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10 Best Edible Indoor Plants

10 Best Edible Indoor Plants To Grow At Home

How about growing edible indoor plants at home? That way, you’re doubly sure of its origin, without having to fret over unreliable food labels.Are you hesitant to grow edible plants indoors because of zero experience? Don’t worry! It’s easy.

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Banksia Serrata Guide

Banksia Serrata Growing and Care Guide

When it comes to flowering plants that add character to your garden, the Banksia Serrata definitely takes the cake. This fabulous fauna is grown in gardens all around the world, specifically for its beautiful, bird-attracting flowers.It’s easy to cultivate, hassle-free to grow and flowers for months at a time. Follow our growing and care guide […]

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Baby Tears Plant Guide

Baby Tears Plant | Growing and Care guide

Originally from Corsica and Sardinia, the Baby tears plant, angel’s tears plant or Soleirolia soleirolii plant is a low-growing indoor plant with delicate, oval-shaped green leaves. It’s also known by a pretty funny name – mind your own business! It grows as a mat-like groundcover, which makes it a perfect addition to hanging baskets and terrariums.Continue […]

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Christmas Cacti Guide

Christmas Cacti Growing and Caring Guide

In order for the Christmas cacti to bloom abundantly in winter, it needs some care. This wild species are native to tropical mountain regions in Brazil.  There they grow as epiphytes on trees and bushes or as lithophytes on rocks. Even if they don’t look like it, the types of Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera) are real cactus […]

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Perovskia Atriplicifolia | Grow and Care for Russian Sage

The Perovskia Atriplicifolia, more commonly known as Russian Sage, is a clever addition that has been used for centuries by landscapers. It’s low maintenance and offers gorgeous lavender-like flowers and softly fragrant leaves.It’s not hard to find some great inspirations when it comes to striking landscaping and gardening ideas. There are so many plants that […]

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Sansevieria Moonshine Snake Plant

Sansevieria Moonshine | Grow and Care The Moonshine Snake Plant

The Sansevieria Moonshine plant is an ideal house plant, especially for those that don’t have the greenest thumbs. The moonshine snake plant, or Sansevieria Trifasciata is a die-hard house plant, with a rigorous growth rate that can grow in almost any light conditions. Whether simply in a pot, placed in a plant stand, or as an […]

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