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DIY Grow Box – How to Easily Build a Grow Box

Are you wondering how to build a DIY grow box?

Did you know that there is different grow box that you can build on your own?

Find out how you can build your grow box by the information provided below.


One of the fun projects that you can have for your garden is by building garden boxes, where you can grow plants for you and your family to consume.

The good thing about making your own grow box is that it will save you ample of time and money, compared to digging the soil in your garden, which will also require a lot of effort.

Another good thing about building your grow box is that you can let your family especially the kids to help you out.

They will surely oblige since this is a fun activity to do. You can add colors to make it more inviting for them.

Here are a few tips on how to build a grow box:

Creating a Standard Wood Grow Box

Look for a Good Location

Look for a good location for your grow box

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure to look for a good location on where you are going to position your boxes.

You will have to dig holes for the posts at the corner, which can then be posted on the top part of the soil or they can also be rooted several inches on the ground.

This will typically depend on you, so it would be best to plan ahead of time.

Preparing the Wood for you Grow Box

Preparing the woods for your grow box' posts

The next thing that you need to do is to start making the posts that you need. You can use a lumber with a measurement of 4x4, and these will be utilized as the boxes’ corners.

You need to make sure that you are cutting them at the same height or deeper by a few inches than the box.

If you plan on making a box that is longer than 8 inches, then adding posts at the center is ideal.

Start Cutting the Side Walls

Cutting the side walls for your grow box

Using woods with a measurement of 2 by 4, start cutting them that should be used for the longer sides of the box.

They need to be equal to the edge's distance to the corner of the post. You need to cut shorter ones as well for the other side of the box.

Make sure to use a reliable bow saw not only for faster but safe cutting. 

Drilling them in the Right Places

Once you are done preparing and cutting the woods, you can now drill them carefully into the right places.

You can use screws with that are an inch or an inch and a half since this works well with grow boxes.

You need to make sure that you are drilling the screws directly through the boards and to the posts.

Placing a Barrier Cloth

Once the box is set, you can now place the cloth which will act as a barrier. You can purchase a hardware cloth that measures half an inch to ensure that varmint and pests will be kept out.

You can screw or staple the fabric to the sides of the box. It would also be best to place another cloth for the weed.

You can place this cloth on top of the hardware cloth and staple it on the box’s side as well. This will help in preventing the weeds from the start growing below the box.

Creating A Grow Box From An Old Cabinet

Creating Recycled Drawers

Preparing an Old Cabinet

Preparing an Old Cabinet

Using an old cabinet with a bottom that is solid, carefully remove all the drawers and the tracks.

You can start sanding the insides of the drawer so you can remove the paint if there are any inside.

Once you are done, position the drawer on a location where you want the grow bed to be.

Repainting the Exteriors of the Drawer

Repainting the Exteriors of the Drawer

The next thing that you need to do is to start repainting the exteriors of the drawer. You can ask the kids to help you with this.

You may opt for spray paints instead just make sure that they will be able to stick to the drawer well.

You can also ask your kids to choose the color that they want, as this will excite them more.

Lining the Drawer for your Grow Box

Once you are done with the painting job, you need to purchase a lining material for you to place it inside the drawer.

You can also opt for a weed liner as this will also keep the bottom of the drawer to get damaged quickly.

Adding Materials for Draining

Since these are drawers from a cabinet, there are no holes drilled at the bottom. You can do this on your own by drilling a few holes to ensure proper drainage.

Drill holes at the bottom and make sure that they are at least 2 to 3 inches apart.

Once you are done, the next thing that you need to do is to fill the bottom layer with rocks before adding a layer of sand. These materials will help proper drainage.

Wrapping Up How to Build a Grow Box

Once you are done, you can start filling the boxes with soil so you can start planting.

When filling the box, make sure leave at least 2 inches at the top part, so you will have more room to put in the seeds.

You can, of course, add in more soil once the seeds are already in place. You don’t need to purchase expensive boxes since you can do them on your own.

Don’t forget to include your kids when it comes to planning, to ensure that they will get to enjoy this kind of activity with you.

Start creating your grow box so you can start planting fruits and vegetables that you and your family can consume.

This will also help you save a lot of time from going to the grocery store to purchase your produce. 

These are all the information on how to build a DIY grow box for your garden. 

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