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How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

Are you looking into making your lawn mower faster? Do you want it to work at an increased speed to ensure that the job is done in just a short period? Then knowing how to make a lawn mower faster is essential.

A lot of people see mowing their lawns a big challenge since it is taking a lot of their time. This is the reason why more and more people are looking for different ways on how they can make this task less time-consuming.

One of the solutions is by ensuring that their lawn mower is running as fast as it can be. If you are one of these people who is looking for ways on how to make a lawn mower faster, then the information below will be beneficial for you.


How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blades

Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

The first thing that you need to do to make you lawn mower faster is to ensure that you are sharpening the blades of your lawn mower regularly. The reason behind this is because it will make the blades to move on your lawn easier, which will, in turn, increase the speed of your lawn mower.

Since the blades are sharp, this also means that you can eliminate going over another part of grass again. This will save you ample of time.

Read our in-depth product reviews of the best lawn mower blades if you think its time to replace your mower's blade. 

Using High-Octane Gasoline

Using High-Octane Lawn Mower Gasoline

The next thing that you need to do is to fill your lawn mower with a high-octane gasoline. The reason behind this is because filling it with a gas that is high in quality will help the engine to run as efficiently as possible.

It will also help in increasing the speed of the mower. Always remember that you need your lawn mower to run on a gas that is clean instead of using one that has been there for quite some time already.

Also, if you have any gas remaining on your lawn mower, it would be best to put a fuel stabilizer in the tank to ensure that the gas won’t separate.

Checking the Tires of Your Lawn Mower

Checking the Tires of Your Lawn Mower

You also need to keep the tires of your lawn mower by ensuring that they are inflated properly. You can check the manual of your mower or the tires' wall for you to ensure the right level of inflation that is needed by the tires.

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower's Air Filter

Another reason why a lawn mower is running slower because of the stresses that it is experiencing due to a dirty and clogged air filter. A dirty filter will also make the gas to burn less efficiently.

You can easily access the filter so you can clean them. You also have the option just to replace the filter since they come in cheap. You can replace your filters every year to ensure maximum performance.

Here is our step by step guide on how to clean lawn mower air filter

Ensuring All Parts are Working Properly

How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

All the other parts of the lawn mower, including the chains, shafts, filters, and belts are working properly. They all need to be serviced based on the instruction from the manufacturer of your lawn mower.

A well-maintained equipment will become efficient, so always put in mind to ensure that all parts are working properly. Always remember to bring your lawn mower annually to the service shop to have it ready for the next mowing season.

Adjusting the Speed of the Throttle

Using the manual of your lawn mower, check for any information on changing the speed of your throttle or making certain changes to its governor, which is responsible for closing and opening the throttle.

There are lawn mowers that can be adjusted using the jam nuts which are below the throttle of your lawn mower. Just put in mind to avoid adjusting the throttle unless there is a detailed procedure on how you can specifically do it in the lawn mower’s manual.

Cleaning the Undercarriage of your Lawn Mower

Cleaning the Undercarriage of your Lawn Mower

The possibility of the grass that can cake in the mower's undercarriage is high, and this can clog the chute, which will, later on, make the mower's speed to slow down.

You can remove this using a wire brush so you can scrape the clipping of grass and as well as the dirt from the mower’s undercarriage. The remaining debris should be sprayed with a hose, just make sure that the spark plug is disconnected before you start working on the undercarriage.

It is also essential to check your mower's oil so be sure to read the two lawn mower tips below:

Now You Know How to Make Your Lawn Mower Faster

Follow the information above, and you will surely see mowing your lawn as a fun chore that you can regularly do. Start sharpening the lawn mower’s blade and do the maintenance tips mentioned above for you to enjoy the speed of your lawn mower.

These are all the information on how to make a lawn mower faster for you to be able to save more time to do other tasks. 

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