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Why Use a Lawn Roller?

Keeping your lawn neat and healthy can take a lot of effort, but the development of tools and machines have drastically made maintenance easier and more efficient. For one, a lawn mower is essential for trimming the grass down to their ideal height.

Similarly, lawn owners can take advantage of a lawn roller, which pretty much looks like a compact steamroller. However, why use a lawn roller in the first place? Well, let’s introduce you to the features and functions of a lawn roller.

Identifying a Lawn Roller

Identifying a Lawn Roller

Some people believe that a lawn roller has the same functions as a lawn mower. While they do have similarities in how they are operated, they differ both in design and use.

In essence, a lawn roller used to flatten the topsoil by pushing and pulling it across the lawn. It’s most probably one of the simplest pieces of lawn maintenance equipment out there. In addition, this can accelerate the root establishment of freshly seeded areas. Thanks to its leveling and soil-compacting feature, the lawn roller also refines the visual appeal of your property.

Here is a quick video showing what happens when a lawn roller is used:

Now, there are two types of lawn rollers. The most common type is the manual roller, which you push and pull around your property with your own hands. For people who need an attachment for their lawn tractors that can level the soil, they should get the big lawn rollers. This bigger type of lawn roller is usually made out of either steel or plastic. For it to flatten the soil with ease, the roller is filled with water.

If you have a tight budget and you only need to use a lawn roller a few times every year, you should definitely buy or even just rent a manual lawn roller. If you do have a huge property that requires regular maintenance, the larger roller will suffice.

Using a Lawn Roller

Using a lawn mower

A typical lawn roller will flatten one or two inches of the topsoil. If you go for the larger variant, it can ruin a grass field if you do not handle it properly. Once the soil has been leveled, you can determine whether your lawn could benefit from an increase or a reduction of soil.

Spring is a season when you would be glad you had a lawn roller in hand. Due to the arrival of frost during the past winter season, the lawn will have lumps. Even if all of the soil is still damp, you can quickly make it firm with a lawn roller. However, this should not be used during the summer season since it can stress the grass out and lead to unappealing dead patches.

In addition, a lawn roller is a necessity in establishing new sod in your lawn. After the sod is placed on your property, it has to be soaked in water to promote root establishment. Whether the soil is dry or damp, you can use the lawn roller to achieve soil compaction and get rid of any air pockets.

Rolling also keeps the roots of the new sod in contact with the soil to accelerate root establishment. One tip that experts believe will help during this procedure is for you to adjust the rolling direction by 90 degrees with each new start.

A lawn roller is also beneficial for people who like to create their lawns by planting seeds on their own. Once the soil has undergone adequate rolling, the leveled soil will ensure that the seeds are actually in direct contact with the soil to improve germination.

If your lawn is being invaded by pesky insects and rodents alike, a lawn roller will prove to be valuable. These pests ruin the leveled soil surface. By rolling the soil, it can be flattened again.

Of course, a leveled soil isn't only for aesthetic purposes. Thanks to this, the turf and your lawn mower won't suffer damages caused by uneven surfaces.

In conclusion, a lawn roller is a simple piece of lawn maintenance equipment that can serve several functions. Whether you are laying new sod or you are dealing with pests, a lawn roller will keep your soil level.

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