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6 Beneficial Insects for Garden Pest Control

Ewww insects! That’s the first thought crossing your mind at the sight of pests and critters. Did you know that there are numerous insects that can help with your gardening adventures? Invite in your very own side-kicks and start building a garden of your dreams.

A human sidekick, who could help you are the gardeners and landscapers. They can offer a mesmerizing outdoor garden design for your property. With the help of so many sidekicks, your adventure is sure to become successful.

How to call in your side-kick insects for helping with your gardening projects

Your garden is quite precious to you. You invest effort, time and money into creating your perfect space of serenity. It would be heart-breaking if something were to happen to your garden.

Here are some insects, who can maintain your garden's working order:

Beneficial Insects for Garden Pest Control

1. Ground Beetle

insects beneficial to your garden

This kind of insect is nocturnal in nature and helps cabbage maggots, snails and other such bugs that damage your plants and crops. They will follow your lead into your garden if you have perennials in your garden.

Russian sage, daffodils, peonies and Perennial sage are some of the perennials that can help you with the task. These plants also enhance the beauty of the garden, so you just incorporate them into your garden designs. They also provide a stable environment for the beetles to thrive in.

2. Ladybugs

ladybugs for garden

Adult ladybugs will be doing your garden a favor, as they feast on aphids, mites, and many more such harmful pests. The hungry larvae of the ladybug will work harder to protect your garden.

Herbs like fennel and dill will help to attract these beauties into your garden. The herbs can add taste to your cooking, while these insects can feast on them and help protect your garden.

3. Lacewings

insects for your garden

Quite similar to ladybugs, these insects also prevent aphids, mealybugs as well as whiteflies from encroaching into your garden. Eggs are easily available at a local gardening shop, but the easier way to invite them is adding alyssum to your garden.

The flowers look beautiful, so they enhance the beauty of your garden, while the lacewings keep your garden clean and safe.

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4. Hoverflies

beneficial insects

The striped abdomens offer the flies the look of small bees. Their movement resembles that of flies. These flies are predatory in nature and leave their eggs on the flowers that have pollen and nectar.

The larvae feed on aphids and other soft-bodied insects. Fern-leaf yarrow, common yarrow, carpet bugleweed and many more plants attract these insects.

5. Bees

beneficial insects for gardens

Bees are beneficial for your garden so, do not be afraid of them. They help pollinate flowers and improve growth in your garden. If you are growing your garden in your backyard and want help and assistance from our little friends, you can look into buying honey bees. You don't have to worry and be afraid of getting stung.

They are not aggressive unless attacked. They come in get their food and benefit your garden in the process. Plant colorful flowers and add a bee bath. The bee bath will invite in more bees and they can get a drink when needed.

They are hard workers and need a break once a while, right?

6. Parasitic Wasps

beneficial insects for garden

These creatures are highly beneficial and help protect your garden against the likes of caterpillars like tomato fruitworm, cabbage worm, tent caterpillars and many more.

Plants that can help attract these insects include lavender globe lily, dill, caraway, purple poppy mallow and various varieties of common yarrow.

Another insect you'd want to look into are ants. They can be quite beneficial to your garden with some exemptions depending on the species dwelling in your garden. Read our guide on ants to learn more

Not all insects are pesky critters, some like the ones above help your garden stay safe and beautiful. Plant the right plants and see your garden bloom into something that offers a mesmerizing sight. 

Let the professional gardeners help you, they have knowledge of many more such beneficial insects and will help you build a lovely garden.

6 Beneficial Insects For Pest Control

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