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Let's Find Out Impact of Salt Lamps on Plants

I know the recent fuss about SALT LAMPS has made you confused and you need answers to those confusing questions. Within these pages, you will find all you need to know about salt lamps and their health benefits that you might be seeking. 

These lamps are crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt that gives out a warm, reddish-pink glow. They are known to be one of the purest forms of salt and contain trace amounts of minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron oxide.

Impact of Salt Lamps in Plants

You must have heard the reports that pink salt lamp reduce anxiety, stress, and allergies. They have also been known to give you a sensation of relaxation and cleanse your surroundings by removing bacteria. Furthermore, and helping you breathe well. Below are some truths about these lamps that will help you choose the best salt lamp for you. 

Whether Salt Lamps Beneficial for Plants? – Never Heard of That!

A SALT LAMP is beneficial not only to you and your family but also to plants by the phenomenon known as chromo therapy. According to chromo therapy, vibrations from the range of colors can significantly influence your plants. Thanks to the electromagnetic waves from the light for serving this purpose.

Salt Lamps Benefits for Plants

-Get Ready to Be Surprised Because Salt Lamps Have Heaps of Benefits to Offer for Your Plants

Chromo therapy for Plants

Chromo therapy for Plants


effects of lights in plants

As humans, we are, in a way, limited in the colors we can see. Light gives a full spectrum of colors that provide benefits to plants and other animals. The electromagnetic spectrum is laid out in wavelengths of light from the longest wave to the shortest wave. 

Light to us helps improve our moods and aid cell regeneration. For plants, light affects them, as explained below:

Blue – is one of the most effective as it helps plants develop healthily – resulting in healthy roots, stems,
and leaves. Your plants would need blue at the beginning of their growth.

Blue light helps plants develop healthily

Purple – Purple is the energy booster in the crew. Not just for humans but also plants – helping them throughout their growth phase.

Purple light as energy booster

Green – I bet you thought plants would have a field day with green. Not really! Instead, they reflect the color to us because objects are known never to absorb colors they are made from.

White – Although the white light is barely essential, plants still absorb them.

plants absorbing light

Red – In chromotherapy, red is a passionate color. It has spectrum with the longest wavelengths and it’s beneficial to plants during their flowering and food production stages.

red light helos flowering and food production stages

Plants absorb colors and lights that make them grow. Salt lamps come in different colors that help sustain your plants and also revitalize you.

-Ridding of Extra Humidity


Salt, due to its hygroscopic nature, can attract water. Although, in salt lamps, the evaporation of the water is rapid due to the amount of heat than light emits. Science has proved that there are billions of organisms in the air we breathe. Numerous times, you have been exposed to these bacteria or allergens without even knowing. By attracting moisture in the air, these bacteria and allergens present in the air are removed. When the water vapor evaporates, it generates negative ions. 

-The Goodness of Negative Ions

negative ions cleanses the air in your home

The issue of whether these lamps produce negative ions has been waging for so long. Well, the answer is yes! Naturally, to get exposure to negative ions (which helps to purify oxygen in the air), you have to be outside, especially around large bodies of water. With these lamps, you do not have to walk all the way to get negative ions. Why should you? These lamps generate small amounts of negative ions, which helps cleanse the air in your home while giving you a soothing glow that many find relaxing. 

The conclusion 

I bet you feel better now. Knowing loads of benefits, you will be more confident in using SALT LAMPS. Now that you know about chromo therapy and the benefits of colors, you should know that there is a wide range of these lamps in the market that will significantly benefit your home. Although these lamps do not take the place of quality air filters, their affordability makes them super sweet. Your kids would need a sleep-friendly light.  

Ultimately, your choice of a lamp will depend on your personality and your home setting. You must, however, note that you are not going to fix all your health problems by just sitting beside a lamp all day. However, if you feel you need more energy and positivity around your home, then a salt lamp would be a great choice.


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