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Growing Lavender in Florida – Everything You Need to Know

Are you wondering if it is possible to grow lavender in Florida?

Well, the simplest answer here is a yes.

Growing lavender in Florida as an annual herb or a perennial that is short lived, but you need to take care of it more, most especially when the summer season come.


What is a Lavender Plant?

What is a Lavender Plant?

Most garden owners in Florida are dreaming of planting lavender in their garden but are too worried that the plant might not be able to survive.

There are a lot of lavender species available, and they usually grow in areas that are rocky, sunny, and dry.

In the US these lavender flowers boast a gray to green foliage that can sometimes be silvery as well.

Another good thing about planting lavender is that some cultivars and species can be used as ingredients in the culinary industry. But one of the most popular reasons why people are growing this beautiful plant is because of the fragrance that it provides.

Planting Lavender Plants in Florida

Planting lavender in the south, including Florida can be challenging since it can be very humid in that part of the country. Another reason is that the plant doesn’t like the climate and the soil in Florida, which is why people stopped trying to plant lavender in their areas. Fortunately, there is a new lavender plant that is known to be phenomenal.

The phenomenal lavender plant has the ability to tolerate humidity and heat and it is also known as resistant to diseases. The blooms that are purple can grow into good smelling flowers and are known to be good for cutting. The phenomenal lavender has an oil content that is high, which makes them perfect for cocktails, baking and different types of delectables.

Now that you know that growing lavender in Florida is possible, then it would be best to start planting them in your garden. Below is the information on how you can plant them successfully in Florida.

How To Plant Lavender In Florida

Selecting the Location on Where to Plant Lavender

Selecting the Location on Where to Plant Lavender

When choosing a location on where you can plant your lavenders, it would be best to plant them somewhere that gets full sunlight and somewhere where the soil can fully be drained.

Sandy or rocky soil can perfect work for the lavender plant, while clay soil is not a good idea since it can hold water, which is not advisable for lavender plants. That is why choosing a spot where the soil is not highly all clay is essential.

The PH of the soil should always be close to neutral or a PH of 6.5 to 7.5, since this PH is best for plants that are aromatic. So ensuring that your soil has the needed PH for the lavender to survive is essential, for you to ensure that all your efforts will be worth it.

Planting Season for Lavender Plants

Planting Season for Lavender Plants

Lavender plants should usually be planted during the summer and spring season where the sun gets more intense, as this will help increase the level of humidity of the plant and will make it intolerable to your plant to survive.

This is the reason why it is better to plant your lavender plants during the winter season in Florida.

Start Planting Your Lavender Plants

Start Planting Your Lavender Plants

Lavender plants in Florida can be planted the entire year, but transporting them during the spring season is essential, while fall is also good for as long as the lavender gets at least a couple of months of good weather.

When planting, always make sure that the plants that space an inch and a half or 2 feet apart from each other. When digging holes, the depth should be as deep as the plant’s root ball and at least an inch and a half wide.

Techniques You Can Do When Propagating

Techniques You Can Do When Propagating

For people who don’t know, you can sow the seeds thought a cold frame, but there are gardeners who prefer to buy plants that are young from propagate or nurseries.

Now if you choose to grow a lavender from seed, it would be best to sow a depth of at least 1/8 inch in a soil that is flat and where there aren't too many plants. Cover the seeds lightly with perlite and regularly water them to maintain the moisture of the soil.

You should know that planting seeds will take some time for them to germinate and for it to grow. The germination will take a couple of weeks to 3 weeks. You may also consider using a heating pad to ensure that the temperature is around 70 degrees.

You can also propagate by cutting a stem that is strong, which is typically below the bud node or the leaf. Start removing most of the leaves in the lower part and the stem should be dipped the plant’s stem in a rooting hormone before planting it in a moist and warm soil.

Once you have notice that the stem is taking roots, you can then transfer it to a raised bed or a growing pot to be placed outdoors.

Watering and Fertilizing Your Lavender Plant

Watering and Fertilizing Your Lavender Plant

Once your lavender has fully established, it would be best to water your plants every single week. Once the lavender matures, you can lessen the water to half a gallon every couple of weeks until you see the development of bud.

If you have gotten your lavender through harvest, it would be best to water once or even twice every single week.

Lavender plant does not need a lot of fertilizer, but adding an inch of compost around it annually would be enough.

Now that you know that growing lavender in Florida is possible, it would be best to get to know some of the lavender types that you can grow in your backyard. frost.​

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Lavandula Allardii Lavender Plant

Lavandula Allardii Lavender Plant

One of the lavender plant hybrids that you can grow is the Lavandula Allardii.

It is known as a big ornamental lavender plant that can grow fast and foliage that is colored in silver. It is known as one of the best lavender to grow no matter how humid or hot the season can get in Florida.

Lavandula Ginginsil Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender

Lavandula Ginginsil Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender

Lavandula Ginginsil Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender is another big growing hybrid of ornamental lavender. It produces blooms that are dark and vibrant. Another good thing about this plant is that it can strongly tolerate high levels of humidity.

Above is all the information that you need when it comes to growing lavender in Florida.

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If you are eager to have the beautiful aroma and the vibrant looking lavender plants in your garden, then all you have to do is to follow the tips above, and you will surely be having those beautiful lavender plants in your garden in no time.

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