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Best Wood Chippers Product Review & Buying Guide

Best Wood Chippers for 2021 | Product Review & Buying Guide

Wood chippers, also known as wood chipper shredders or garden shredders, are designed to turn your garden waste into usable garden mulch for flower beds, leaf mold, or composting.They can easily chew up bulky branches, twigs, and leaves in seconds, keeping your yard neat and clean without having to burn your garden waste (which can […]

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Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you have a chainsaw in your shed or are planning to buy a good-quality chainsaw, then we highly recommend that you get a chainsaw sharpener too.These maintain the razor-sharp edge every chainsaw should have, keeping it as sharp as the day you bought it, ensuring you get a great cut every time, and preventing […]

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Best Gutter Cleaner for Removing Debris

8 Best Gutter Cleaner for Removing Debris

If you have plenty of trees in your yard, fall can be a challenging time for seasonal maintenance! It’s very important to keep your gutters clear of leaves, dirt and debris leading up to the winter, as clogging can cause water to back up and damage your home’s structure. If you have freezing winters, the clogs […]

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Best Electric Snow Shovel Buyer's Guide

7 Best Electric Snow Shovels of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

To take all the effort out of your winter home yard maintenance and take a load off your back, we recommend that you invest in an electric snow shovel. If you live in a region that has snowy winters, you get to enjoy skiing, ice-skating, bobsledding, and winter wonderlands. The downside is that your driveways, pathways, […]

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Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews To Keep You Safe

6 Best Chainsaw Chaps | 2021 Reviews To Keep You Safe

Chainsaws are very effective cutting tools, which means it’s essential that you wear the right protective equipment while you work. In our buyer’s guide, we take a look at the best chainsaw chaps for 2021, what to look for when buying chainsaw pants, and much more.

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Spade vs Shovel Getting the Right Tool for the Job

Spade vs Shovel | Getting the Right Tool for the Job

Most of us have a spade or a shovel for use in the garden, but did you know that these are very different tools with different uses? In our guide, we’re taking a look at spades vs shovels as well as recommending the best quality products to help you buy the right tools for your yard.Continue […]

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