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A Guide To Water Fountains

This year’s summer heatwave may be one of the hottest in current records.  If you have been finding it difficult to get out and enjoy the sun, it may be time to invest in a water feature for your garden. 

Water features are aesthetically pleasing additions to a year helping to cool the area during summer. 

Moreover, it can increase the life and movement in the garden throughout the year.

#1:  Considering The Size Of The Garden And The Impact You Want To Make

Considering The Size Of The Garden When Choosing Water Fountain

Regardless of whether you have a large landscape or modest plat, water features are available in all sizes and shapes depending on the garden requirements. 

Based on this plethora of options, you can choose an imposing and significant centrepiece or subtle water feature in one’s outside space. Smaller gardens can benefit from fountains that incorporate simple blow designs. 

The Haddonstone Tree Frog Bowl allows you to place an interesting amphibian feature without taking up too much garden space.

Whatever you are looking for take a look at Campania outdoor fountains.

#2:  Choosing The Correct Feature To Suit Your Personal Preference

It is not only the size of the garden offering exciting opportunities for water features, but also about the person’s personal preference. 

For modern and minimalist gardens, fountains can be used to maintain balance and repetition in the area. 

For instance, the Crucible Fountain, which is accompanied by the Crucible plant, could be beneficial to the garden. 

On the other hand, the classical and elegant Haddonstone Napoli Fountain adds drama to the more traditional setting as a focal point.

#3:  Location, Location, Location

Water fountain styles and sizes are available when choosing a water feature

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Irrespective of the look you desire, it may be worthwhile to consider where the water feature will be placed in the garden.  A water feature should always complement the existing space to be beneficial. 

Water fountains can increase feelings of relaxation and tranquility in the outside dining area.  However, positioning the fountain in a front garden creates a strong focal point to the area. 

While fountains can be placed in any area of the garden, it is recommended that you avoid shrubs and overhanging leaves as they may shed leaves into the fountain.

#4:  High Or Low Fountains

Water fountains can increase feelings of relaxation and tranquility

Numerous types, styles and sizes are available when choosing a water feature, but you should also consider the position of the fountain. 

Lower level features add an understated interest among flowers and foliage, while taller water features can provide a towering sophistication in the garden.

For instance, the Triple Ball Fountain provides contemporary and modern appearances, particularly when placed close to the ground. 

On the other hand, the Bayeux Fountain can demand attention when placed as an elevated centerpiece.  If you want, it is possible to opt for a combination of pool and fountain features. 

The Roman Pool Surround can be customized to your requirements can help achieve stunning effects.

#5:  Reduced Labor And Installation

opting for a self-circulating fountain

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Nowadays, a fountain or water feature does not require several hours of digging or installation. If you are looking for a simple feature to be easily installed, then it may be useful to opt for a self-circulating fountain. 

As no digging is required, all you need is a couple of hours to set up the feature and an electricity point as a source of energy. 

This really is one of the easiest ways to bring water into a garden without too much extensive labor. 

After the installation, invite your family and friends over to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water fountain. 

Not only is this a cooling feature but also an aesthetically pleasing one.


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