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What is a Mulching Mower and Its Benefits

Are you planning to purchase a mulching lawn mower? Then familiarizing yourself with what is a mulching lawn mower would help you make the right decision.

In this way, you will know if you need this kind of equipment for your lawn.


A lot of gardeners like you are dreaming of having a green and lush garden, but blowing or raking the grass is not the ideal task for them.

Fortunately, mulch mowing is here to help take care of your lawn since it will assist the grass clippings to be returned to the soil.

Of course, for you and other gardeners to properly do this, it means that you will need to use a mulching lawn mower.

In case you don’t know, mulch mowing can help you save ample of energy and time, thus improving your lawn’s condition.

What is a Mulching Lawn Mower?

What is a Mulching Lawn Mower

A mulching mower can work as a regular mower, but mulching mowers have blades that are special. These blades cut grass repeatedly until the grass becomes very small. 

The good thing about this is that since the clippings of the grass contain 80 to 90% water and they are cut finely, they have the tendency to dry up quickly. 

This will make the grass clippings look like it vanished.

System Required by Mulching Mower

For your mulching mower to achieve great results, it will require an accurate system when it comes to maintaining your lawn. 

The 2/3 system is what this usually need, which means that you are not allowed to let the grass to grow more than its desired growth of 1/3.

Once the grass reaches that specific height, this is a clear sign that you already need to cut 1/3 off the top of your grass.

For instance, if you want your grass to maintain a height of 3 inches, you will have to mow an inch every time it reaches 4 inches in height.

This will help to break down the grass clippings quickly.

How Does a Mulching Mower Work

Typically, a mulching mower has a combination of 4 different blade system, and it also has a mulching plug.

The blades and as well as the mulching plug will work by spinning the clippings of the lawn a couple of times before it starts ejecting them out of the mower’s bottom part.

These clippings will then be cut into small pieces which will help in making them deteriorate quickly. This will then help the nutrients be released into your lawn’s soil.

Benefits of Using a Mulching Mower

Using a mulching mower for your lawn has its advantages and knowing what these benefits are will surely help you decide if this is the time of garden tool that you need.

Below are some of its advantages:

1. Keeps Grass Healthy During Dry Months

Mulching Lawn Mower Keeps Grass Healthy During Dry Months

If you are experiencing dry months, this also means that your grass is experiencing drought.

If you are going to mulch your grass, this will help lessen that soil’s evaporation. This also helps in reducing the plants’ required water from 25% to 50%.

It will also contribute to stabilizing the temperature of the soil since it will keep it cooler during the summer season, which will also help in stabilizing the moisture of the soil.

Mulching Mower Helps in Reducing Weeds

Source: Amazon

2. Helps in Reducing Weeds

Another good thing about using a mulching mower is that it will help the weeds to avoid growing on your lawn.

Just make sure that the mulch that you are applying is free from weed as well.

3. Fertilizes Your Lawn Effectively

Your lawn will effectively be fertilized when using a mulching mower.

The reason behind this is because almost 25% of the clippings’ nutrients will be able to return to the soil and help the grass be nourished.

3. No Raking Needed

Benefits of Using a Mulching Mower

You also don’t have to rake or haul the grass away since there will be no grass that will be left behind.

You won’t be adding waste to organic waste sites or landfills, which will help the environment to lessen the waste that it bears every single day.

Best Way to Use and Not Use Mulching Mowers

Always put in mind that there will always be a right time to use a mulching mower. If you have a lawn with long grasses, then you should use your mulching mower.

If you are someone who plans to mow your lawn regularly, then using a mulching mower will do.

Now if you have weeds in your lawn, which already have seed heads that are matured, then using your mulching mower is not ideal.

These are the information on what is a mulching lawn mower and its benefits.

Having a mulching mower will make things easier for you, which you will love since you would be able to do other things than spending the entire afternoon mulching your lawn.

Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mower

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