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Boric Acid Vs Borax: For Pest Control | What is The Difference?

Are you wondering about the differences between a Boric Acid vs Borax?

Did you know that they are both used as pesticides?

If you are one of the many who is wondering about their differences, then the information below will help you.


Boric Acid Vs Borax

Boric acid and borax are known to be pesticides that are low in toxicity, which is often used at homes.

Both of these chemicals are not harmful to pets and humans and do not contribute to any types of cancer or any other illnesses that are long-term.

This is why these chemicals are two of the most natural and the safest ways to get rid of pests.

Let’s find out the difference of each, but reading the information provided below.

Introduction to Boric Acid

what is boric acid and what makes it different to borax

What is a Boric Acid?

Boric acid or also known as the hydrogen borate is used in different varieties of products. 

  • It can be found in medicines, industrial products, and even to pesticides.
  • Boric Acid contains 3 different elements: oxygen, hydrogen, and boron.
  • It is white in color and is odorless, which is similar to salts and talcum powder.

Where is Boric Acid Found?

Boric acid is naturally found in seawater, rocks, and soil. It can also be present in different foods, including grains, vegetables, and fruits.

This means that every human being is consuming a certain amount of boric acid every single day through his daily diet.

Boric Acid Uses

Boric acid is mainly used as a pesticide. It can control household and garden pests in the household, including silverfish, fleas, fire ants, termites, and cockroaches.

Boric acid is available in both powder and gel form and should be sprinkled and dabbed in the areas in your house, such as stoves, refrigerators, counters, sinks, and other areas where the infestation is happening.

Boric acid is also available in pellets, dust, powder and aerosol form.

Using Boric Acid to Kill Pests

Boric acid is available in powder, gel and paste form and applying it to the area that is infested with pests is essential. Typically, the acid will act as a poison to the stomach of the pests which will then kill them immediately.

The outer part of the pests can also be absorbed by the skin, which will then cause them to get dehydrated and will eventually kill them.

Introduction To Borax

What is borax and how is it used to kill pests and weeds


What is Borax?

Borax which is also known as sodium tetraborate and sodium borate are known to be a boron compound. This is usually used in fiber glasses, pesticides, cosmetics, and detergents.

Borax has a structure that is sold with sides that are flat. They are also symmetrical in shape due to the arrangements of the patterns and molecules that are unique.

Where is Borax Found?

Typically, Borax can be found in toothpaste, hand soaps, and laundry boosters. It is also used as an ingredient in different products, including a precursor for boric acid, enamel glazes, pottery, ceramics, glass, teeth bleaching products, flame retardants, and buffer solutions.

Borax is also found in water bodies, where evaporation is repeated all year.

 While borax is safe, too much exposure can lead to gastrointestinal problems, skin irritation, and respiratory ailments.

What is Borax Used For

Borax is mainly used as a pesticide to homes and other establishments. All you have to do is to sprinkle the borax in areas where the infestation is happening.

If you are having problems with rodents, then sprinkling them along the walls is essential.

Another primary use of borax is that it can also be a good filter to plants. The reason behind this is because it helps in enriching your soil while killing the weeds that damage your other plants.

All you have to do is to sprinkle the borax to the location where the weeds are growing. When it comes to fertilization, it would be best to use it at minimal amounts since too much can be very toxic to the plants.

Using Borax to Kill Pests

For you to be able to effectively kill the pest, apply a thin amount of powder where the infestation is happening. Once the pests walk through the borax, the powder will then cling to their feet and legs.

This will then be ingested and starts to poison the pests. Borax also has an effect for desiccating which can make the pests to get dehydrated and die.

You can purchase a pesticide that has a mixture of borax, but you can also sue your own. Using corn syrup or honey, mix it with borax and start forming a paste. Leave it in the area where the pests are.

These are all the information and the differences of boric acid and borax that you definitely should know. Both may be able to act as a pesticide, but they both have their characteristics.

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