How to use grass clippings as mulch

How to Use Grass Clippings As Mulch

Are you wondering if you can use grass clippings as mulch? Did you know that this is possible? Get to know how to use grass clippings as mulch by reading the information below.It would be nice in the eyes to see your lawn that is well manicured. Typically, if you want your garden to look […]

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How to get started with raised garden beds

How To Get Started With Raised Garden Beds

So, you just removed that tree stump from your yard and you were thinking when the spring comes that you’d like to take that area of your property and get some good use out of it. Then it hit you- Raised garden beds.Maybe it popped into your mind. Or you were just surfing the web […]

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best chipper shredder reviews 2016 - 2017 & Buying Guide

Best Chipper Shredder Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to keep your backyard clean and healthy? Do you want to have clutter free environment outdoors? Then knowing the best chipper shredder in the market today will surely help you maintain and clean and healthy lawn. A tool that is used to cup twigs, grass, leaves, and any other kinds of debris […]

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How much mulch do i need

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Are you wondering how much mulch is needed for your soil? How much mulch do I need is the question that you probably have in mind right now. Let’s find out by reading the information provided below. Mulch is used to help your garden to have a uniform and clean appearance. There are also a […]

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Rock Versus Mulch - Get to Know Their Differences

Rock Versus Mulch – Get to Know Their Differences

Are you wondering on sprucing up your garden? Are you confused whether to use a rock or mulch? The good to know the differences between rock versus mulch by reading the information below. Gardeners are covering their gardens with rock and mulch due to the many benefits that they have. They both can help in […]

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What’s a Gorilla Hair Mulch and Its Benefits

Are you looking for mulch for your garden? Did you know that you can use a gorilla hair mulch in your garden? Let’s find out what a gorilla hair mulch is and the benefits that it has for your soil. What’s a Gorilla Hair Mulch and Its Benefits What is a Gorilla Hair Mulch?What are […]

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