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4 Budget Gifts for Outdoor Kids

In today’s modern society, most parents feel that their kids spend far too long staring at screens. To help reduce the number of hours they spend looking at smart devices and televisions, investing in gifts for outdoor kids that they can use outside in nature is a brilliant way of motivating them to play outdoors.


Budget Gifts for Outdoor Kids

Most kids adore nature. Many of them can’t get enough of the great outdoors, so adults must encourage their children to make the most of it. Watching animals in the wild, and helping flowers and trees grow is fantastic for kids. 

Playing with flowers and whatever else mother nature has to offer can help kids learn about how to nurture and take care of the planet we live on. There has been growing concern about global warming in recent years, and it seems like the next generation will have plenty to worry about. 

Educating them from an early age will help them understand the steps needed to take care of this beautiful planet we live on. 

You will see plenty of fun gardening gifts readily available in traditional stores, in online marketplaces and web stores that are ideal for young children who love nature. 

You don’t need to be rolling in cash to afford them either. There are lots of fun garden gifts that kids will love playing with outside that won’t break the bank. 

4 Gifts for Outdoor Kids 

Children’s Binoculars

Children’s binoculars are great for a child who likes to go off playing in fields, or by the sea.

If your child loves exploring nature, why not invest in a set of binoculars designed specifically for children. These lightweight devices are great for a child who likes to go off playing in fields, or by the sea.

They can see where they are going, and it can help them plan different routes. If your child enjoys watching birds, they will have a great time looking through their binoculars for different kinds of birds. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider buying a book about birds, so they know the different types of birds they are looking at.

To make it more exciting, ask them to find certain birds in the book. Not only will they enjoy looking at the different birds, but they will also learn a lot about them too. 

Children's binoculars are small in size, so they should have no problems carrying them around wherever they go. These binoculars are available in a variety of colors, so you should easily find a pair in their favorite color. You can buy a top of the range set of binoculars specifically designed for children for less than $40. 

Herbs that Give Children Confidence

Unfortunately, a lot of children struggle with confidence. Children with low-self esteem often struggle to make friends with other kids the same age, and they might also struggle in school.

There is no quick fix for kids without confidence, but many people have faith in certain herbs. Here are a few examples of herbs that raise confidence that you can get for your child:

Sundew herb is known to restore people’s confidence.


When a child suffers from low-self esteem, they will struggle with school work. A lot of the time when a child isn’t performing well in school, parents automatically think that they are not smart enough, which isn’t always the case. The Sundew herb is known to restore people’s confidence.

Five Corner

A lot of children are shy and insecure. They often live in fear and worry about what the other children are saying about them. This can have a terrible impact on their confidence. The Five Corner herb has a reputation for increasing one's self-esteem. 

Yellow Coneflower is known to teach people to believe in their abilities and not to take other people’s opinions too seriously.

Yellow Cloneflower 

Some kids are more sensitive than others. A lot of sensitive children are devastated when they hear others talking about them. This can have a long term effect on a child.

The Yellow Coneflower is known to teach people to believe in their abilities and not to take other people’s opinions too seriously. 

For this to work, you must get some of the herbs and rub them in a circular motion around your temples and your wrists. During your child’s first few attempts, you may have to guide them on what to do.

Once they have completed the process, they must write down the last time they felt they lacked confidence. Once they have finished writing, they have to fold up the piece of paper and write down that they are confident.

Get them to place some drops of the herbs onto the piece of paper, then, ask them to say out loud several times that they need to be true to themselves and that they are confident. 

Nature Science Kits

fun gardening gifts for kids

If your child loves nature, they will probably enjoy playing with a nature related science kit too. These kits are packed with tools that allow them to discover the world of nature, and the world of science at the same time.

Even if they haven’t yet studied science in school, this will give them a great head start. This might encourage them to explore nature even further. 

A lot of kids don’t enjoy some of the subjects they are doing in school, which isn’t always their fault. They might not like the way their teacher teaches the classes, so enjoying the subject is not going to be easy.

However, subjects like science should be fun to learn. A nature science kit will allow children to learn different skills, it will help improve their vocabulary, and learn about nature at the same time.

Finding a creative outlet like science is a very positive way of helping your child learn more about nature. You can pick up nature related science kits for less than $30. 

Bug Observation Tools

Bug observation tools for kids

Most kids seem to love looking at different bugs, so why not encourage them to go a little further by catching them.

There are lots of bug catching and observation kits out there that allow your kids to play with and understand different types of creepy crawlies. 

Most of these kits have the following:

  • A bug critter shack where you can store the bugs: These containers have a removable mesh on the top that allows the bug to breathe.

    They are great for collecting small fish, frogs, and tiny lizards. These containers are watertight so you don’t have to worry about extra water getting in or out.
  • A booklet with lots of information about the different bugs out there.
  • Handle: There is a small handle connected to the critter so the child can enjoy catching bugs while exploring before they let them go.

These kits can provide hours of fun for small children. 

Gifts for outdoor kids

Enjoy These Gifts for Outdoor Kids

Before you run out to buy your kid gifts, make sure that they are old enough to use them. Most bug observation kits and nature science kits are for children aged 6 years old and over, so don’t forget to read the description of the item first.

There are plenty of products like plastic gardening tools and gardening kits that are designed for younger kids. These are great for helping their parents with the gardening, and they can be used on a sandy beach to build sandcastles too. 

Most children love the scents, the different sounds, and the textures of the great outdoors. If they don’t, purchasing one of these gifts for outdoor kids might encourage them to play in natural environments might prove to be a fantastic gift.

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