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Bonsai Trees for Beginners | Pros and Cons for Students

Bonsai art is among the most rewarding forms of art. It helps bring a part of nature into your home and nurture it to grow into a tree. Bonsai is something attractive for all the people on Earth.

The thought that you can grow a tiny tree and take good care of it is nice. And when you see that your bonsai tree is thriving, the reward is even bigger. There are pros and cons especially with students growing bonsai. Here's our guide on bonsai trees for beginners.


Bonsai Trees for Beginners Pros and Cons for Students

There are many bonsai species out there that come in different sizes and shapes. And they have a rich history that originates in Japan.

Caring for a bonsai tree is an enthusiastic experience and activity. However, as students have pretty hectic lifestyles, there are pros and cons you need to be aware of before buying your first bonsai tree. 

bonsai trees for beginners

What is Bonsai?

Even though most think of keeping a bonsai tree as a hobby, it is like a job for many people. The art of bonsai originated in Japan, where it is called a combination between “tray” and “potting”, or “tree in a pot”.

At first, they were simply taking trees from the wild and growing them in pots. Over time, it transformed into an art that is popular worldwide. How a bonsai tree looks is only related to the imagination and creativity of the artist.

There are many shapes and sizes you can find bonsai trees in. There are five shapes it can have: a cascade (full or semi), upright (formal and informal), and slanted. 

Bonsai Tree Care Tips

best bonsai for beginners

Caring for a bonsai tree is challenging. Because it is a tree, it needs a lot of nutrients and care to develop harmoniously and healthily in a pot. There are two types of bonsai trees you can grow. 

While some of them can be grown indoors, many of them need to be grown outdoors. Of course, this depends on the species of bonsai tree you have as well as the local climate conditions. You should not forget that bonsai trees are trees, so they have a pretty low growth rate. 

Most bonsai trees are deciduous trees and just like all the other trees of this genus, they lose their leaves when they enter a period of dormancy during the winter months. If you keep your bonsai tree only indoors, then it will skip this period and its lifespan will be considerably limited. 

What Do You Need to Grow a Bonsai Tree? 

Many students rush into buying a bonsai tree without reading a few things a species like this needs to thrive. Even though there are bonsai for beginners, caring for them is similar to caring for a pet.

Students invest a lot of time learning and studying while they are in college, so you might ask yourself if you have enough time to care for a bonsai tree. Well, it does not take so much time. You need to water and fertilize it regularly.

During spring and autumn, you need to prune it and give it a beautiful shape. Bonsai trees grow like regular trees, but you need to prune them and create the shape you want them to have. 

bonsai for beginners

At the same time, you need to choose a bonsai tree that adapts easily to your climate. If you live in a colder one, then you might have few options to choose from.

Those who live in a temperate climate will have a lot more choices. Even though many students choose the best bonsai for beginners, the costs of caring for it are different from tree to tree. 

Of course, the exact sum of money you might need to invest in caring for the bonsai cannot be approximated. However, you need to know that you need to invest money in buying a special tools set, pruning shears, fertilizer, and a pot (if you do not buy it already planted or want to change its pot).

How much you choose to pay on these depends on your budget. There are options available starting at $50 and ending at a few hundred dollars. 

Benefits of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is an art and you are an artist. You can care for and help thrive a real tree, giving it the shape you want it to have. So, which are the benefits students will feel if they choose to engage in the art of bonsai?

Reducing Stress Levels 

When you are a student, you have to learn from books and study all the research materials you have. Sometimes, some periods in your life might be more challenging and overwhelming than others, especially if you have a tough period with exams and assignments.

And if you need to write your dissertation, things might get pretty hectic. Caring for a bonsai tree is a relaxing activity. All this stress you might feel during college can be relieved by caring for a bonsai.

Even though you do not spend a lot of time doing this daily, those few minutes will help you disconnect and relax. 

bonsai Increases learning productivity

Increases Learning Productivity 

Dissertation writing might be the most challenging task of all you will have during college. There are online writing services that can support you in this pursuit and help you achieve your academic goals.

But even though they offer you inspiration and guidance, all online dissertation writing services will encourage you to take matters into your own hands and start writing.

To create a compelling and powerful dissertation, you need to be productive. And this is exactly what caring for a bonsai tree comes with. 

Fighting Depression and Anxiety 

Another benefit that will make your life as a student easier is that caring for a bonsai tree will help you fight depression and anxiety. We live in uncertain times which are described by these intense negative feelings and emotions.

Saving the time daily to water your bonsai, prune it, and care for it will be a hobby you can have. It can be an activity you look forward to, that helps you relax, and find your inner peace. 

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Wrapping Up Our Bonsai Trees for Beginners Guide

Bonsai is the art of caring for a tree in a pot. It is about helping a living thing thrive and mature while giving it the shape you want. You are the artist, so let your creativity unleash.

However, before getting your first bonsai, make sure you check the bonsai beginners guide + essay examples to get an idea of the growing conditions it needs, as well as the costs.

Starting this hobby comes with many benefits for students, such as increasing learning productivity, fighting depression and anxiety, and reducing stress levels. Start your journey with this bonsai trees for beginners guide. 

Bio lines: Sophia Williams is a content and essay writer. Her hobby is bonsai and she has over 10 different species she cares for. Sophia loves nature and hiking.

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