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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? | How to Find and Get Rid of Them

Where do bed bugs hide? That is a question many asks after waking up full of bed bug bites. Bed bugs were once a novelty in the developed world.Tiny mites that live in the cracks and crevasses of soft furnishings and more, they were associated only with the third world. We’ll talk more about where […]

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Aphids How To Identify And Control Them

Aphids – How To Identify And Control Them

Aphids are little annoying creatures that feed on your favourite plants, ruin your crops and reproduce faster than you can say “What happened to my onions?”. So what do you do to save your plants from these countless predators? Continue reading to learn all about aphids and how to control them. 

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Whiteflies How to Prevent and Control in your Vegetable Garden

Whiteflies – How to prevent and control in your Vegetable garden

There’s nothing quite as lovely as a vegetable garden – but unfortunately, plenty of pests think so too! Whiteflies, or Trialeurodes vaporariorum, are a common pest found on outdoor vegetables and fruits that’s particularly resistant to synthetic pesticides. This makes it a real problem for farmers as well as home gardeners. Here’s some practical advice on […]

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How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Garden

How To Get Rid Of Ticks From Your Garden

Ticks are one of the most common concerns for garden lovers. These pests feed on blood from both humans and animals, so we bet you’re wondering how to get rid of ticks especially from your garden. They can carry different diseases, so you want to protect your family. Even if you don’t experience this problem, it […]

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Apple cider vinegar as homemade bug spray

Homemade Bug Spray: How to Use Vinegar for Pest Control

Vinegar serves many purposes when used around the house; you can clean with vinegar, use vinegar for baking, use as homemade bug spray, and distill vegetables, all of which make this tangy liquid a pantry necessity.In addition to vinegar’s culinary and cleaning attributes, vinegar can also be used as a powerful deterrent against pests, both […]

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Do Bed Bugs Live Outside? Where? And For How Long?

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are not your typical garden pests, as they don’t have any interest in plants and cause problems mostly indoors, they can give you a hard time outside. Yes, the blood-munching pests can live outdoors undisturbed for some time in the right conditions. As the insect vermin feed exclusively on human blood, […]

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