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Garden Design Ideas to Help You Make the Best Use of Space

A garden can come in all shapes and sizes. Besides being a Zen corner of your home, cultivating and nurturing it is akin to meditation. Many international fashion houses such as Versace and Dior along with other creative minds have accepted the power of gardening.

Here are small and big garden design ideas to help you make the best use of your garden space.


Small and Big Garden Design Ideas

Many people find gardening akin to Yoga and meditation and that it puts the things into perspective for them. Do you also love gardening?

Do you have a garden and looking for some garden design ideas and inspiration? Or you would love to have a home garden but due to space issues, you can’t have one?

Here, we bring you garden design ideas that you can adopt and put into practice, whether you live in a cramped apartment or a spacious villa. Make the most of the space and welcome the green to your living space.

Small Space Garden Design Ideas

Space can be a real issue you are living in an apartment or share your house with another flatmate. But don't let this rob you of having a peaceful refuge for a garden.

You can try these space-saving garden design ideas for your apartment garden. These garden design ideas let you fulfill your hobby as well as.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is a wonderful way to make the most of the space available

For apartments and smaller spaces, container gardening is a wonderful way to make the most of the space available. Containers can be placed in a horizontal line in the balcony or the entryway.

If you don't like to cram the driveway or entrance any further, go for hanging garden design ideas where you can hang the garden without letting them in your way.

Besides, you don't have to worry about spending on containers as you can use any spare bottle or container from your house.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a great way to optimise space

When sitting on the patio, it is sometimes pleasant to have plant life that is closer to you. Instead of having to walk down the garden to see greenery, why not do some vertical planting too?

There is a growing interest in vertical gardens. These can be purely decorative plants that grow within containers attached to a wall or fencing, or it can be edible plants like strawberries.

It depends on the outdoor climate what types of plants will grow well on or hung to a wall or a fence. You can also have a wooden or iron rack installed in the balcony or in the corners and keep the planters there. This will also help you to save water.

Here are 4 ways on how you can start your balcony gardening.

Pallet Gardening

You can also try pallet gardening and sow some kitchen herbs

If you have some time at hands, you can also try pallet gardening and sow some kitchen herbs, to begin with, the gardening spree.

Windowsill Gardening

Go for a windowsill garden and get the plants that don't require much sunlight

Often Sunlight is a problem with apartment gardens. To counter this, you can go for a windowsill garden and get the plants that don't require much sunlight.

Money plant, Rubber plant, Aloe Vera and kitchen herbs can thrive in shade as beautifully as in sunlight.

Also see: Urban Gardening – 7 Ideas Start Your Urban Garden.

Outdoor Garden Design Ideas and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

There is no dearth of garden design ideas when you have plenty of space. You can choose from one of the many front yard and backyard landscape designs to spruce up your living space.

Having a garden not only brings a dash of green to your home but also helps you eat organic. You can plant vegetables, flowers and fruits in the garden and enjoy nature.

Here are some backyard design ideas you can choose from. 

1. Build a Fire Pit

Fire pit area will transform your garden and will create a very calm, warm atmosphere

Firepits are great for gatherings and cookouts. If you can legally have a firepit where you live, why not put one in? They are great to have during the spring, fall, and winter. And can even be enjoyed on cool summer nights.

The features of an elegant fire pit will transform your garden and will create a very calm, warm atmosphere. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money – since one professionally designed will cost you $5,000 or more, you can make one yourself.

Or you can choose a portable fire pit, which is also less expensive and there are many options out there. Check out the best fire pits in 2022 reviewed.

Don’t forget to also check out fire bowls that can stay on the top of a table, that will add some fire to your garden - and it will cost a lot less.

Portable fire pits are really cost-effective, and they are quite attractive, which means that it will make your home more welcoming and appealing.

2. Garden Furniture for Relaxation

Garden Furniture to relax in your garden

Define a sitting area in the garden. Use vintage furniture or wooden couches for those Sunday mornings when you would like to do nothing. This can help you to make your garden the perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family.

You can also create a floating seat bench for sitting. You could plant the flowers in free space to make you feel like you are sitting within the flowers.

Look into adding more garden furniture based on how you prefer to enjoy your garden space. 

Take a deep breath and feel fresh air in the morning with flowers in your garden. Make it your weekend escape for a morning tea or candlelight dinner on Valentine's Day.

3. Build a Pavilion

Create a stunning walkway through your garden with a flagstone path. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also easy to walk on.

How to Build a Pavilion

4. Add a Small Waterfall

You do not need a big garden to have a waterfall. You can buy them in a wide variety of sizes or make your own. And by adding moving water to your garden, you are adding a way to relax and attract birds. 

Add a Small Waterfall

5. Create Outdoor Dining

Who says dining rooms must be indoors? Set up a place in your garden where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner while being outside. It also creates a wonderful place for hosting parties.

Create Outdoor Dining

6. Make A Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds help with drainage and they do not require you to bend down as far. They are great for people of all ages. And to make them even better, you can elevate the beds even farther creating a stair step design. 

Make A Raised Garden Bed

7. Install Outdoor Fairy Lights

Do you want your garden to be a magical place? String up some fairy lights. The twinkling lights will instantly add to the ambiance and create a festive atmosphere.

Install Outdoor Fairy Lights

 8. Pergola Swing / Day Bed Swing

Add some additional seating by building a pergola swing. Kids will love hanging out on the swing during the day. And you can enjoy some relaxing swing time in the early morning and evening hours.

Pergola Swing

9. Outdoor Fireplace

It is always peaceful sitting by a fireplace. If it is nice outside, why not sit outside? The addition of an outdoor fireplace will not only give you an additional seating area, but it will also add character to your garden backyard design.

Outdoor Fireplace

 10. Secluded Beer Garden

Do you like a little privacy? Or want to create your own little getaway? Make a secluded beer garden. This fun backyard design feature will make it feel like you have your own personal pub at home.

Secluded Beer Garden

11. Privacy Screens for Outdoor Spaces

Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard garden ideas always add privacy screens. It comes as a low-cost option for making spaces in your back garden, especially when it comes to covering up those unattractive areas.

Why not grow one of the fastest growing hedging plants? Check out what suits you best here

The most worth and inexpensive item is a trellis, which will let you plant ivy or any other kind of vines that grow fast, or you can train them to simply grow up when you want to create an attractive screen.

After the screen is established, you will be able to get the privacy you want from your neighbors, and you will also be able to create an intimate entertaining space.

Also, you can block the view of the trash cans or any other place that’s less attractive on your garden. You can find trellises in home improvement stores and they will be good for your budget. Or you can simply build your own and save more money.

 12. Install a Flagstone Path

Create a stunning walkway through your garden with a flagstone path. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also easy to walk on.

How to Install a Flagstone Path

13. Install Brick Edging

Brick edging will make your flowerbeds pop. And it makes it easier to cut your grass. You will not have to worry about weed eating next to the edging.

Install Brick Edging for Outdoor Garden

14. Spilled Flower Pot

Spilled flower pots can add a lot of color and interest to your garden. And they are easy to create. Simply plant some flowers in the pot and around it to create the spilled effect

Spilled Flower Pot

15. Spiral Brick Garden Beds

Do you have a lot of room to work with? Make some spiral brick garden beds. These beds add visual interest and height. 

Spiral Brick Garden Beds

16. Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants

Get rid of your grass and replace it with native plants. Grass lawns are not the best choice for the environment. While native plants provide food and habitat to native animals and insects. And they are easy to grow since they are local to the area.

Replace Your Lawn with Native Plants

 17. Living Willow Garden Decor Structure

Are you looking to add a romantic element to your garden backyard design? Add a living structure. It will provide a shady place to sit and enjoy your company. Or simply sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature.

Living Willow Garden Decor Structure

 18. Outdoor Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a must. Not only does it add to the atmosphere it helps with safety. You can add lighting almost anywhere.

Outdoor Garden Lighting

19. Native Meadow Garden

Create a meadow of flowers and native plants or plant them on a slope that is hard to mow. The plants will help keep the soil in place while attracting birds and pollinators.

And once the plants have had time to take over the area, they make it hard for weeds to grow.

Native Meadow Garden

 20. Bench and Pebble Path

Place a bench next to your path to give you a place to get away and unwind. Surround the area with native plants and flowers to provide privacy and attract wildlife.

Bench and Pebble Path

21. Build a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a way to add depth and dimension. Rocks are rugged and natural. They create a raw earthy feel while being a manmade landscape structure.

Build a Rock Garden

 22. Craft a Low-maintenance Garden

Do you want a garden, but do not have the time to care for it? Craft a low-maintenance garden. Instead of working all day long and then coming home and working on your garden, you can take the time to relax instead.

Craft a Low-maintenance Garden

 23. Build a Garden Arbor

An arbor is multifunctional. It can be used as an entryway or frame a focal point. You can keep it clean or plant climbing plants on it.

Build a Garden Arbor

24. Topiary Garden

Topiaries add height and drama. You can create spirals, geometric shapes, animals, and more. If you are creative, you can make a topiary garden with a little time and patience.

If you don’t have the time, you can buy reshaped topiaries and even faux plants that look real.

Topiary Garden

25. Decorate Old Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be an eyesore, but they don’t have to be. Decorate them flowers, make them into a bird bath, or turn them into a fairy house.

Decorate Old Tree Stumps

26. Design an English Garden

An English garden is ideal for small homes and homeowners that love flowers. Plant climbing, blooming plants along with shrubs. Install a simple gravel path and strategically place a gazebo or statue.

Design an English Garden

 27. Large Outdoor Chess Board

Do you enjoy chess? Do you have a large garden? Then make an outside chess board. It is fairly simple to do with regular pavers. The chess pieces can be found online in a wide variety of materials and price points.

Large Outdoor Chess Board

28. Create a Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are all about peace and serenity. To make a Japanese garden add features such as a zen garden, water features, Japanese garden statues, cherry blossoms, and wisteria.

Create a Japanese Garden

29. Multi-Zoned Garden

Design a garden your whole family can enjoy. Create sections in your garden design that will give everyone a place to hang out and have fun. Take into consideration lighting and separate space with tall plants or topiaries.

Multi-Zoned Garden

30. Pollinator Garden

Be environmentally friendly and add color to your garden by planting a pollinator garden. You want to plant native landscaping grasses and flowering perennials.

Pollinator Garden

31. Japanese Zen Garden

A Japanese Zen garden is made of meticulously placed moss, trees, rocks, and white gravel. The gravel represents water. The waves can be made with a wooden Zen rake. You will want the garden to be viewable from a place of medication.

Japanese Zen Garden

32. Outdoor Daybed

If you love the outdoors and enjoy soaking up the sun or feeling the summer breeze, add a daybed to your garden design. There are several kinds of beds you can use from swings to permanent structures.

Outdoor Daybed

33. Build a Water Wall Privacy Screen

Do you need a privacy wall, but you do not want to put up a fence? Creating a relaxing outdoor water feature that will provide a little privacy and add to the ambiance.

Build a Water Wall Privacy Screen

34. Backyard Grill Gazebo

Your grill should not be left open to the elements. If you enjoy a good backyard BBQ, and have a grill, protect it with a gazebo. You can build a simple gazebo or add a bar top to give you more room to work.

Backyard Grill Gazebo

35. Relaxing Garden Patio

A garden does not have to be big and extravagant. If you have a simple patio space, you can make a comfortable and beautiful place to sit.

Relaxing Garden Patio

36. Rose Garden

Who does not love roses? Surround yourself in the beauty of these flowers with a rose garden. You can go as simple or extravagant as you want.

Rose Garden

37. Build a Block Wall

You can use blocks to build a tall privacy wall or a short separating wall. Use them between properties or to separate your patio from your yard. You can even make a wall that follows along your path.

Build a Block Wall

38. Moon Garden

If you are a night owl, you want a garden you can enjoy at night. When creating your moon garden design plan include plants that can be seen in the moonlight.

Choose flowers that are white or very light in color that stay open at night. You will also want to use light-colored landscaping stones and accessories.

Moon Garden

39. Greenery Around Swimming Pool

Do you have a swimming pool? Add some greenery around it. Just do your research and use plants that will not cause issues such as trees with large roots or plants that shed sharp needles.

Greenery Around Swimming Pool

40. Backyard Butterfly Garden

Attract a wide array of butterflies to your home with a butterfly garden. You will want to research the butterflies native to your area to determine which nectar and host plants you need.

Backyard Butterfly Garden

41. Garden Gate

Add a gate. It can be something simple to add to the design or a solid door for privacy. You can also add a gate to an arbor.

Garden Gate

42. Freshwater Rock Pool

If you have been working on your yard and getting it ready for a garden, you have probably gathered plenty of rocks. Put these rocks to use and build a freshwater pool. If you do not have enough rocks, you can often find plenty at a local quarry or ask your neighbors.

Freshwater Rock Pool

43. DIY Macrame Hammock Stand

When your garden design has come to fruition and you are ready to enjoy all the beauty, you need a place to unwind. Find a place to hang a hammock or two. You can hang them from pergolas, trees, or even simple hammock stands.

DIY Macrame Hammock Stand

44. Brick Courtyard

Design a brick courtyard. Use the bricks to create a patio and walls. You can even create a fountain, seating, and flower beds.

Brick Courtyard

45. Outdoor Privacy Screen

Sometimes you do not need a full privacy wall. When you only need to block a small area, install a privacy screen.

Outdoor Privacy Screen

46. Water Fountain

Water fountains provide a lot of benefits to a garden. They are calming, provide the sound of running water, block out unwanted noises, attract wildlife, and are great focal pieces.

Here's our guide to water fountains.

Water Fountain

47. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be a wonderful addition to your garden. Instead of cooking indoors during the summer months and heating up your house, make dinner outside.

They are also great when you have guests over. They do not have to keep going in and out of the house. You can have everything they need outside.

Outdoor Kitchen

48. Dry Creek Bed

I think most of us would love to have a small creek flowing through their yard, but we are not all that lucky. Instead of creating a large water feature that runs throughout your property, install a dry creek bed.

Dry Creek Bed

49. Gravel Garden

Gravel is low maintenance and drought resistant. If you live in an area that sees very little rain, or you are looking for a garden that is easy to take care of, think about using gravel.

Gravel Garden

50. Circular Stone Arch

Stone archways are gorgeous features to add to your garden design. They add visual interest and charm. Use a stone archway to break up two separate areas or use it as a seating area

Circular Stone Arch

51. Bird Friendly Design

Bird watching is relaxing, and it has been proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. If you are looking forward to birds visiting your yard, make sure to make it a bird friendly design with native plants. You will also want to add a feeding station and a bird bath.

Bird Friendly Design

52. Build a Stone Grill Surround

Grill surrounds can be expensive. Instead of shelling out a ton of money on one, make your own with retaining wall blocks.  

Build a Stone Grill Surround

53. Landscape Lighting

The perfectly installed landscape lighting can add drama and impact to your garden design. If you are looking at lighting up your garden check with your local electrician. They can often advise you on the best places to install lighting for the perfect effect.

Landscape Lighting

54. Build A Tree Bench

Circular benches are charming and comfortable. They provide seating all the way around a tree. So, you can move if the sun gets in your eyes. You can even add lighting under the bench to light it up at night.

Build A Tree Bench

55. Shade Garden

You may think you cannot have a beautiful garden if your yard is mostly shade. This is not true. There are countless shade-loving plants that you can use.

Shade Garden

56. DIY Garden Swing

Everyone enjoys sitting outside on a cool day and swinging. When creating your garden design ideas look for a place to hang a swing. They do not take up much room and are the ideal place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

DIY Garden Swing

57. Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

Old wood pallets can be used for a lot of things including walkways. And you can often find them extremely cheap and even free from your local hardware stores and construction sites.

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

58. Front Yard Prairie Garden

Your front yard does not have to be grass. If you hate mowing or are interested in creating a wildlife habitat, plant a prairie garden. A prairie garden will save you time and money while being beneficial to the local wildlife.

Front Yard Prairie Garden

59. Elf House

People of all ages love elf houses. If you have a large tree on your property, add a little door and windows. You can even go a step farther and add a pathway, mailbox, and flowers.

Elf House

60. Square Beds

Are you looking to grow vegetables or cooking herbs? Make small square beds. They are easier to take care of and walk around. And they add to the garden design.

Square Beds

61. Make a Garden Chandelier

You can hang a chandelier in a gazebo or pergola. You can even simply hang one from a tree. Add candles or rope lighting so you can use it at night.

Make a Garden Chandelier

62. Seating Focal Point

Plants and flowers do not have to be the focal point of your garden. Create a large, seating area that everyone will want to use. You can decorate the area with potted plants, outdoor furniture, statues, and a firepit. Or get really creative and add a water feature.

Seating Focal Point

63. Vine Covered Pergolas

Vine covered pergolas are elegant and mysterious. When planning your garden design see how much room you have. You can install small pergolas almost anywhere. If you have a lot of room, install a large, long vine covered pergola to add drama and interest.

Vine Covered Pergolas

64. Backyard Design Wall Fragments

Instead of installing a large, ugly privacy wall, crate a combination using fragments of 2 types of walls. This will break up the monotony of a wall and add an artsy vibe.

Backyard Design Wall Fragments

65. Build a Brick Walkway

Brick walkways are classic, attractive, and durable. If you have a pile of unused bricks or recycled pavers laying around, build yourself a path.

You can line the path with lavender or sunflowers. Lavender is soothing and low on maintenance. It grows almost instantly and looks very attractive.

It is one of the flowers that have stress-busting properties and can help you calm down. If you decide to go for lavender, then you'll find our lavender ultimate growing guide quite useful. 

Build a Brick Walkway

66. DIY Hanging Lanterns

Balconies and railings are the perfect places to add hanging lanterns. You can buy several lanterns or make your own. DIY lanterns are super easy and economical to make. Especially if you already have a bunch of empty glass jars.

DIY Hanging Lanterns

67. Build an Outdoor Bar

When friends come over do you always gravitate to the garden? If so, build an outdoor bar. This will give you a place to sit and talk. You can even install an outdoor fridge to keep your drinks nice and cold.

Build an Outdoor Bar

68. No-Sew Patio Curtains

Do you have a pavilion that is perfect for entertaining until the sun hits just right? Install some curtains. There are all types of outdoors you can buy or make your own.

No-Sew Patio Curtains

69. A Place to Sit

Benches are nice to have in your garden, but they do not provide shade from the sun or protection from the rain. If you have the room create a seating area with a roof and a wall. You can even decorate the area with some outdoor wall art and potted plants.  

A Place to Sit in your garden

70. House Mural

Use the sides of your buildings in your garden design. One artsy way to do so is by painting a large mural. You can paint a large tree, sunflowers, mandalas, and more. The design is only limited to your imagination.

House Mural

71. Stacked Rock Walls

If you have access to a lot of large round rocks, create a wall. The wall adds to the design elements and lets water flow through with ease.

Stacked Rock Walls

72. Mosaic in Garden Paths

Mosaic paths are becoming very popular in garden design ideas. They bring charm and beauty using natural materials. You can create paths with small designs or create large intricate designs.

Mosaic in Garden Paths

Keep Your Patio or Terrace Clean and Fresh

You will be amazed by how much-accumulated dirt and debris gets ingrained in patio stones and the spaces between each laid stone. If you don't have a patio or one you like maybe get a new patio landscape design.

It is very difficult to clean it by hand and make much of a dent, plus all the crouching down on your hands and knees on a hard surface is not much fun either!

Consider either hiring or purchasing pressure washing equipment that is designed to work on outdoor stonework. Check out the best pressure washer reviews on the market. Have your patio or terrace look like new in no time!

Garden Design Ideas Conclusion

We hope you are inspired by our garden design ideas and they help you transform your patio, yard and garden into a well used and enjoyed space.

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