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Peperomia Angulata Growing and Care Guide

Peperomia Angulata | Growing and Care Guide

Peperomia plants make ideal indoor plants, especially for novice growers. The peperomia angulata species is adaptable and beautifully enticing with intricately patterned leaves.Plus, it’s the hardiest peperomia of the species and can take a little bit of neglect. This perennial, evergreen is perfect for almost anywhere in your home.Here’s our grower’s guide on how to […]

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Lemongrass Plants Types and Uses

Lemongrass Plants – Learn Their Types and Uses

Lemongrass plants form part of the cymbopogon genus which covers over 50 types of grasses from the Asiatic and southern Indian regions.This evergreen perennial grows in long tall stalks and has a ton of applications from cooking to medicine. Plus, lemongrass makes a really pretty garden plant. Whether in-ground or as a container plant, lemongrass is […]

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Lemon Trees Guide

Lemon Trees – How to Grow and Care Guide

How great would it be to have your own lemon trees in your garden instead of having to buy them from a grocery store? There’s nothing like the refreshing taste of lemon. Whether it’s lemon juice, lemonade, or lemon squeezed onto seafood, there’s no denying the pleasant aroma and taste of lemons. Lemon trees really are the […]

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Peperomia Prostrata Guide

Peperomia Prostrata Growing and Care Guide

So, you’re someone who loves indoor plants but is far too busy for hassle? Not a problem. The Peperomia Prostrata is an incredibly easy-growing and problem free variety of the peperomia species. With intricate, printed leaves and soft white blooms this tropical perennial is perfect for novice gardeners or those on the go. From propagation to proper […]

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Goldfish Plant Ultimate Guide

Goldfish Plant – Ultimate Grow and Care Guide

With a curious name and some very striking blossoms, the Goldfish plant is a great choice for an indoor, for those willing to put in the effort.This long-living, tropical epiphyte has a cascading foliage which makes it great for hanging baskets and even some taller plant pots. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, here’s our grower’s guide […]

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Tips on How to Kill Ivy

Tips on How to Kill Ivy Effectively

Do you want to know how to kill ivy effectively? Some varieties of ivy can grow out of control, covering walls, flowerbeds and trees, and invading your yard. If you want to kill ivy without damaging anything else, then the information below will surely be helpful for you.

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