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Sepura Composting Garbage Disposal Review

Sepura, the new compost collecting alternative to garbage disposal is a genius solution to many common problems. Food waste in your garbage, or sent down your garbage disposal, clogs drains, adds to landfill and can cause problems closer to home if it clogs up your own drains. 

The new system from Sepura, compatible with most kitchen sinks, saves waste, time, and the planet, and you don’t have to put in any extra effort.

It sounds perfect, so we took a look at this latest kitchen innovation in our latest review, Sepura garbage disposal.


Who is Sepura Home?

Sepura Composting Garbage Disposal

Sepura Home, the brand behind this genius kitchen adaptation, is an award-winning design company based in Canada (Victoria, BC). Following their TIME Top 100 Innovations award in 2020, their product has set the world of food waste alight with exciting potential and triggered new possibilities for home gardeners.

The circular food economy is crucial as we move into a healthier, more sustainable planet, and they are right at the front of it.

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What is the Sepura Garbage Disposal System?

The Sepura unit at the center of Sepura Home’s brand is an under-sink compost caddy that separates food scraps to reduce waste.

The odor-blocking caddy that lives beneath your sink collects food waste (anything larger than 3mm) and separates it from the outgoing liquid.

The liquid goes back into the drains, and carries on its life without blocking waterways, while everything useful that can potentially be composted is stored cleanly under the counter.

The whole system is an incredibly simple innovation, but one that reduces noise, odors, and waste.

How Does Sepura Garbage Disposal Work?

Sepura works with a rotating separator. As water drains from the sink, food scraps included, the twisting arm pushes any items larger than 3mm into the caddy, and water continues to flow.

It eliminates sink blockages, and because it isn’t grinding your food waste, there’s no unsettling grinding racket like the noise we’re all used to from a typical garbage disposal unit.

Every couple of weeks, you empty the unit, either into kerbside garbage, or your garden compost bin

So even for the non-gardeners reading this, it's useful. And because it's all contained in the caddy, there are no odors in your bin, which stays fresh, and means you’re using fewer trash bags too.

Sepura Under-Sink Composting Unit

What’s the Sepura composting garbage disposal like to use?

Using the Sepura could not be simpler. When you wash your dishes, scrape them clean, either into a full sink, or under running water, and everything past the plughole does the rest.

Empty the caddy once every two weeks so the food doesn’t start to rot. If you’ve got a garden compost bin, add the scraps straight to it, and turn it regularly to produce nutritional compost for your yard.

Find out more about making your own compost here.

What are the Benefits of Sepura?

Probably the biggest benefit of Sepura, and the one that really sets it apart is that it's fully septic-safe. It’s the first of its kind to be fully certified as such too, and reduces the amount of septic pumping by up to 50%, simply because food waste is kept out of the tank entirely. And for homes connected to the sewer, it massively reduces blockages.

For us at Sumo Gardener, I think the biggest benefit we’re seeing is that it's all tidy, automated and out of sight. We compost everything that comes through our kitchen, and that has historically meant keeping a caddy on the countertop, which can be messy, smelly, and a pain to clean.

By keeping everything tucked away, your garden stops imposing on your home, and your kitchen can return to being a kitchen again!

Key Features of Sepura

Sepura boasts a lot of useful features, and none are going to jump out as mind-bogglingly exciting, but that’s a good thing. This is a practical unit, designed well, for a simple but important job.

The main features really come at the point of installation. For instance, it can be plumbed in without a professional, and the offset adaptor provided with every kit means you shouldn’t need to drill or fit any new pipes.

There’s a single inlet for water, and a single outlet, and the main adapter is entirely water-safe, with a long lead to reach a standard socket elsewhere in the kitchen.

Then there’s the activation switch. It’s a really simple wireless button that sits neatly by the tap. One press and the system kicks into action. If you’re not using it, just don’t press the button and your sink will drain as normal.

And if something goes wrong, they’ve thought of that too!

  • There are flood sensors to let you know if the system is blocked, overloaded, or needs emptying.
  • It’s got simple LED indicators to let you know when the caddy needs emptying.
  • And probably most importantly, there are integrated sensors so that if a ‘non-food’ item like a fork or a ring falls in, it will shut off and let you reach in safely.

Sepura Garbage Disposal

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Sepura Garbage Disposal FAQs

What can go in a Sepura composting garbage disposal?

Meat, bones, egg shells, fruit grains, soups, herbs, spices, cheese. It can all go into the Sepura. Depending on what you’re doing with the scraps later, and the types of compost bins you have outside, avoid putting fats like meat or cheese in. If you’re using it as a garbage caddy, put everything in!

Will a Sepura composting garbage disposal fit my sink?

Sinks need to have at least 17.3” to 22.3” of space beneath them for the Sepura to fit, but in most cases, it will fit. The unit is designed to fit and understand standard household sinks.

Is Sepura septic friendly?

Septic tanks often clog up when food scraps go through them, even when macerated. Because Sepura separates food at the sink, it never enters the drain, and never enters the tank so is 100% septic safe. 

Does Sepura block smells?

Sepura blocks smells from the under-counter caddy with a replaceable carbon filter and a sealed bin, designed to control airflow and neutralize odors.

Can I use bin bags with Sepura?

Sepura advises using compostable bags in their caddy, but they aren’t essential. Using garbage bags will help manage the contents of the Sepura, especially if they’re going in the trash.

Wrapping Up Our Sepura Garbage Disposal Review

We’re a bit in love with this system if you can’t already tell. If there are future upgrades to food grinding that don’t affect its wonderfully quiet operation, that would be incredible, but perhaps the noise compromise just isn’t worth it.

All in all, this under-counter kitchen compost collector is probably the cleverest environmental kitchen innovation for a decade. If you’re sick and tired of clogs, odors and noisy waste disposal, check out Sepura for yourself and see what the fuss is about. It’s worth it.

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