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How Warm is a Greenhouse in Winter?

Are you confused with the question 'How warm is a greenhouse in winter?’ and still haven’t found the right answer for it? We are here to provide you with the briefest explanation over this issue. Scroll down and stay tuned to see whether this article can satisfy you or not.

Today, many summer residents have greenhouses, in which they grow a variety of vegetables year-round, allowing them not only to have access to fresh products all the time, but also to earn from them. Especially in the winter, regardless of any type of greenhouses, they need heating.


What Affects Warmth of Greenhouse In Winter? 

greenhouse in winter

There are some factors that may affect the warmth of a greenhouse in winter climate, including the outdoor temperature, design, and materials. Let’s find out now.

1. Growing Zone

The minimum temperature at night and sunshine proportion each day have the biggest effect on how warm your greenhouse can be in winter. It is important to take notice of your region’s climate, which decides the growing quality of plants and flowers. 

For example, a greenhouse that receives more sunshine due to its location will be warmer than that in other regions and vice versa.

2. Amount of Snow Cover

It might sound hard to believe at first about the effect of snow on a greenhouse warmth in winter. But the fact is that the more snow blankets your greenhouse, the more heat it can keep during wintertime.

Thanks to the tiny air spaces between snowflakes, your greenhouse is prevented from transferring heat to the outdoors, thus avoiding heat loss.

Therefore, snow will act as an insulator, which maintains warmth and coziness. Unless the greenhouse roofs are sturdy, you should leave these snow in its original place so as to trap the warmth inside.

However, wet and heavy snow on the roof may put your greenhouse at risk so it is better to be removed.

3. Design and Materials

The location and design of your greenhouse are what you should take into careful consideration to ensure the warmth during winter. If you’ve already built the greenhouse, you can hardly change it from the previous construction.

For those who decide to own one in the future, it is essential to choose a warmer spot so your greenhouse will receive more south-facing exposure.

Similarly, what materials you choose to make your greenhouse will also have an equal effect on how warm it can stay in winter. For instance, plastic greenhouse won’t absorb as much heat as other materials like polycarbonate surfaces or glass.

How Warm Will A Greenhouse Stay In Winter?

greenhouse in winter climate

It is undeniable that soil temperatures hardly ever rise to more than 50 F degrees during winter time and most seeds are advised to be grown between 65-75 degrees. Thus, you need to take farsighted steps immediately to keep your greenhouse warm throughout the cold weather. 

There are usually 5 to 6 hours of strong sunlight a day for you to take some proper insulation for higher quality products. Normally, a greenhouse can maintain its temperatures at approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the outside climate.

This means that before your greenhouses reach the frost zone, you can still have a productive arboretum which is even down to -17 F degrees in winter.

Provided that you can ensure both ample sunshine and appropriate covering, you won’t need to use any artificial piece of heater equipment.

Anyway, although the solar energy will still warm up your greenhouse throughout the day, it may cool off and harm your plants more quickly at night. That’s why you should prepare some useful ‘friends’ to help keep a greenhouse warm during winter time.

Ways To Keep A Greenhouse In Winter Heated 

There are so many options available for you to heat your greenhouse, from using electric room heaters to infrared radiation.

Also, pay attention to the procedure of choosing suitable plants to grow in your greenhouse during winter. The most seedling should adjust accordingly as there will be slight decreases in sunlight and the temperature.

how warm will a greenhouse stay in winter

1. Make Use of the Insulation System

Bubble wrap is one of the effective choices for insulators as the plastic allows the sun to provide a light source for your plants. However, the air bubbles are responsible for trapping warm air inside and later be let out at night for the highest efficiency.

Frost fabric is also one suggestion of insulation for those who live in a place that suffers no harsh winters. This heating method for your greenhouse will ensure water flows through while still remaining inside warmth.

If the plants you choose to grow in greenhouses can stay strong in muggy environments, this method could be a smart option. 

2. Retain the Existing Heat 

The next method we want you to consider is a natural heating system, which will be perfect for those who live in a more mild climate. You will be beneficial from the low carbon footprint and electric bill.

Although it will bring you many advantages, this second method can only warm your greenhouse a few degrees higher than usual.

3. Add More Heat 

The harsher winter climate is, the more extreme measures should be taken to help your plants survive through those cold nights. 

Provided that you have a large greenhouse, then it is crucial to use wood or pellet stove and ventilate it properly to avoid deadly chemicals like carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide. But if your greenhouse is not large enough to be heated by a stove, then a smaller electric heater is definitely a worthy investment. 

Even if both stove and electric heater don’t work out for you, there is still a choice of using lamps along with heated soil cables for your greenhouses.

Check out the Best LED Grow Lights on the market. 

Warmth of a Greenhouse in Winter Summary

From the impact factors of the temperature to the methods of keeping greenhouses heated, you can grasp a better understanding to make the most use of your greenhouses in winter. 

We hope that our information will benefit our readers in the field of greenhouse agriculture. After reading this article, we hope you’ve found the answer to the question “ How warm is a greenhouse in winter?”. Stay tuned for our next posts!

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