How to know when to cut new grass

How to Know When to Cut New Grass

You spent weeks properly sowing, watering and waiting for your new grass to grow.

You worried about the right amount of moisture and held your breath for a few days when the rain wouldn’t stop.

Now, the grass is growing and coming in thick.

You’re probably wondering when to cut new grass.

After all of the time invested in creating a lawn of beautiful grass, you don’t want to mess it up by cutting it too soon. Cutting the new grass too soon could damage the seedlings, putting a huge damper into your plans.

There are some ways to determine if it is the right time.

Cutting Seeded Lawns

Cutting seeded lawns

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Homeowners have to wait the longest period before they cut seeded lawns. You have to wait for your seeds to germinate in the right conditions. On average, you should hold on a full two months before you cut the new grass.

If you planted your grass seeds in the active growing season, the blades should reach 3 to 3.5 inches by eight weeks. Even at this height, it is crucial that you tread carefully across your new grass.

Don’t do any quick turns because you may pull the seedlings out of the topsoil. It is best to mow slowly in two separate directions. If you don’t, you can destroy the root establishment developed over the last two months.

Mowing Sod Grass

Mowing the grass

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When to cut new grass is different if you installed sod. Sod takes the shortest amount of time to establish itself firmly. Typically, you only need to wait a minimum of two weeks.

The homeowner should avoid using heavy mowers for the first few months because it can cause damage to the delicate seedlings.

Most lawn care experts encourage waiting until four weeks have passed.

This time frame allows the turf to attach to the ground firmly. It could also withstand a regular lawn trimming.

If you plant the sod in the spring, you should wait three to six weeks.

Determining if the sod is firmly rooted is easy!

Just tug on the corner edge. It should be tightly bound.

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Mowing Plugs or Sprigs

Mowing these are very similar to when you should cut sod grass. You should cut the grass when it reaches three or four inches in height, which can take three to six weeks.

Always use the lowest throttle to cut to avoid uprooting the plugs. You can resume normal mowing after they are fully established. It will encourage lateral spreading.

Remember to take it easy that first time!

Cutting New Grass the Right Way

How To cut the grass properly

There is a right and wrong way to cut new grass. Remember, it should be at least three inches tall before you decide to mow.

However, don’t let it get longer than four inches. Two days before you plan to cut grass, turn off all irrigation.

Dry grass is easier to cut and provides a cleaner cut. Wet grass can get tangled in the lawn mower.

Adjust the blades on the mower so that you are only cutting one-third of the grass blade at a time. If you feel like it is too long after you have cut, mow in a different direction the next day.

You should mow in various directions because it helps your grass remain upright. If you only mow in one direction every time, the grass blades will lay down and compact the soil.

Why Leave the Proper Length

It is important only to remove a small amount at first because it decreases stress and leaves enough area for the grass to continue the essential process of photosynthesis.

There need to be two or three inches of height left.

Cutting below this length also can allow invading weeds and heat stress.

Stress can lead to pathogens and pests taking over your brand new grass.


Sometimes, planting new grass doesn’t work the way you want. If your new turf has bare patches, you will want to seed those patches over again. Uneven grass isn’t as visually appealing as a thick, beautiful lawn.

If you reseed the bare patches, you have to avoid mowing those areas until the proper time frame has passed and the grass reaches the correct height. It will take some time, but soon all the sectors will blend.

You won’t remember the patch within a few months. However, if you run a mower over those areas too fast, you have to restart the whole process again.

Deciding When to Cut New Grass

There is quite a few consideration to think about for when to cut new grass.

Most importantly, the grass should be firmly rooted, which takes between three and eight weeks depending on the type of installation.

Blades should be between three and four inches long. Take it easy for the first cutting to avoid damaging the delicate seedlings.

Homeowners need to keep a close eye on the growth of the grass to determine if it is time for the first cut.

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