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Why Are Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow?

Are you wondering why are orchid leaves turning yellow?

Are you worried that this can ruin the entire plant?

Then knowing why this happens and the ways that you can prevent it from happening again is important.

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Leaves that are Yellowing

You may be wondering why your leaves are turning yellow. Orchid leaves that are turning yellow is usually not a cause for you to be alarmed.

The reason behind this is because it can be a natural occurrence to leaves that are older.

A sign that the yellowing of the leaves is a problem is when the entire leaves are starting to turn yellow from the top itself.

There are different reasons as to why are orchid leaves turning yellow and why this is rapidly happening. Below are the different reasons why.

Reasons Why Are Orchids Leaves Turning Yellow

#1 Leaves are Being Burnt by Sunlight

Leaves are Being Burnt by Sunlight

One of the reasons why the leaves of your orchids are turning yellow is because the sunlight is burning them. This is also the reason why plants that are usually left near windows are burning especially during brighter days.

Typically, you will start noticing small freckles and spot on the leaves of your orchid before they start turning yellow. You can prevent this from happening by placing your orchid in indirect sunlight.

#2 You are Over Watering the Orchids

Over watering the orchid

Watering your orchids too much and not letting them drain properly can cause your orchids to get ruined. The reason behind this is because the water will start encouraging the buildup of bacteria.

It will also make the plant rot, which will then rapidly kill the orchid itself. If you notice some yellow spots or rot ones, start cutting them and place the orchid in a place where it will be well ventilated to encourage a good air flow.

#3 High and Low Temperatures

Temperatures that are too hot can damage the orchid, especially if it is in the prime phase of growing.

The reason behind this is because this type of plant loves to be in temperatures that are optimal and leaving them in a place where it’s hot can cause their leaves to turn rapidly yellow.

If this happens, put the orchid in a different location and let it recover.

Temperatures that are too low can also cause the orchid to get stressed. This will then make the blooms to dropped. If you leave your orchid in a cold room, it will start to die in no time.

#4 Orchid May Be Rotting

Orchid May Be Rotting

Another reason why the leaves of your orchid are starting to turn yellow is that it is already rotting. If you leave the orchid without ventilation or the air is too humid, the orchid can start to rot.

The rot will start in the plant’s roots, and if left untreated then you should expect that your plant will die. The reason behind this is because since the roots are already rot, the orchid won’t be able to get enough water, which will make it wither.

The leaves will start turning yellow, while the blooms will fall. The best thing to do is to cut the roots immediately.

#5 Overuse of Chemicals

This is a common mistake to new gardeners since they tend to over fertilize their orchids. The best way to do this is to choose a fertilizer that is diluted to ensure that they won’t experience a chemical burn.

If there are any chemical burns, you will start noticing yellow spots that are large and even brown and black ones. You can treat the orchid by not applying any more fertilizers until the orchid heals.

#6 Orchid Maybe Experiencing Nitrogen Deficiency

If you start noticing the leaves turning yellow till the bulbs of the orchids, then this means that there is a nitrogen deficiency. Iron deficiency can also cause this kind of problem.

The best way to treat your orchid is to release a slow fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer to help you with this issue.

#7 Plant Infections Can Turn Orchid Leaves Yellow

Orchids that are plagued with the disease will make their leaves yellow in color. As the infection progressed and left untreated, the leaves' color will turn darker.

The symptoms that your orchid will experience will depend on the type of infection that your orchid is experiencing.

There are different types of infections to watch out for, including the Chlorotic Spot Virus, Leaf Spots, Root Rot, and the Bacterial Brown Spot. All these infections can turn the leaves of the orchid yellow.

The place where the yellow color is appearing will depend on the mentioned diseases.

These are the reasons why the leaves of your orchids are turning yellow. Start taking care of your orchids properly, for you to ensure that they will grow healthily and bring beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Now that you know why are orchid leaves turning yellow, you can start preventing them.

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