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What is Eco Friendly Gardening

Eco Friendly Gardening: 7 Tips to Start an Environmentally Friendly Lawn

Have you heard about eco friendly gardening? We all want our garden and backyard to not just be beautiful but also want it to be environmentally friendly.The notion of going green is a project that requires the effort of every person, not only of concerned associations and government. The thought of going green needs to […]

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Tips For Designing A Family Garden

Tips For Designing A Family Garden

Landscape design services cost $4,465 on average, with small garden designs ranging between $0.05 and $0.75 per square foot, according to price estimates on HomeAdvisor. The key to creating a beautiful and functional family garden with a high return on investment is careful planning. However, landscaping can be tricky if you intend to create an outdoor space […]

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Best Patio Heaters Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Patio Heaters for 2021 – Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

Want to enjoy your patio and backyard more often throughout the year? A good quality patio heater is the answer! Here are our reviews of the best patio heaters for 2021, tips for buying the right outdoor heater for your home, and much more.

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DIY Hydroseeding Complete Guide

DIY Hydroseeding | Complete Guide

Hydroseeding sounds high-tech and complex, but it’s so simple that you can do it yourself in your own yard. It’s a method of seeding a lawn that’s so effective it’s starting to replace more traditional methods like sodding and broadcasting. In our complete DIY hydroseeding guide, we’ll tell you all about this process, how to hydroseed […]

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Why Choose a Contemporary Garden Design

Tips for Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

There are lots of stylish contemporary garden design ideas today. An essential principle in designing an aesthetically attractive garden is always treating your garden as an extension of your home. Thus, you should ensure your garden aesthetics blend well with your interior design with regard to material and colour. This will help achieve cohesion and further […]

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Ornamental grasses offer yet another alternative to the traditional lawn

Top 10 Lawn Alternatives to Traditional Lawns

Here are the top 10 lawn alternatives you can consider to beautify your outdoor living space.Was 2020 the year you became fed up with your lawnmower? While traditional lawns offer golf course-like beauty, it’s challenging to keep them looking tidy minus a grounds crew. Why not use the cold season to overhaul your landscaping? From artificial […]

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