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Strike It Rich Rose | How to Plant and Care Guide

Are you mesmerize with the beauty of a strike it rich rose? Do you plan on growing them in your garden but is not sure on how to do it?

Then worry no more because all the information that you need to know on how to plant a strike it rich rose in your garden will be discussed below.


What is Strike It Rich Rose?

What is Strike It Rich Grandiflora Rose

Strike It Rich Grandiflora Rose is one of the best roses one can grow because of its rosy pink color that has bugs that are long and its elegant look.

The leaves of this rose are dark green no matter what season you are in, they are also glossy, which makes them perfectly looking roses. The beauty that they have certainly provides added beauty to your garden.

Growing Strike It Rich Rose

Growing rose strike it rich is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things to plant in your garden. The reason why it can be challenging is that not all the collected seeds have the ability to germinate no matter how much effort you put in them.

The good news is, if you use a lot of seeds, the success rate of them blossoming is high. So how do you plant a strike it rich rose you may ask? Get ready to plant them by reading the information below.

Gathering the Seeds from the Rose Hips

The first thing that you need to do is to start collecting the seeds from the rosa strike it rich that you already have. Since this is considered as a hybrid rose, it means that the seeds will have the ability to grow again into a whole new plant.

Carefully cut the rose hips for you to be able to get the seeds needed, and the number of seeds will usually depend on. You will get to collect a few or even more than a dozen of seeds in one rose hip.

Growing Rose Strike It Rich

Rinsing the Seeds off their Pulp

Wiping the seeds with the pulp is essential for you to be able to prevent the seeds from germinating. You can start meshing the seeds or washing them with a running water while rubbing each of the seeds against their sides.

Damping and Placing the Seeds in the Fridge

After rinsing them off, it would be best to place them in the refrigerator and make sure that the temperature is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You don’t have to worry about anything since they won’t start sprouting in the fridge. You can leave them there for a couple of weeks or so and remove them out of the refrigerator for them to start germinating.

Planting the Strike It Rich Rose Seeds

Planting the Strike It Rich Rose Seeds

Using a container or trays, start filling it with soil so you can start placing the seeds in them. Since you chose to germinate your seeds, it would be best to plant them immediately once they start to grow.

The sprout of the seed should be pointed in a downward position and cover them lightly with soil. To minimize the competition, it would be best to provide each seed with a two inches space.

Keep them in Moist and Warm Soil

The next thing that you need to do is to ensure that the soil is damp and the temperature should be between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to provide the seeds with at least 6 hours of sunlight every single day.

Transferring the Seeds to Another Place

Once you have noticed the leaves on the seeds in the soil, the next thing that you need to do is to transfer them to a pot that is larger. Just make sure to avoid moving them outside until the last day of frost.

Caring for Strike It Rich Rose

Caring for Strike It Rich Rose

After transferring the seed, you can start watering them again and adding fertilizer during the warmer days as this will help the plant to grow and start blooming fully.

When using fertilizer, it would be best to follow the instruction that is included in the pack of fertilizer for you to make sure that you are adding enough for the roses to grow.

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Wrapping Up Our Strike It Rich Rose Guide

These are all the information on how to plant strike it rich rose to add beauty to your lovely garden. You don’t have to worry about anything because no matter how complicated planting a rose is, if you follow the tips above, you will surely be getting the result that you desire.

Just don’t forget to water and fertilize them if you want them to reach their full potential. You may also replant them if you want just like some people who want to surround themselves with these beautiful roses.

Just put in mind that Strike it Rich Rose is a high maintenance rose and caring for them on a regular basis is needed.

how you can plant a strike it rich rose

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