessarily mean participating in outdoor events but making the most of this time enjoying the weather outside your house.

An airy-garden room makes this possible. The room makes it possible to enjoy your time outdoors regardless of the weather. A garden room is also connected to the house, hence considerably safe.

Investing in a garden room can help bring both aesthetic and practical benefits to your home. It can also be used as an extension of the house. The solid roof provides the feeling of a traditional extension while the extra windows from the garden room allow more natural light into the home. Some of the advantages of having a garden room are outlined below.

Adds Extra Living Space To The Home

Garden Room Adds Extra Living Space To The Home


The garden room is a perfect addition to the home and provides additional space that can be used for various purposes. You can dedicate the room as the kids’ playroom, where you go to read, or simply used it for numerous occasions, such as when having friends over. Some people also choose to use the garden room as their home office during the summer.

Brings More Light Into The House

The additional windows, doors, and Velux roof lights in the garden room allow more natural light into the main house. This means you never have to keep the lights on, even during winter. In addition to this, the extra space means the main house will be less clutters since some items will go to the garden room. This also helps keep energy bills on the minimal as well.

Provides A Balance Between Home and Garden

As the name suggests, a garden room creates an extension of the main house into the garden, giving you the nice view of flora and lush greenery outside. It also enables you to see and enjoy the view of the garden from multiple angles, a factor that makes the room more relaxing than other rooms in the house.

Many people today prefer homes with a garden room for they have a stylish and lavish look and feel. They also help add value to the property as well.

What to Look for in a Garden Room

#1. Material

Reasons To Invest In A Garden Room


Deciding on the best materials for the garden room can be an overwhelming decision for many. Aluminium is however the strongest materials for glass doors and windows. It is not only strong and durable, but also very lightweight.

The aluminium frames also allow for larger glass panels and even come in a slim frame as well. This is unlike PVC and timber frames. PVCu frames tend to discolor over time while you’d have to repaint the frame once in a while. Aluminium doesn’t however require all these, neither does it lose its color or rust.

#2. Fit Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors help open up an entire wall, hence perfect for a garden room. When folded back, these windows provide flawless transition which again helps bring the outside space into the house.

This transforms the space/property into a fully-functional open space that can be used for entertainment, work, and living. The folding doors also allow more natural light into the room and the house as well.

#3. Design

The garden house needs to match the main house. It wouldn’t be wise to have them appear as if they are separate. To ensure the design flows with the main house, install matching flooring, and use soft furnishings such as matching curtains and blinds.

If installing a fresh floor seems too expensive, you can then work on other aspects of the garden room to make it even more appealing. Continuity is key in the property, hence guests and even friends shouldn’t spot the difference.

#4. Color

The bi-folding aluminium doors come in a wide variety of colors – you can use this to your advantage to ensure they blend with the existing theme. You might even try something new by choosing bi-folds in vibrant colors such as bright pink, mint green, or orient red to add a splash of color to the property.

If you however went for timber, you can then have the bi-folds painted to give the same effect. You can have a hue of timber effect added on the aluminium doors to give it a similar look and feel. This way, you won’t have to struggle to maintain the doors.

Hang a Mirror or Two on the Wall

Using mirrors to make a room look bigger


Hanging two mirrors on either side of the wall gives the impression of a much larger room. It also amplifies the amount of natural light in both the room and the house as well. One of the main reasons behind investing in a garden room is to let natural light into the house.

A garden room can be used all year round – this includes winter and summer. That said, you need to ensure it is thermally efficient to avoid attracting high energy bills. You can do so by installing high-performance double-glazed windows, and ensure it is adequately insulated. Doing this will help keep the house cool during summer, and warm in winter.

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