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How to Grow an Orange Tree

Knowing how to grow your very own orange tree in your backyard can be quite helpful so you no longer have to purchase oranges in the market. You will also get to eat them anytime you want, without even the need to get out of your home.

How to Grow an Orange Tree


How to Grow an Orange Tree

How to Grow an Orange Tree

Propagating an Orange Tree

There are two ways to propagate an orange tree and this is by seeds or by budding. If you choose to use a seed, you should know that they are prone to root and foot rot.

They don’t also have the ability to produce a fruit until they reach maturity, which can take fifteen years. Budding, on the other hand, is easier since it is grown commercially and can produce fruit in a short period.

Caring for an Orange Tree

Watering Needs

Of course, you need to water your orange tree for it to be able to grow healthy. The frequency of the watering will depend on what climate is. During the spring season, it would be best to water the tree regularly to avoid wilting.

Typically, an orange tree will need at least an inch or an inch and a half of water every single week.

Fertilizing an Orange Tree

When using a fertilizer for your orange tree, you need to make sure that you know the effect of it on the fruit. For instance, if your fertilizer has an extra amount of nitrogen, it will make the peel of the orange to be oilier, while potassium will lessen the oil in the orange’s skin.

The fertilizer that you are going to use should have phosphorous and potassium, and a pound or two of nitrogen to help your tree produce the needed fruit.

Pruning Orange Trees

Some may say that it is no longer necessary to prune the orange tree, but removing the branches that are already near the ground is essential. Be careful while doing this and be sure to check if your orange tree have thorns

You also need to remove branches that are already dying and the ones that are already damaged. To help you prune your orange trees, check out buying guides on pruning shears and tree pruners to find out which would best suit your needs. 

How to Harvest Oranges

Typically during the fall season, the fruit will start turning orange, but this does not mean that they are already ripe. You will have to wait until later during the winter season.

Put in mind that you won’t know that the orange is already ready to be harvested, not unless you try to taste it.

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