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Maggots in Compost

Maggots in Compost? Good or Bad? What you need to know

Learning how to make compost is the first step in the journey of being an eco-friendly gardener! The downside is that one day you may find that hundreds of tiny maggots in compost have invaded your compost pile or bin.These unpleasant, wiggly guests are fly larvae, and can be an unwelcome guest especially in indoor […]

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Top Reasons Why Are Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow

Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow | Dealing with Orchid Leaf Problems

If you are asking “Why are my orchid leaves turning yellow?”, then read on! Orchids are one of the most beloved houseplants in the world, but many people worry about how to properly care for them.They are often called fussy and difficult, and seeing your orchid leaves turning yellow and brown can leave you in […]

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Horticulture vs. Botany: what's the difference?

Horticulture Vs Botany: What is The Difference?

Are you wondering about the difference between horticulture vs botany?Did you know that they have their differences and similarities?Horticulture and Botany are two different things; their similarities are that they are both about science and plants. They have their differences and knowing what they are, will help you understand each of them.Below are all the […]

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