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Brush Cutter vs Line Trimmer: Which is the Best for You?

Are you wondering about the difference between a brush cutter vs line trimmer? People who are new to these equipment might get confused and might think that these two are the same. But the truth is that they have their differences.

Get to know their differences by reading the information below.


Brush Cutter vs Line Trimmer

Brush Cutter vs Line Trimmer: What's their Difference?

In terms of their mechanics, there is very little difference between brush cutters vs grass trimmers, but mechanics aren’t everything. Brush cutters are heavy-duty tools, typically sold with sturdier lines, and more powerful engines, with better torque.

Grass trimmers are designed for edging lawns, and tidying up slightly overgrown grass. They generally have plastic lines that wear down quickly when cutting through vines and branches, so you shouldn’t attempt to cut brush with a grass trimmer.

What is a Grass Trimmer?

Brush Cutter vs String Trimmer

Grass trimmers do exactly what they say on the tin. They are lightweight tools for easy regular lawn maintenance. Some high-end grass trimmers can handle wet grass or overgrown wild patches of lawn, but they are still not advised for use on brush, tall weeds, or any vines or branches that have overgrown.

Grass Trimmer Pros:

  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Usually wireless electric tools, or wired electric
  • Fairly low-maintenance tools with simple motors
  • Easy-to-refill spools
  • Ideal for neatly maintaining lawns and edging

Grass Trimmer Cons:

  • Not suitable for brush, overgrown grass, wet grass, vines, or branches
  • Low power
  • Light-duty spool line wears down quickly

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What is a Brush Cutter?

Brush Cutter vs Line Trimmer

Brush cutters are beautifully useful tools for home gardeners and commercial landscapers alike. They are far more durable, usually with well-balanced handles and guards for comfort, and the best models tend to come with incredibly effective anti-vibration features for added comfort.

Brush cutters are ideal for cutting overgrown lawns, and can even handle heavy-handed lawn care if your garden has become completely overgrown. They will damage grass, and will not provide a neat finish in these conditions, but they will make light work of the task.

Brush Cutter Pros:

  • Incredibly powerful cutting tools for young branches and vines
  • Effective on wet and dry grass (some models and brands vary on this)
  • Built-in safety features and low-vibration adaptations are quite standard
  • Comfortable handles, and shoulder straps usually included
  • Durable spools and cutting lines don’t wear down as quickly as grass trimmers

Brush Cutter Cons:

  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for neat finishes, or precise edging (unless well-practised)

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How to Use a Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter Correctly

Once you start cutting your grass that are more than 8 inches in length, you need to use strokes that are short for you to be able to cut the top parts of the plants and make sure to work your way down to the grass’ base. Avoid cutting the plant in just one pass.

How to Use a Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter Correctly

Using the Right Blade for Trimming

If you are going to do heavy trimming, you need to make sure that you are using the right blade. Cutting grass that is thick requires at least half an inch blade in diameter. You also need to ensure that the blade is sharp and that you are using the full throttle for you to be able to get the results that you are aiming.

Also when cutting, you need to ensure that your feet are comfortably apart for you to avoid losing your balance when you start cutting and when the blade gets to strike at a certain object.

Brush Cutter vs String Trimmer Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a brush cutter for grass?

Brush cutters work well on grass, but without practice they can tear your lawn to shreds, so it’s generally best to use a more light-weight tool like an electric grass trimmer. However, with proper care and attention, brush cutters are handy multi-functional tools that are definitely capable of cutting grass.

Can you change a grass trimmer head to a brush cutter head?

There are several brands and models of brush cutters and grass trimmers that are sold with interchangeable heads, and varying cutting speeds. If you want to spend less overall, but are happy to spend a bit more on a really good tool, look for multi-headed trimmers that can handle all aspects of lawn and garden care.

Wrapping Up Our Brush Cutter vs Line Trimmer Guide 

They may both help you when it comes to your lawn, but they each have their differences. Hopefully, the information provided has helped you understand which machine to use for the type of lawn you have.

Now, all that is left for you to do is to decide which one is suitable and all the features that you need when it comes to managing your lawn. Always remember that maintaining your grass is the key to a beautiful garden. Now you know the difference between a brush cutter vs line trimmer. 

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