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Choosing Fast Growing Trees in Missouri

Are you looking for fast growing trees in Missouri? Trees have more than just aesthetic value, they are an essential part of any garden with a host of benefits. You surely already know that trees provide oxygen, and they also absorb carbon monoxide which helps to improve air quality.

They provide shelter for a range of wildlife, and many will also yield edible fruit. Trees help stop soil erosion and pollution by reducing water runoff. But, they also have health benefits for humans.


Health Benefits of Growing Trees

An Assistant Professor at Harvard University researched the effect of trees on people’s wellness. The conclusion was that trees helped with depression and stress, and even chronic ailments such as cancer.

Knowing all these gains, it is not surprising that you would want to add one or more trees to your garden. And some are well-suited to Missouri, and grow and flourish quickly.

Fast Growing Trees in Missouri

How to Choose Fast Growing Trees in Missouri

The country is divided into zones which help to determine which plants and trees would grow well. The Plant Hardiness Zones run through the US and Canada and are based on the annual minimum temperature in each zone

Missouri is in zone 6, and arborists understand which trees will fare well in that region, and can advise on general maintenance including pruning and emergency care. Speaking to an arborist or tree surgeon in Missouri should help you to select the best options for zone 6.

But, here is a short article on the fastest-growing trees that could grace your garden or backyard.

Fast Growing Trees to Plant in Missouri

Some trees such as the Coco De Mer take decades to fruit, but others grow rapidly. If you are planting a tree in your garden, you probably would like to see some growth fairly quickly, unless you have great patience.

Here are some of the best trees to plant in Missouri for fast results.

Oak Tree

Oak Trees are fast growing trees far better suited to fields or large gardens

If you’re looking for small trees for your back garden then the Oak is not one of them. They grow to 80 ft tall, so they are far better suited to fields or large gardens. There are over 20 different species of Oak that are native to Missouri or have become naturalized. They are also very fast growing at up to 3ft a year for the first decade or so.

An Oak tree will make a strong sturdy addition to a large space, and provide plenty of shade along with shelter for wildlife. And with a lifespan of up to 1,000 years your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can enjoy this majestic tree.

Japanese Lilac

This is not the fastest-growing tree on the list, and you can expect to wait 3 or 4 years to see it bloom. However, they can grow up to 2 ft a year, and they are well suited to Missouri. Put this tree in full sunlight and you will have a healthy tree that is largely resistant to disease.

You also don’t need to worry about their roots if they are near patios or decks, and they don’t require a large backyard. Although relatively moderate growers, they are still one the better fast growing trees for small gardens.


Mulberry have been growing in Missouri since the early settlers arrived

There are at least 2 dozen species of Mulberry that are known, and they produce sweet-tasting fruit. They are also quick to grow at around 2 ft per year. If you are interested in caring for native trees then the Mulberry might capture your imagination.

Not only are they attractive, but they have been growing in Missouri since the early settlers arrived. Not strictly native exactly, but definitely naturalized.

Jack Pine

These trees grow well in zones 2 to 7, so Missouri is just on the edge. However, if you are in one of the areas of Missouri with higher than average sunny days per year, then the Jack Pine should do well.

They grow to 30 m or less and are considered to be small to medium trees although a smaller garden may not be suitable. These conifers are good for windbreaks, but they thrive in sunshine. They are also one of the quickest growing conifers at 2ft plus a year.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine usually grow up to 24m and can live hundreds of years

These conifers usually grow up to 24m and can live hundreds of years. They grow at a similar rate to the Jack Pine at over 2ft a year, and they make good hedge plants to provide privacy. Once again though, they should be planted in a larger garden.

Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow are one of the best trees to plant in Missouri

For a fast-growing tree that is suited to Missouri, you could do worse than a weeping willow. These trees suit all zones from 4 up to 10 and can grow up to 4 ft each year. They are very attractive trees, and they provide food and shelter for many types of wildlife.

Hybrid Poplar

Now, if you want a shade tree that grows extremely quickly, and is suited to Missouri, then you should look at the Hybrid Poplar. This tree is not a fan of very cold regions, but it will happily grow in zone 6. And grow it will, at a rate of up to 8ft every year until it reaches somewhere between 40ft to 60ft.

Take Your Pick From These Fast Growing Trees in Missouri

Many other species of tree live and grow well in Missouri, and some are more suited to smaller gardens, while others can provide privacy and shade in larger outdoor areas.

Understanding what trees need regarding soil type and sunlight will help you make a good selection. An arborist or tree surgeon can also help with advice on selecting the right trees, and how to plant them.

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