How to Plant a Jude the Obscure Rose

How to Plant a Jude the Obscure Rose

Are you planning to add a Jude the Obscure Rose in your garden?

Then knowing how to plant a Jude the Obscure Rose is essential, for you to successfully have them in your garden.

But of course, before planting them, it would be best to get to know more about this type of rose first.


Information on Jude the Obscure Rose

Jude the Obscure Rose


Jude the Obscure Rose was first bred in the UK in the year 1989 by one of the world’s rose hybridizers named David Austin.

This rose produced a peace color and shades of light cream which can be seen at the petals’ bottom part.

The Jude the Obscure Rose can produce 3 inches of blooms and can produce a strong aroma. When the rose starts to bloom, the petals can reach 70 pieces.

The good thing about this rose is that it is very compact, wherein it can only grow 4 feet in length.

People who are planning to grow this rose will love the fact that it is resistant from diseases, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything but to perfectly grow the roses.

How to Plant a Jude the Obscure Rose

Choosing the Area to Grow Your Roses

Choosing the Area to Grow Your Roses

Planting Jude the Obscure Rose is not that challenging at all, especially if you have already tried growing roses.

The only difficult task that you are going to have is to choose a place where you are going to grow your roses.

The reason behind this is because roses will need to have a lot of sunlight for them to be able to grow well. This is why selecting an area in your garden that gets a maximum of 8 hours of sun each day is essential.

Choosing the Soil to Grow them In

Choosing the Soil to Grow them In

Another important aspect when it comes to planting the roses is to choose a soil that can drain. If you use a soil that does not properly drain, then you should expect your roses not fully to grow well.

The roses that are planted in the not well-drained soil can become sickly and weak. The best thing that you can do is to purchase a bag of soil that is specifically designed for the roses that you are planning to grow.

Planting the Roses in Your Garden

Planting the Roses in Your Garden

Planting them will depend on where you have purchased the roses. If you bought them at a local nursery, then planting them in a container first to get them be prepared to bloom is essential.

Once they are ready, you can transfer them outside and make sure that you will provide them the depth that they need for the roots to thoroughly mixed with the soil.

Now for people who have bought the roses barefoot, then soaking its roots overnight in a room temperature bucket of water before planting it is essential.

The next morning, you can start digging a hole, and the width should be the same size of the roots of the rose. The reason behind this is because the root needs to have enough room to grow.

Spreading the Roses' Roots

Once you have secured the Jude the Obscure Rose, it would be best to spread its roots in different directions and fill the hole with half to eh soil.

Once done, you can start watering the soil heavily until the water fills the hole. This is important to ensure that the roots won’t get pockets of air around them.

Caring for Your Jude the Obscure Roses

Caring Jude The Obscure_2

Caring for your Jude the Obscure Roses won’t be a problem because all you have to do is to provide it with the water and the nutrients that it needs to grow fully.

For areas where the climate is dry or hot, watering them every 2 days is important to ensure that they stay hydrated.

For the areas with more tolerable temperature, watering the roses once every week will do.It would also be best to add some granular fertilizer during the spring season, especially when the leaves start to open.

Your roses will actually benefit from the added nutrients that you are feeding it. Typically it would be best to feed the roses right after the first bloom, while the third feeding will usually be made during mid-summer to help encourage the late flushes.

These are the tips on how to plant a Jude the Obscure Rose in your garden.

You don’t have to worry about anything because if you religiously follow these tips, your garden will surely be on its way of adding a new type of rose, which will make your garden look more beautiful than ever.

Just don’t forget to add some granular to ensure that they will perfectly grow into perfect blooms

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