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5 Reasons Why Choosing Sod vs Seed is The Perfect Choice for You

A luscious lawn can really change the aesthetics of your home. But many homeowners find it difficult to choose between sod or seeding their lawn.

Many opt to seed rather than sod, mostly because they haven’t done proper research. Choosing sod over seeds has numerous advantages. We discuss 5 advantages of sod that should have most homeowners picking sod over seeds.

Sod is an instant lawn

sod is instant

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Why wait around for the grass to grow? Plus, think of all the work you need to do in preparing your lawn for seeding. From mudding to constantly watering, seeding can leave your lawn looking unappealing for quite some time.

With sod, you don’t have to wait. You just need to lay it out and have your lawn looking luscious in time for parties and other events.

Lawns using sod are healthier

There is a common misconception amongst homeowners that seeding lawns are healthier than sod, even though sod has stronger roots than seeding lawns. When sod is created, professionals use the best soil and there is regular fertilization and application of water, which ensures that it is healthy.

Sod lawns don’t dry or die out easily as compared to seeding lawn, leaving your lawn looking healthy and luscious for a longer period of time.

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Sod is less costly

why is sod is less costly

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Yes, initially you do need to shell out a lot of cash. Much more than you would for seeding your lawn. However, in the long-term, sod will end up saving you more money than seeding your lawn.

The maintenance of seeding is much more considering weed control, the need for additional fertilization and overseeding.

All of which will add up over time, with sod you don’t really have to worry about such expenses. You may have to fertilize it on and off but not as consistently.

No worries about weeds or soil erosion

using sod to avoid weeds or soil erosion

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Weed control doesn’t just take money but your time also. If you have seeded a lawn, you know the tedious effort it takes to maintain it. You don’t want to spend hours at a time controlling weeds. With sod, you don’t have to worry about weeds.

With it being grown on fresh turf by professionals, there will be no weeds for you to take care of. Sod lawns are very dense so the process of germination of weed seed is almost non-existent.

Sod lawns are denser than seeding lawn

Think about having the chance to have grass grow so close together that you can barely notice the soil under it. With sod, you get just that. Since sod lawns are professionally grown, the grass is sown as close to each other as possible. This makes sod lawn much denser than seeding lawn.

Plus, with seeding lawn as the grass gets dry and dies, it leaves patches of dead or no grass in your lawn until you reseed it.

Sod lawn doesn’t just lead to instant beautification of your home but also helps you save up on time and other resources. The advantages with sod lawn outweigh any disadvantage, which is why homeowners need to think long and hard when they decide on opting for seeding over sod.

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