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How to Clean Up Pine Needles in the Yard

Are you wondering about how to clean up pine needles in the yard? You have no clue or no intention of doing this boring and time-consuming task. Do not worry, with the information below, you might give this task a second thought.

As you all know, pine needles can be a significant inconvenience to your gardening tasks. They can become abundant under the trees and picking them up can be a problem. However, these needles are beneficial for your yard as they can be used as garden mulch. Of course, knowing how to clean up pine needles is still essential for the yard.

When the fall approaches, those pine needles will gradually cover your beautiful yard. They usually range up to 9 inches in length. Some gardeners leave them in the yard since they have the ability to decompose naturally. As for gardeners who want to maintain a clean looking yard, cleaning them up is the only option possible.

How to Clean Up Pine Needles in the Yard

Tips on How to Clean Up Pine Needles in the Yard Using a Lawn Sweeper

1. Wait for the Right Season

when to best remove pine needles

Don’t get too excited to clean up your pine needles. The best season to remove them is during winter. Every fall, pines drop some needles as they grow. If you remove them during the fall season, it is highly likely that you will do it over and over again. Therefore, it would be best to wait until the fall ends. Additionally, with that yellow carpet of dried needles during the Halloween, your yard will look beautiful without much effort.

2. Preparing Your Materials

Once the winter arrives, it would be best to make necessary preparations. Using a thick pair of gloves is ideal as it will protect your skin from those sharp edges of pine needles. Other materials that you need are a rake and a lawn bag or a garden cart. These things will help you clean your yard by getting rid of the pine needles.

3. Start Raking The Pine Needles

best way to rake pine needles

Now that you have everything ready, it is time to get the ball rolling. You can either collect them in just one pile or in separate piles. If you have a large yard, it would be best to use a wheel rake which can be attached to the lawnmower later. This will surely make things easier for you.

4. Picking Remaining Needles Using Your Hands

best way to pick up pine needles

For the remaining pine needles, it would be better to pick them up using your hands. This tedious job can take a while and some effort. Another alternative is wearing a pair of gloves with double-sided tape wrapping around. It will only cost you a pair of glove, and a lot of tape but this method is easier and time-saving.

5. Dumping the Pine Needles

After picking pine needles, you can dump them in a lawn bag, garden cart, or even in a wheelbarrow. If you are planning to save the pine needles for your compost, then using a wheelbarrow and a garden cart would be preferred. If you intend to give the pine needles to your neighbors, you can dump into the lawn bags.

Additional Information on Cleaning Pine Needles

1. Cleaning Pine Needles in Pavement and Patios

Now if there are any pine needles scattered on your pavement and patios,you can use a push broom or an outside broom. With the large pavements and patios, the push broom is more convenient since it has a flat and long surface. It will help you getting rid of larger debris.

You may also opt to use rakes to do the task, but there might be some debris left after cleaning. The left ones can be swept using the push broom or an outside broom, depending on your preferences.

2. Cleaning Pine Needles in Garden Beds

Garden beds can also be an ideal home for fallen pine needles during the fall season. Since garden beds are typically large you can use a rake to remove them. It will help remove the pine needles without removing all of the soil underneath them.

You may use your hands if you need to clean up pine needles in only a small area. Just make sure to wear gloves to protect your skin. Typically, you will be able to remove them from stone walls and rock gardens.

3. Cleaning Pine Needles in Ponds and Pools

There are some cases that pine needles will fall into your ponds and pools. The good news is, you can quickly get rid of them with a skimmer or a pool net. You can sweep them off, lift the pine needles and collect them in one bag, which you can, later on, throw to the local dump site in your area.

With the tips above, you no longer need to worry about those unwanted needles because you can remove them easily and with least effort possible.

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