Garden Pests

5 Top Tips For Gardening Without Pesticides

We need to be real when it comes to using pesticides. Pesticides with a variety of chemicals are manufactured to kill insects that attack our trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Even when a person uses these chemicals as directed it is important to note that besides being toxic to the bugs they are also toxic […]

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Effective Ways to Keep Cats Out of the Garden

Having a garden in your home is a common fixture in American households, and for good reason. Gardening not only gives your front yard an aesthetic appeal; it also increases home value to up to 20% (a helpful boost if you plan to sell your home in the future), lifts your mood, and helps in […]

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Mice in Your House and Garden

I’m a light sleeper. Just lie in the bed for a few minutes. Close my eyes and count the sheep. About to fall asleep and suddenly hear scratching sounds. That’s the moment I can’t avoid saying ‘F’ words and find out which causes that annoying sound. A small dark creature appears at the corner of […]

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Home Remedies for Killing Aphids

Aphids is a term generally used to refer to small insects that infest plants and feed on the sap they produce. Aphids are incredibly hard to get off once they infest your garden. It is even harder to find environmentally friendly ways to get rid of them without having to buy large containers of pesticides […]

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6 Beneficial Insects for Garden Pest Control

Who would have Thought that Insects could be Beneficial for Gardens?

Ewww insects! That’s the first thought crossing your mind at the sight of pests and critters. Did you know that there are numerous insects that can help with your gardening adventures? Invite in your very own side-kicks and start building a garden of your dreams.A human sidekick, who could help you are the gardeners and […]

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Tips for getting rids of pests

Tips for Getting Rid of Pests in Your Yard Naturally

Whether you spend a lot of time out in your yard entertaining, gardening, playing with the kids or pets, or otherwise using the space, there’s nothing quite as annoying as continually having to ward off pests. From those that bite your skin and cause a mess to others that eat your plants and become a […]

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