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Best Air Purifying Plants To De-stress Your Home

Indoor air purifying plants make beautiful decor items. Be it your bedroom or on your kitchen windowsill, or hanging from a ceiling. They're often mentioned as critical features in decor trends.

A bit of greenery and foliage livens up any room, and they're so versatile. You can add plants to any room as an addition to your home office or in a dedicated space as a centerpiece in your main areas.  


Best Air Purifying Plants To De-stress Your Home

Besides their aesthetically pleasing qualities, houseplants have several other benefits. This article explores how air purifying plants can de-stress your living space and enhance the air quality.

How Air Cleaning Plants Purify the Air

How Air Cleaning Plants Purify the Air

Spending time outside for some fresh air and a bit of vitamin D is essential. The quality of indoor air is equally important, especially as some people spend more time indoors than outdoors. 

Plants filter the air and remove toxins plus convert carbon dioxide we breathe out to produce oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis, and scientists refer to indoor plants as "effective natural air purifiers." 

It's thought that 'eco-friendly, health-conscious millennials' who live in apartments and cities are further boosting the popularity of indoor greenery.

A beautiful and calming space can help you, de-stress. Spending time in a room where you feel relaxed and can breathe clean air enhances your mood. 

If you're a true environmentalist and concerned about your plants' real source, go directly to Seed Needs. Here eco-aware owner, James Everly, describes a more environmentally friendly process where they only harvest seeds from open-pollinated plants. 

They supply mostly heirloom and non-GMO seeds, which means you'll have authentic seeds right from the parent plant. 

Air Purifying House Plants

Aloe plant placed indoors

House plants may be on-trend as a decor item, but good health never goes out of fashion. There are so many health benefits from de-stressing and sleeping well.  

Here's how you can add some green therapy to boost your wellness further.

List of Best Air Purifying Plants: 

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants or Ficus elastica are on of the most popular air purifying plants and very easy to grow and maintain. These low-care plants grow exceptionally well in pots, and a medium-sized one will give the effect of a mini-tree. 

They prefer well-drained soil and flourish in bright light but don't need direct sunlight. The dark green leaves are a perfect choice for an office or entrance hall. 

Snake Plants 

Snake plants (sansevieria) or sometimes referred to as 'mother-in-law's tongue,' offer the ultimate in pure air boosts and practically need no care. Even those without green fingers will see them thrive. 

Place them anywhere indoors, they'll even flourish in darker rooms and need very little hydration and well-drained soil. Take care that you don't water the leaves and make sure you let the dirt dry out thoroughly before you water again. 

Peace Lilies

Peace lily is one of the best air purifying plants

Besides the appropriate name, the Peace lily (spathiphyllum) is another beauty that removes toxins from the air. They prefer part sun, part shade, and cooler temperatures.  

Their gorgeous flowers make them an asset to living rooms and bedrooms, and they're a popular choice for conservatories too.

Golden Pothos

Scindapsus Aureus or the Golden Photos plant can clean the air and remove formaldehyde. These trailing plants are ideal for kitchens and living areas when hanging from the ceiling or other elevated spaces like a shelf.  

It's an easy one to grow as they are not fussy about light. They thrive in bright, semi-light, and darker areas with in-direct brightness. Besides, they are evergreen, and you can let them hang to the floor or guide them like a creeper to create an indoor vertical living green wall. 


Aloes are succulents and prefer plenty of light and direct sun. They do have air-purifying qualities but are better known as 'air-quality monitors.' The leaves show brown spots when the area is polluted.

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Air Purifying Plants That Promote Sleep

Other than purifying the air, plants can help you sleep better. Sleeping well is essential to lower stress levels. The air quality in your bedroom can enhance your sleeping environment and quality of your sleep too. 

Best Air Cleaning Plants For Your Bedroom

Lavender popular among air cleaning plants


Lavender (Lavandula) is not only know as one of the best indoor plants for clean air but also known natural remedy for sleep. These purple aromatic power plants come in almost 50 different species.  

Lavender can be grown indoors but need plenty of direct light and prefer a few hours of direct sunlight daily. Once they're established, they are easy to maintain, like warmer temperatures, and should not be overwatered.  

Read our Lavender Ultimate Growing Guide to help your grow this awesome plant the right way. 


Rubiaceae or Gardenias have potent smelling agents that can induce an eco-friendly way to deal with insomnia. They flourish in bright, indirect light.

They hail from the tropics and have broadleaf evergreen qualities. They do well as potted plants. The large and spectacularly scented white flowers make them a beneficial addition in beauty and blessing to any bedroom. 


Orchids (Orchidaceae) are exquisite bedroom decorations. These exotic beauties are more active during the evening. They are popular indoor ornamental choices and come in many varieties and colors.

When the light fades and evening falls, they take in carbon dioxide. This then releases oxygen, and orchids keep and increase the air in your bedroom at night. Just make sure to watch out for its leaves turning yellow.

Caring For Indoor Plants That Clean The Air

Caring For Indoor Plants That Clean The Air

When selecting the indoor plants that’ll bring you the most benefit, you should not only consider the decorative effect. Being a plant parent comes with more responsibilities than just light and water requirements.   

You'll have to ensure that they're compatible with other occupants, like younger children and pets. Keeping them out of reach is always the best idea, but you'll live stress-free when you know there are no toxins or other harmful qualities to your houseplants.

Wrapping Up The Best Air Purifying Plants

Plants are not just trendy decor items. You just need to choose the best air purifying indoor plants that clean the air. They have many other therapeutic qualities that can benefit you while beautifying your home or office. 

Several indoor plants are easy to grow, and you can select one that fits your environs and 'green-finger' skills. Check that you know what's required for each in terms of light, soil, and water, and you'll have a green companion without much hassle. 

Once you're comfortable with one or two, you can keep adding air purifying plants to your collection to naturally de-stress your home. 

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