Why are cucumber leaves turning yellow?

Why are Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

Are you wondering on why the leaves of your cucumber are turning yellow?

Did you know that there are numerous reasons as to why cucumber leaves turning yellow?

Find out these reasons and know how they can be prevented by the information below.

Cucumbers are one of the most abundant crops that are known to be tasty and perfect for the summer season. They are plants that have leaves that are flat and broad.

Typically, you can start harvesting the cucumbers after 55 to 75 days of planting the seeds. While they can easily be planted, they can be prone to certain problems that will cause cucumber leaves turning yellow in no time.

Typically, they don’t require too much maintenance for as long as you keep their soil to be moist consistently. You can add an inch of water every single week, most especially if the temperature for the day is too hot.

Moisture is necessary since inconsistency can only produce a cucumber that is poor tasting and are shaped oddly. The best thing that you can do is to use a soaker hose or irrigation that is deep as this will also avoid drying the foliage.

This will not only keep them moist but will avoid for the diseases to ruin your cucumbers

When these problems start to become severe, the possibility of the cucumbers dying is high. Get to know what the causes of these yellow leaves and how you can prevent them below.

Deficiency of Cucumber to Nitrogen

Deficiency of Cucumber to Nitrogen

One of the known causes as to why the leaves of the cucumbers are turning yellow is due to the deficiency in nitrogen. The leaves will start turning pale before it starts turning yellow and if left untreated, this can cause for them to die.

The best thing that you can do is to start fertilizing the hill of the plants with 1 to 2 tablespoon of fertilizer 6-10-10.

Once the flowers of the cucumber start to bloom, you can add a tablespoon of ammonium nitrate to the soil after a week and repeat the process after three weeks.

When working on adding nitrogen, it would be best to do this gently to avoid damage the roots of the plants. You should also avoid putting in too much fertilizer as this will prevent the plant to produce fruits.

Diseases that Affects Cucumber Plants

Pests that Affects Cucumber Plants

For people who don’t know, cucumber plants are prone to fungal and bacterial diseases, including mosaic virus and verticillium wilt.

The problem with these diseases is that there are no known treatments and this will then cause for the cucumbers to die. When this happens, you need to immediately remove the plants that are infested to avoid the spread of the disease.

The best thing for you to avoid these diseases from plaguing your cucumbers is to prevent planting cucurbit family plants, including melons and squash.

The reason behind this is because the diseases that can plague these plants can live in your soil, which will then infest the crop that you are going to plant next.

Pests that Affects Cucumber Plants

Pests that Affects Cucumber Plants

Another reason why the leaves are turning yellow and eventually becoming distorted is due to parasites. The reason behind this is because these pests will suck the leaves' sap, which will cause for the leaves to lose their good health.

Some of the pests that can plague your cucumbers are spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids.

Fortunately, you can get rid of these pests by using an insecticide soap. You can start treating the leaves on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis. You need to make sure to read the label of the insecticide well before you start treating your plants.

Another thing that you should know is that cucumbers have the ability to tolerate infestation that is light, but a severe one can kill the cucumber immediately. Lastly, avoid using insecticide during high temperatures since this can burn the leaves.

Feeding Potato Leafhoppers

Feeding Potato Leafhoppers

Source: ipm.msu.edu

The potato leafhoppers are the ones who are feeding on the cucumber plants that you have by sucking the leaves’ sap.While they are in the process of feeding, they also inject a certain toxin that will cause for the leaves to start turning yellow. Once the leaves get damaged, they will drop off of your plant.

For you to be able to control this, it would be best to use cultural solutions instead of using insecticide. You can also start controlling the weeds around your cucumbers and start covering them with row covers to ensure that the insects will be excluded.

These are the information on why cucumber leaves turning yellow is a problem and how you can prevent them from invading your plants.

Follow the preventive measures mentioned above, for you to ensure that your cucumber plants will stay protected no matter what.

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