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Top Garden Pond Ideas to Redecorate Your Summer Garden

Sitting around the same home with the same old backyard and a boring old pond can get pretty monotonous - especially when you can't even go somewhere else! But hey, with all that free lock-down time on our hands, we can do something about with these garden pond ideas

Changing your garden up can be quite the undertaking, and it can be even tougher when you have plants that have taken root already. But if you want a breath of fresh air and something to take your mind off the mess the world is in right now, there's no better project to take on. 

Keep reading to learn more about all the ways you can redecorate your garden pond, including some pretty creative and cost-efficient ones that will almost certainly boost your home's value!


Top Garden Pond Ideas to Redecorate Your Summer Garden

How to Make a Garden Pond  

How to Make a Garden Pond

A garden pond is different from a pool - unlike pools, you can't swim in them and they don't need that much maintenance. Once you set it up, a garden pond acts like its own little ecosystem. Then the only thing you need to do is to not disturb it. 

Having a pond on your property can even drive the price of your property up by a bit, and it never hurts. People with small gardens can even set one up in one corner, and if you have one on the larger size you can use certain design elements to liven it up even more. 

Here's what goes into making a garden pond.

  • The Right Place: Make sure your garden isn't directly under the sun but gets adequate sunlight during the day. You should also keep it away from Any kids who might fall in or mess it up, and easy to reach for small animals like frogs.

    Dig a hole in the right place and place pond liners inside it to retain water. To find out more about pond liners and other things, go to Aquatic Ponds and look around.

    You can even make it in an elevated container or a blocked sink propped up on some bricks. High budget folks like to go all-out with the design and just use concrete. 
  • The Right "Ingredients": When you're making a pond, you're trying to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem and you want to start it off right. Rainwater is ideal for any pond, but you should avoid mixing water from different ponds for your new one.

    You risk introducing disease and other pests into your world, which is never a good idea. Miniature Water Lilies and other underwater plants are the great first step for a small garden pond.

    Introduce some small rocks and sand inside the pond water as well, this will give your new pond animals (there will be many!) something to climb on to get out of the pond when they want. If you don't think your cat will go after them, you can even put some small fish inside. 
Miniature Water Lilies and other underwater plants are the great first step for a small garden pond
  • Maintaining Your Pond: There aren't too many rules to maintaining your pond except for this - don't touch it, and don't mix things inside it from other ponds.

    Live we've mentioned before, ponds are self-sustaining and will be alright without any added help.

Top 5 Garden Pond Ideas 

Now that you know how to make yourself a garden pond, let's look into designing a garden pond and all the things you can do to make it beautiful, or redecorate the pond you already have. 

1. Add Fish to Your Pond

adding fish is one of the top backyard pond ideas you'll see

What's better than some cute fish inside your pond? If you're confident no small children or animals will try to hunt them down, adding some fish to your garden pond can really improve it. 

Surely, adding fish is one of the top backyard pond ideas you'll see. For one, the fish can keep pests and fungi from overgrowing in the pond.

Sometimes when pond water is too nutrient rich algae or other pests end up taking over the pond until everything else dies off. Take the time to do your research before you settle on what type of fish you want. 

Koi fish and other such species have the best chance of assimilating into your pond, but it needs to be done properly. You can check out Pond Academy for more help on Koi ponds.

Should you decide to add Koi fish to you pond, be sure to check out our article on Best Koi Pond Plants.

2. Raised Garden Pond Between Flower Beds

The one thing that never goes wrong is a raised garden pond, usually one in between the flower beds. This isn't an old idea but a new one, but it's one that works and looks pretty good. Raised ponds add height and some variation to your garden, which can be a great addition to the bigger one. 

You can use anything from concrete to bricks to make the pond stand out, and use pond liner afterwards to make sure it's waterproof.

3. Don’t Forget to Add Ornaments 

Waterfalls, beautiful stones in the clear water, vases, and statues can all add some great depth and beauty to your pond

Never underestimate the importance of ornaments and accessories when it comes to ponds and pools. You'll thank yourself for changing it up when you do, and we have some great suggestions for you.

Waterfalls, beautiful stones in the clear water, vases, and statues can all add some great depth and beauty to your pond. They can make your pond look planned, stylish, and help it fit in instead of looking like a random puddle of water in the backyard that you forgot to drain.  

Here are 25 Best Water Plants and Pond Plants to Grow in Your Garden.

4. Place a Water Fountain Inside the Pond

Nothing can really beat the beauty and grace of a water fountain inside a garden pond

Nothing can really beat the beauty and grace of a water fountain inside a garden pond, and it doesn’t even have to be a big or fancy one. You can choose from options that range from fancy fountains that change color, fountains that run on solar energy, and even various designs and materials. 

Once you’ve chosen a design, think about where you want to place it. The most obvious choice would be in the middle of the pond, but you can place it unsymmetrically for a visually striking effect, or even pair one big fountain in the middle with a few small ones thrown across the pond.

5. Add Decorative Lights Around the Pond

Garden Pond Ideas

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than decorations that glow and shimmer at night. If you want to turn your garden into a night-time fairy land, or a neon extravaganza, invest in some decorative lights and spread them around the pond.

You can even install them inside floating plants like water lilies and turn on the switch at night. Go for safe options like solar powered or battery powered lights to avoid any shock hazards, but there are countless ways in which you can avoid that. 

Once you decorate your pond like this, we guarantee that it will stay on the mind of anyone who sees it for days. 

Enjoy this Garden Pond Ideas

The pond in your backyard isn't just a simple body of water, but a magical thing. Not only does it lend a little charm to your garden, but it's also completely self-sustaining. Just imagine - that little pond is a whole world of its own, sustaining itself without any outside help! 

Once you start seeing the wonder of it all, you'll be able to reflect that in the pond's decoration and design, so don't hold back, be creative, and create something you'll love and people will remember these garden pond ideas

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