Beautiful Trees For Privacy Between Houses

Have you considered using trees for privacy between houses? Do you long for your outdoor space to be more secluded and private? Has a newly built housing block spoilt your view and you now need to regain your privacy? Maybe you need to block out your neighbours’ window which looks directly into your garden space.


We all desire a satisfying outdoor space, which through its sense of privacy, allows us to relax into our leisure time. After my neighbours recently finished building their property extension I was also left with a loss of privacy. No worries, it’s a common problem, easily solved.

Trees are the solution and they have many benefits, and with careful placement, you'll regain your privacy, they’re better for the environment and your living screen will change over the seasons providing interest. So, to help you, I’ve put together a list of beautiful garden trees.

Acer Palmatum Sango-Kaku

I have chosen the Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ for you because this tree is a delight year round. It’s a graceful tree with a rounded shape that spreads to 3m wide which is sufficient to block out a misplaced window. It’s a small tree, growing slowly to eventually reach a maximum height of 6m, so it’s perfect for large and small gardens.


This tree has a coral-red bark and pale green, palmately lobed leaves, which makes an interesting combination in the summer. Because the Acer is deciduous you will get a beautiful display of colour in the autumn too as the leaves change and fall. Then, throughout the winter, the vibrant colour of the coral-red bark will look striking against those grey winter skies, bringing a little warmth to your soul.

In early to mid-spring you will be treated with the fluffy cherry blossom that Acers are infamous for, followed by fresh leaf growth and small winged fruits. This really is a special tree and I have included a short video for you, to show you its beauty.

Betula Jacquemontii Grayswood

I have chosen this birch tree, Betula jacquemontii ‘Grayswood’ as it has the whitest bark of all the birch trees, which will draw your attention into your garden. It has an upright, oval shaped form, which you can plant either as a singular tree or series of trees to provide that perfect screen for your space.

The birch is a deciduous tree and of a medium height with glossy leaves which shimmer in the summer breeze. As autumn arrives the leaves turn a beautiful yellow before falling and leaving you with a stark, ghostly white frame for your winter garden.


In early spring, you are rewarded with fancy catkins which seem to dance in the spring breeze. The white-barked birch really is a beautiful tree with a great shape. Place it carefully and it will provide that privacy between houses. Here, I have included this informative video to help you choose the white-barked birch.

Malus Laura

Another fabulous reason to use trees to provide privacy between houses is because of the fruit that they produce. Here is a dwarf crab apple which will provide you with edible fruit within a few years of planting. It is a medium sized tree and is again perfect for large and small gardens. It has an upright wide form which will block out unsightly views.


In the spring, showy, light-red and white flowers start the production of fruit and young, light, copper coloured leaves will get you out into your garden space to enjoy its sights. As the year progresses and turns to autumn, the fruits will swell into large dark-red apples which you can enjoy.

malus laura trees


Pleached Trees

Finally, I have chosen for you, a very special and classy way to use trees for privacy between houses. A pleached tree is a tree that has been trained to grow into a certain shape, but at a height. Here is a short video guide to pleached trees.

So, because pleached trees are grown with a tall main stem, their bulky leaf growth is held at a height which is a perfect screening solution for you. This also has another benefit too, as because of the tall stem, light is still able to get to ground level, which leaves space and light for you to grow additional plants, which is a great benefit over planting a hedge.

pleach trees for privacy

via kilbytreefarm

Planting a series of pleached trees in a row creates a tall, narrow screen and is an effective space saver which will effectively block out a line of windows or an ugly housing estate.

via kilbytreefarm

If you need to block out a singular window or a singular property, how about planting just one or two well positioned pleached trees to gain a magical, instant transformation to your garden space.

privacy tree window

Tree varieties that are ideal for pleaching can be deciduous or evergreen. The leaves of the Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) turn a rustic brown over winter whereas the Photinia ‘Red Robin’ and Holm oak (Quercus Ilex) remain evergreen. This website shows all of these trees and the fabulous effect you can create within a few years.

Using pleached trees would be an investment as you usually buy the trees ready pleached, but this is money well spent. You will get a pretty looking screen and your privacy back in an instant, it’s quite a formal look too, nice, neat and elegant.

I hope you enjoyed my list of beautiful trees for privacy between houses. Trees are the perfect choice to disguise an unwelcome view and bring beauty and colour into your space. I've narrowed down your choice to stunning trees for any size garden which provides year round interest. These trees are easy to maintain and last for many years with no costly or constant maintenance.

So, if you liked my list and have any comments to add, or maybe you would like to share varieties of trees that you have in your garden that created the privacy you craved, then please add your comments below. Also, please share this list so that others too can benefit from using trees for privacy between houses.

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