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Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow | Treat and Prevent Ultimate Guide

Are your bamboo plants turning yellow? Do you want to know how to treat and prevent this issue? Read our ultimate guide to find out how.


Bamboo is widely loved by many because they are believed to bring prosperity, friendship, love, and luck in your life.

This is also the reason why more and more people are giving the bamboo plant as a gift.

Besides it being a lucky charm it does not also require too much maintenance, for as long as they have enough water and light, they will surely leave.

Why a Bamboo Plant is Turning Yellow?

The problem with bamboos occurs when the stems start to turn yellow. If the discoloring is severe, this means that your plant is experiencing a serious problem.

This is the best time to correct the problem of your bamboo for it to go back to its healthier state.

Reasons Why a Bamboo Plant is Turning Yellow

Injury to the Bamboo Plants

The main reason why your bamboo plant is turning yellow is due to injuries.

Typically, the damage is from tying the ribbon too tight, falling over, damages from pets, plucked leaves, broken stems, and too much pruning.

The main reason why your bamboo plant is turning yellow is due to injuries

If you notice extreme yellowing or a yellowing that is combined with a withered or mushy texture, then your plant is close to dying and should no longer be saved.

Over Fertilization of Bamboo Plants

If the stalks and the leaves of the bamboo plant are turning yellow, especially when it starts at the bottom is a sign that you have over fertilized the plant.

If you have fed the plant just recently, start changing the water and avoid adding fertilizer.

The best way to fertilize the plant is twice every year using a liquid fertilizer houseplant

Let the bamboo recover first, which will usually take a few weeks or months. The best way to fertilize the plant is twice every year using a liquid fertilizer houseplant.

You can also skip this since there are people who don’t feed their bamboo plants but are surviving.

Using the Wrong Type of Water

Some people think that they can just use any water for their bamboo plants. Using tap water may contain certain chemicals that can damage the plant.

The best type of water to use are distilled or filtered ones.

best type of water for bamboo plants

The water of your bamboo plant should also be change once every week.

Avoid letting the water stay stagnant for an extended period since it can cause for bacteria and algae to form around the roots.

This will then make the roots rot or even interfere with the plant’s absorption of nutrients and water.

Using the right watering can will also help you not to over water your plant. 

Exposing In Too Much Sunlight

Bamboo plants need to be exposed in bright filtered or indirect sunlight. This condition can usually be found in a side table or a countertop, right next to a sunny window.

If you position the bamboo plant in direct sunlight, it will instantly experience burns that will appear yellow in color.

The same goes for plants that are not getting enough light since yellow leaves might start to develop as well.

If this happens, place your bamboo plant in a better place, and the leaves will start healing on its own in a couple of weeks.

These are the usual reasons why bamboo plants are turning yellow. Of course, for you to be able to avoid these problems, proper caring is essential.

Below are the tips on how you can properly take good care of a bamboo plant.

How to Take Good Care of your Bamboo Plant

Start Arranging the Stalks

The first thing that you need to do is to arrange the bamboo’s stalks. Typically, you need to look for young stalks so you can start organizing them efficiently.

arranging the bamboo’s stalks

You can use your hand to gently arrange them or a wire that you can wrap around it, so you can start crisscrossing the stalks.

You may add more wire to keep the stalk stable.

Removing Yellow or Dead Leaves

If you see some leaves turning yellow or dead, then it would be best to remove them immediately.

You can eliminate the leaves using a sterilized scissors or pruning shears. You can sterilize it by rubbing vinegar or alcohol.

lucky bamboo turning yellow

Once done, you can start cutting the leaves but make sure to follow the shape of the leaves. You can also just pull it at the base itself.

Propagating Your Bamboo Plant

Once the stalks are becoming too tall, start cutting them so you can replant. This will make sure that your bamboo plant won’t become overly crowded. 

For a more comprehensive tutorial, check out our guide on how to grow and care for lucky bamboo

Wrapping Up Bamboo Plants Turning Yellow

Start correcting the problems of your bamboo plant, for them to be able to last long.

That is everything you need to know about why  bamboo plants turning yellow is a problem, and how to take care of them.

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