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Plant and Tree Guards for your Garden

Should you buy Plant Knight Plant and Tree Guards? That all depends on your unique situation. We tested these guards to see how easy they were to install and how well they will hold up.


Plant Knight Plant and Tree Guards

Plant Knight Tree Guards

For those of you who have issues damaging your trees and saplings when doing yard work, you need something to protect them. This is where tree trunk guards come into play.

These guards will protect the plant up to 6” off the ground. This is the perfect height for lawn mowers and weed eaters. And since they are short, they are not an eyesore when people walk by.

The Plant Guards are simple to use and can be installed quickly. They are made from recycled resin, so they should last for several years.

What Are Plant Knight Plant and Tree Guards For?

Plant Knight Plant Guards are a smart way to protect the bases of your trees. They can also be used to protect anything you can fit them around, from plants and bird feeder poles to cleanout pipes. You are limited to your imagination.

To protect your plants and trees, simply wrap the guard around the base. Insert the stakes to secure it to the ground. Then at the small clip to the upper corner of the loose edge. If one guard isn’t big enough, you can attach them together to make a larger guard.


.2 pounds


6.5" Long x 6.5” Wide x 6" High

Interior Diameter



Recycled Resin


Each guard has 4 stakes and 1 clip

Colour Options:

Green and Black

Plant King Tree Protector Review

What are Tree Guards

Easy to use:

4.0 out of 5


3.5 out of 5

Worth the money

4.0 out of 5

If you have small saplings or tiny trees that you need to protect from your weed eater or lawn mower, these guards can be a lifesaver. However, they are short, so they will not protect your plants from hungry animals.

The Plant Knight Plant Guards are super easy to install. Simply spread open the guard and place it around the tree, plant, or another object you need to protect.

Once you have the guard in place, insert the stakes. It is recommended to soften the soil with water before installing the stakes. The stakes are short and are biodegradable with a sharp point to make for easy installation.

We have clay dirt, and the water did not help at all. For those of you that have loose soil, the stakes should work fine. We found that it can be very difficult to push the stakes into the ground. They tended to bend instead of penetrating the ground. If you have extremely hard ground, you may have trouble with the stakes. 

Tree Guard Review


  • Guard is easy to install
  • Will protect plants from weed eaters
  • Can protect more than plants
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Ventilation holes
  • Can connect them together for larger trees


  • Does not protect plants for animals
  • Stakes bend easy and are short
  • Not a good choice for hard ground
  • Small
  • Clips pop off easily

These tree trunk protector are a very good product. Nonetheless, the stakes could be stronger and longer. If I were planting some new saplings and was worried about damaging them, I would consider buying these.

The question you need to ask yourself is, what type of dirt do I have? And what size plants am I trying to protect? If you have loose soil and trees with a small diameter trunk, these guards are an economical choice that will protect your plants.

If you have hard ground, you can also benefit from the Plant King Plant and Tree Guards, but you will need to find another way to secure the cages to the ground.

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